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Chris Howell | Herald-Times


Victor Oladipo (Indiana): Oladipo’s stock had been falling since the beginning of the Big Ten season, as his scoring became less sparse and less aggressive and his lockdown defense started to look like an afterthought. Since 2012 began, Oladipo has driven to the hole less and, as a result, scored in double figures only once. But with all that in mind, Oladipo looked like a different, re-focused player in the second half of the Hoosiers’ win over Penn State on Sunday. He was aggressive on the glass, drove to the hoop more, got to the charity stripe effectively, and played much better defense on Tim Frazier than stats may indicate. Oladipo looks like he’s back on the upswing, and it couldn’t come at a more important time for the Hoosiers.

Jordan Taylor (Wisconsin): I have, on more than one occasion, burned Taylor in this very feature, saying that his best days were behind him. I don’t quite believe he’s back to All-American form just yet, but Taylor has been a big part of Wisconsin’s recent resurgence. Taylor has 19, 15, and 19 in his last three games and added nine rebounds and six assists in his most recent go. And when the Badgers score just 50 or 60 points per game, those numbers are even more impressive. The Wisconsin point guard is a good player, and if he is indeed back in rhythm, the Badgers will be all the better for it.

Ricardo Ratliffe (Missouri): The Tigers have been one of the better stories this season, and plenty of Missouri’s players have been subsequently profiled or praised to the highest level. And as much as Marcus Denmon, Kim English, and Phil Pressey deserve that pub, Ricardo Ratliffe might be Missouri’s most-improved player this season. With Laurence Bowers out and Missouri going for basically a four-guard lineup, Ratliffe has had to improve on the fly on the glass and as a post presence. He’s done so nearly seamlessly. If Missouri is a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament, they have Ratliffe to thank.


Remy Abell (Indiana): This isn’t so much because Abell has been bad or even average in Indiana’s last few games. He just hasn’t played. Abell has been a pleasant surprise for the Hoosiers, especially on defense, but Tom Crean hasn’t given the freshman much of a chance lately, even when Indiana seemingly could’ve used him. Abell is loaded with potential – his length on defense is impressive and he has a fundamentally sound jump shot – and you have to wonder if he didn’t make some kind of mistake to get himself in Crean’s dog house.

Robbie Hummel (Purdue): Hummel is still Purdue’s best player, but he’s not the same as he has been in past seasons. A handful of debilitating injuries will do that to you.  Against Michigan State, Hummel had a career-worst 0-for-11 performance from the field. And in the two games before that, Hummel shot 35 and 29 percent from the floor. That’s just not good enough for a player who needs to be the lifeblood of his team. Hummel did bounce back against Michigan, scoring 16 points and shooting 42 percent. But his stock is falling this week, considering his potential as an All-Big Ten player.

Dexter Strickland/guard depth (North Carolina): Strickland was one of North Carolina’s only shooting guards, and now Roy Williams will have to find a way to replace him. The junior guard tore his ACL last week, leaving the Tar Heels with a relatively unproven group of players to fill the void. PJ Hairston and Reggie Bullock are the obvious choices to replace him, but both of those players are unproven, especially on defense, where Strickland excelled. This injury could spell trouble in Chapel Hill.


  1. Ryan – absolutely great call on Ratliffe. Not sure that the average blogger would have come up with him. You just earned some serious cred with me… For what that’s worth.

  2. Ryan-

    Are you stirring controversy with those comments regarding Abell? What would be your motivation? You’re not “Hoosier” enough to work Scoop. Are you attempting to to sabotage our team by encouraging the playing of guys that just ain’t got the goods? It’s obvious this Remy kid just hasn’t picked up on “nuances” our offense and adds nothing but the blowing a biased referee’s whistle. He has no talent and was a mistake recruit. His stock was always down along with his GPA. Open your damn eyes. He looks too much like a street-ballin’ thug…There’s even rumor he’s an atheist.

  3. Ratliffe isn’t exactly a secret. The Baylor/Missouri game was the biggest game of the weekend. It was on in every TV market in the country.

  4. Vic’s stock is up after a good half against the worst team in the conference? I love IU too but come on man! He seems like since we hit big ten play he’s intimidated.

