Sporting News names Zeller Mid-Season All-American

Mike DeCourcy of the Sporting News says Indiana freshman Cody Zeller is on his mid-season All-America second team and that what he’s done for Indiana might make him the most valuable player in the nation. Ohio State’s Jared Sullinger is on the first team and Michigan State’s Draymond Green is on the third team.


  1. It’s about “what he’s done for Indiana.” It’s not his numbers, necessarily – its way he has liberated the entire offense.

    Its sort of a “Peyton Manning for MVP ’11-’12” type of argument, in the sense of, if you took him away, the team’s parts simply don’t work without him in there, as the Colts proved.

  2. Yeah I love Zeller. I’m just saying Hulls, Watford, Sheehey, Oladipo are having great seasons and yes benefiting from Zeller, but he is also benefiting from them. When you realize he is averaging just 14 and 6 you can’t say he is the only reason they are 15-1. He is a great player but he isn’t a Durant or Gordon type of impact freshman. The team as a whole is legit and Cody Zeller simply isn’t the only reason why, that would be a disservice to the rest of the Hoosiers to say that. I think Sheehey and Oladipo’s confidence and demeanor rubbed off greatly on JonesIII and Watford. Hulls stepped his leadership up big time. Crean’s messages of toughness have gotten through and Zeller arrived and helped big time. But this is a good team with a great mindset with or without Zeller.

  3. You’re absolutely right; I was just glossing the writer’s argument.

    I actually think that Watford might be the MVP of the team. He is on a D.J. White-style upper classmen surge. He seems to have matured 5 years in the last few months.

  4. Considering all the people who questioned Cody coming to Indiana, it’s looking like the best decision in college basketball this season.

  5. You are an idot hnmmmm. Zeller provides a presence inside that the Hoosiers haven’t had. He has prevented second chance points for the other team which has killed the Hoosiers in the past. He opens up outside shots for Hulls and others and also passes the rock very well for a big man.

  6. You really shouldn’t call someone an ‘idot’ for expressing a reasonable opinion. Come on, let’s not do that because one fellow Hoosier fan feels the team is great because of synergy versus the team is great because of individual play.

    Seriously guys.

  7. I love Zeller and im not taking anything away from him, he has been a huge impact freshman, but there is no way he is having a better season than Watford. Watford has been the best player on the team and i dont think its even close. As usual it’s more about name recognition than performance.

  8. Cooper, that is a reasonable opinion. I am torn. I think Cody’s presence has created opportunities that didn’t exist in the past, but Watford has really stepped up, especially in big games.

    I will have to do another of my statistical analyses to see IF it produces some pertinent information.

  9. A quick glance at the season box score shows Zeller leading Watford in pretty much every category: more field goals, better FG %, more free throws made, more rebounds, more steals, more blocks, fewer turnovers. Watford has the edge in assists but that is to be expected. Watford has certainly come on strong lately, but over the entire season Zeller has been much more consistent. His defense really bails out his teammates, too.

    They are both awesome but I think Zeller deservedly gets the top recognition, for now.

  10. We’ve got to consider more than just Zeller’s number – 14 and 6. His presence makes teams focus on him and leave other players wide open. We saw that happen time after time in the last game. His presence causes opponents to alter their shots to keep from being blocked. His presence creates better spacing for our offense and he’s a great passer. The screens he sets are solid and effective. He plays good defense. He’s calm and confident. He’s made a huge impact.

    And, the returning players have gotten better and are making an impact of their own. They put in a lot of time and hard work in the off season and it’s paying dividends now. They added strength and endurance as well as quickness and improved skills. Players who played in the Indy Pro-Am this summer learned a lot from that experience and have improved their game. The leadership program Coach Crean introduced is paying dividends also. Experience, including the pain of all those games we lost, is beginning to make a difference as well.

    So, see — you are all correct.

  11. Aside from an extra year of experience, CZ is the primary difference between last year’s IU team and this year’s team. Yes, the added experience and strength have contributed too, but CZ is the primary difference. Forget the numbers, just look at what CZ being on the floor does for his teammates.

    You’ll get no disagreement from me regarding his value to this IU team.

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