Crean named Big Ten Coach of the Year by the Sporting News, Zeller shares Freshman of the Year honor

The Sporting News picked Indiana coach Tom Crean as its Big Ten Coach of the Year and also had Indiana center Cody Zeller and Michigan freshman Trey Burke sharing Freshman of the Year honors. In addition, Michigan State senior forward Draymond Green was their Player of the Year.


  1. Was looking at the Wooden Award finalists… 3 freshman nominees, but not Zeller. Who is in charge of this stuff? It’s just ridiculous that Kidd-Gilchrist is on the list when his numbers were far worse than Zeller’s, UK lost to IU, and he is surrounded by all-Americans. Austin Rivers… Really? His numbers are worse than Zeller’s as well and his team has decreased its regular season win total from last year, while IU has doubled its wins with Zeller being the only added contributor to the team.


  2. Well at least other sports writers can see what Coach Crean is doing at IU. Congrats to Coach Crean IU would not be where it is at and going with him. So proud of what you have done and the future is so bright. I can not believe Cody is not on the player of the year what he has meant Indiana. Twelve more wins and counting than any college team in the nation how big of a difference with him. Proud of you Cody and your Teammates cause you deserve more.

  3. Harvard, eternal optimist? NEVER!!!! How dare you “inconvenience him with the truth”? (sorry for stealing your term, Al Gore)

    On the the other hand, there was a guy on the Basketblog who used to make overly optimistic predictions….

    Posted by Downing’s 5th at 7:08 pm on November 15, 2008

    10 wins? That is a very Ugh-ly prediction!
    I believe the ultraconservative predictions of all affiliated with the IDS Baksetblog staff(present and past members)are purposefully pessimistic. A very predictable pattern occurring throughout the year to elevate the perceptions of Crean’s coaching status and uphold his holier than thou image. Set the bar very low so the team easily exceeds expectations by season’s end. I’m not going there. Downing is not a card-carrying member of the IDS Just-for-Ugh Club.
    We will finish above .500 this year.
    I know I will now lose whatever respectability I never had to begin with, but I actually believe we could be a bubble team late in the season..finishing in the middle of the pack of the Big 10 standings. 17…??…No…I’m going with 18 wins.
    Go Hoosiers!

  4. What’s that prove? I still think many journalists were being purposefully subdued in their expectations. And I think many were falsely elevating Crean’s status(much of it due to guys like Dakich blabbering endlessly about “culture” and all the anti-Sampson thug consumption of topics outside the realm of the team’s potential). A lot of hate was flying around Bloomington. It’s human nature to protect the new incoming sheriff to clean up Dodge City. Don’t really remember how the season went down, but I probably did have too high of expectations. I bet we still battled and lost a good share of games by some very slim margins. We just couldn’t get over the top. Who was the kid with the size 20 shoes that transferred? He was a damn good player…Can’t think of his name. Vaden? Devan Dumes was such a disaster. It’s hard to for predictions to hold up when guys personalities go south. Didn’t Dumes threw three flagrant elbows in one game?

    You shouldn’t be such a damn coward. I’ve stuck with one screen name here for many months. You should have the nuts in your sack to put your real screen name behind your posts. Anybody can go four years into the past and point out inconsistencies and shortcomings in any predictions/opinions contrasted with adopted viewpoints a present day. It’s not like I was covering up doing an intern in the oval office.

  5. I don’t even know where to start. Laffy is partially right about you – you sure throw it on other people without looking inward at your own hypocrisy. You get offended waaay too easily – do you know how many times people have opposing or dissimilar viewpoints on this blog and yet somehow don’t manage to write 5 paragraph diatribes full of personal attacks, denigration of character, questioning of one’s fan loyalty, and “Terrence Jones” comparisons?

    I’ve been civil with you for a damn long time and avoided engaging you or daring to contradict your points. And so what, I use two damn screen names. At least I acknowledge that they are both me. And guess what? I even use my real name in one of them. It’s Tom. Nice to meet you. What’s your name, Harvard/NewCoke/Swooshinspace/PizzaWhat, etc ? Ahhh…I see…you don’t reveal yours, do you. That’s right. Who is the coward, now?