  5. I’ll tell you another thing with stock up…

    I’ve been checking out pictures of Megan Fox on the internet. lol

  6. Some of Hummel’s struggle has to be attributed to repeated injuries. But I think the biggest rock in the road for him this year has been lack of interior offense as has been there for the past couple of years. D.J. Byrd is a pleasant surprise for the PUkes. He is 8th in average minutes but tied for 2nd in scoring with Jckson. He can shoot 3’s and sometime is in the post guarding a center. He is another one of those blue collar/dirt under the fingernails type of players PUke(in my eyes)is famous for. I thought I remembered reading when he was in HS he was an underachiever. Not true. Mike P. might remember more about him in HS.

  7. I’m glad I’m not the only one that sees Oladipo’s decline.He just is not the same guy he was prior to conference and the defense from other teams pays very little attention to him which makes it tough for the other guys getting doubled all the time.He did step it up second half on Frazier but Frazier still scored over his average and forced us to over play him all day!When Dipo is right he starts the game on fire and leads the way which sets the tone for the rest of the team!Remy is in some kind of trouble ,why would he play and contribute in all the big games and all of a sudden no pt?And what about Etherington the missing link?Does anyone know what is up there? Is it his defense or lack of it?I know he can shoot!Wisconson can be a nightmare at home we cannot get down big early and hope to survive,I cannot remember the last time we got out of there with a W !

  8. The times AE has played I thought he was not at the same speed the game was. Probably still making that adjustment from HS all Frosh face.

  9. #1) Oladipo’s scoring has become “less sparse?” You clearly meant more sparse, or sparser, or even “rarer” or “less frequent,” either of which would be better.

    #2) Remy has a “fundamentally sound” jump shot? For the rest of your life, nothing you will ever say will ever demonstrate your non-Hoosier birth as perfectly as that statement. RA has an apparently successful shot. It is not fundamentally sound.

  10. TJ – Dipo has never been a perimeter threat, so heis the natural guy to double off of. That isnt his role and doesn’t determine his effectiveness. Starting with OSU the defenses adjusted and left him open – he tried to knock down 3’s to keep them honest – couldn’t do it, going 2-11 over 3 games. Since then he has decided to play within himself on offense (last 4 games only 5 3-pt attempts) and concentrate his efforts on what he does well defense and disruption. In his last 4 games he is shooting 56% from the floor, meaning he’s taking good shots. He is shooting 70% from the line, which is above his season average. He is also basically right at his season averages for rebounds, assists, steals, and turnovers, but getting those numbers in fewer minutes because of Sheeheys return.

    So his statistical impact on the game has essentially been the same. If you look at his defense the last 4 games it’s a little tougher to decipher, mainly because they have been playing so much more zone. You cant look at Frazier’s scoring number in the last game and equate any of it to Dipo. Not only did they spend 80% of the first half and portions of the second in a 2-3, but they also used a couple different defenders on Frazier when they did go to man. The point is that Dipo dominated him when he did get his opportunities, forcing turnovers, bad shots, and denying him the ball. It was a thing of beauty.

    I guess I agree that Dipo’s stock has gone down a little over the last 6 games, but I would argue it isn’t because he is not playing as well, its because of two different reasons:

    1. IU has changed its style of play in a way that went away from VO’s strengths. He thrives in a pressure man-to-man and transition attacking game. IU has gone to way more zone which doesn’t allow him to be disruptive and it really doesn’t create many opportunities to run – steals and solid defensive rebounding. Also in general, Big Ten opponents have slowed them down and forced IU to pay more half court. Neither of these things are Dipo’s fault but they certainly affect his effectiveness.

    2. Sheehey’ return has impacted VO’s minutes more than any other player. In the 5 of the 7 non-cupcake-blowout games prior to Sheehey’s return (Kentucky thru PSU#1) VO played at least 30 minutes, and in the 2 he didn’t it was because he got in foul trouble, ending those games with 4 fouls. Since Will has returned, Dipo is averaging 26 minutes, while not being in foul trouble and not playing 30 minutes once.

    It is going to be very tough for Dipo to have the same impact on games as he was early in the season if they continue their current style (which hides Hulls’ and Jones’ one-on-one defensive weaknesses, as well as their overall lack of size) and they continue to give him fewer minutes.

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