1. How long is the list?

    Wittman Smart
    Alford Simmons
    Fife Lewis
    Coverdale Isiah
    Calbert Graham

    How many more?

  2. Lawrence Frank, Detroit Pistons head coach, was a student manager. I always found that one fascinating. He got COY when he was with the Nets.

  3. Ya, now I remember him. Wonder if he studied sports management? I am thinking there are more but I’m not generating anymore possibles.

  4. Quite some time ago, I actually did read Reed was coaching high school ball in California. Jim Crews? I seem to recall some type of controversy surrounding Crews. I think he went all Alford on some kid.

  5. HfH, Crews was fired from the USMA at West Point (aka Army) in 2009. Bob Knight made his ‘bones’ as a 20+ year-old coach at Army, leading to his job at Indiana (himself followed by former West Point guard Mike Kryzewski). There were reports Crews was fired for “putting hands on players”, something WP really frowns on; never mind the insanity that his players during his 2002-2009 coaching stint were cadets being prepared to lead soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, could probably snap Crews in two (their discipline probably saved his life). Crews’ winning record at West Point was somewhere around 40 percent.

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