Stock up, Stock down

Chris Howell | Herald-Times

We took a week off, but we’re at it again with some post-holiday stock options. So let’s get to it.


Victor Oladipo (Indiana): There were a lot of great performances out of the Hoosiers’ win over Ohio State, but Oladipo’s stuck out to me as the best. In fact, Oladipo has shown recently that he’s capable of being one of (if not the) most complete player on the court when Indiana needs him to. Of course, his perimeter shooting still is a bit inconsistent (despite hitting one from deep against OSU) and he’s still a bit erratic at times, but if he can gain those pieces in the next few years, I have no problem in saying that Oladipo could be an NBA prospect.

Trey Burke (Michigan): We’ll see more from Burke tonight, but his recent performances have made Burke look like one of the best freshmen in the NCAA. He has a unique blend of driving, dishing, and shooting that makes him especially dangerous, and I think it’s safe to say that the Wolverines don’t miss Darius Morris one bit this season. He’s still got a ways to go, but he showed his potential against Minnesota in Michigan’s last matchup when he tallied a career-high 27 points.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (Kentucky): Kidd-Gilchrist has always had a lot of hype, but at the beginning of the season, he seemed like the most likely to be forgotten member of Kentucky’s incredibly talented starting five. Now, Kidd-Gilchrist might be making the case to be the best member of that lineup. The freshman had 24 points and 19 rebounds in a big game against Louisville, and he was arguably the best player on the Wildcats’ roster when they came to Bloomington. He’s the real deal, and he’s only begun to show it.


Will Sheehey (Indiana): It’s not so much that Sheehey’s stock has gone down as his stock has been dormant for enough time that it’s starting to affect the Hoosiers. Sheehey is 100 percent capable of being a starter on this team, and some could even argue that he’s one of the four best players on the roster. And although his absence has yet to hurt Indiana in the win-loss column, I think his development might be sputtering with injuries, especially as he was in the midst of carving a real niche for himself on the Hoosiers. He’ll bounce back, but for the sheer reason of being out for a while, he’s got the down stock this week.

Jared Berggren (Wisconsin): With Jordan Taylor struggling, Jared Berggren had become the Badgers’ best source of offense, leading the team in scoring and playing efficient offensive basketball. In his last three games though, Berggren hasn’t looked the same. He’s shot just 10-of-30 from the perimeter in the last two games, both home losses to Iowa and Michigan State, and he’s been especially bad from 3-point range, making just one shot in 11 attempts in those two games. The Badgers need him to bounce back, along with Taylor, if they hope to bounce back from a tough two-game drought.

Everyone on Xavier and Pitt’s rosters: Yikes. It’s been a pretty weird season for both of these teams. Xavier recently loss to La Salle. Pitt recently lost to Wagner. Xavier’s players still aren’t playing well post-brawl, and something seems off. Pitt’s players have been off all season. I still think the Musketeers have it in them to bounce back, but the Panthers seem like a bit of a lost cause. Things are looking so bright for either school as the basketball season heats up.


  1. Sheehey on the stock down list? If your injured and can’t play it is a non-issue to the stock report performance rating. I believe even superficial looks at Wisconsin, Minnesota, PUke, Illinois or Nebraska would have had a much more deserving target.

  2. I’ll admit I’m reaching a bit there. To be honest, it’s tough to find candidates for stock down when the team is doing so well.

  3. Unless there is a predetermined quota of IU personnel needed in the stock report I offered other places to look. Thanks for the comeback, I do enjoy your efforts to expand the posting repertoire. By the way wear your hair anyway you please. In 25 years you may not have any to sport and may only be seen in pictures.

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