    You are simultaneously the most, sincere, entertaining, bitter and manic depressive person on this blog. You slander like no other. You feed off having enemies and creating conflict where there aren’t any. When fishing for that post (#5) in the lockbox, I was stunned to see that 4 years ago, you were doing the exact same think you do now: berating the IDS writers (Osterman was a big target of yours), searching for new enemies, shouting down anyone who dared to challenge you. It’s no wonder Chet calls you the ‘poet laureate’; you can’t be a poet and not be constantly fluctuating between rage and inspiration. I think Shakespeare named “The Tempest” after you.

    I honestly dont’ care about your predictions. I made a simple observation that dared to not agree with you 100%. I even encased it with a sincere complement – that I believe your optimism more than the naysayers. I won’t make the same mistake again.

  6. It’s o.k. I know you’ve been raging with jealousy since Harvard starting getting positive feedback from Chet, Geoff, and others on here I’ve had valuable chats. Hell, I’m even getting along more with Clarion. Going back 4 years to make me look like more a hypocrite than anyone else is quite the obsession. Let it out. I really don’t care.
    Osterman did always get on my nerves. He still does. I have my prejudices…Not shy to admit to them. The guy is completely into himself and steals time away from Ryan on ScoopTalk sessions. I haven’t said anything before, but I think everyone on here has noticed “Ginger” should let the kid from Michigan speak once in a while. Anyone with an iota of perceptive skills can see Ryan’s patience running thin.

    Good luck to your Huskies in the NCAA. I sure miss having spats with you. Plant some bitter radishes in your garden this year and think of me(easier than digging through threads on Hoosier Hype when I was just as big an a$$ as I am know). Don’t lower yourself to Laffy. You have a forgiving heart and more tolerance in your soul.

    I still value your opinion, Tom. I still value you as a friend. I’m not the horrible person you want to believe I am.

  7. I think if Crean were to transfer to Rice now The Movement would immediately follow him also Rice would suddenly dominate college basketball. I think that was the long term strategy of their AD, Rick Greenspan, when he hired Crean. Well played, Rick!

  8. You forgot another one of my screen names from long ago. I used to use “We Need More Charmin” occasionally….I think Charmin accounted for some of my best basketball posts..Must be why I got censored by Hugh. Did you know ‘Charmin’ has been banned from blogging sites is 24 states?

    At the end of the day, take him, leave him, or make him your “butt-buddy,” Harvard for Hillbillies is here to stay.

  9. Alright Harvard, it is what it is. Have a good night. I’m getting up early tomorrow so time for the sack.

  10. Last thing: I was the one who drifted from the Basketblog to the Scoop; you followed; not the reverse. Don’t make me sift through the archives to prove it. It’s a lot of friggin’ work!!!
    Pleasant dreams!!!

  11. You had completely disappeared. I was so, so, lonely and desperate. I think you were lecturing goofballs on the HT’s subscription site. I must admit that I went over to read a few. Talk about holier than thou? Wow. Did I follow you there? Nope. I hadn’t seen any posts from you for months on Scoop when I started blogging here under the name Harvard for Hillbillies before the basketball season. You have blown me out of the water. I am naked. I am now nothing. Then again, I was always nothing. Thanks a million.

    Night, stalker. :mrgreen:

  12. Harvard, a word. Unless it is confrontation you desire, just ignore them. I know it is not your nature but they will just fade away. I’m guessing perseverance will not prove to be a strong suit.

    Deep cleansing breath. Let it go.

    How about those Hoosiers.

  13. suck it, big ten media.

    i read another of these post season awards list the other day and davis was sec player of the year and kidd-gilchrist was freshman of the year. wha?

    watching detroit/valpo. the mccallum can really play. we really missed out on that one.

  14. Yeah..I should have listened to you a long time ago, Chet.

    Eli Holeman is going dancing…Duck! Clay pot!! Who would have thunked it? Ray McCallum, Jr. is one hell of a point guard for only being a sophomore. Maybe Ray McCallum should get National Coach of the Year..? Just took a team to the NCAA tournament that hasn’t had a trip in 13 years.

  15. Congratulations to Coach Tom Crean for a job well done.There is no doubt that there will soon be a few more banners hanging from the rafters at Assembly Hall. Is it still too early to call this a good year? I don’t think so. All things considered the Hoosiers are well on their way to having a great year.

  16. Tommy Amaker did a good job but bringing a team up to speed to win the Ivy League, even if they hadn’t done it in years, is not in the same category. Cornell was down, Penn was down, there simply wasn’t much competition.

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