Dustin and Ryan pick the Big Ten Tournament

We’re entering into dangerous territory here, leaving ourselves up to serious ridicule and message board hate. But we like you guys, so here’s your chance to have ammo on us to last you into next basketball season. Dustin and I took our best shot at picking this season’s Big Ten Tournament results, and while I took a little bit of a risk (and I’m sure I’ll hear about it on here), Dustin went as chalky as it gets (feel free to jest him for it, as well).

Without further ado, here’s our official Big Ten Tournament predictions are after the jump:


  1. I am not sure I agree with the MSU picks. They all of a sudden are very one dimensional, and they just lost a key contributor. IMO they could be the “big” upset on Friday, especially as streaky as Iowa or Illinois can be.

  2. Well, at least neither of you picked Penn State!

    IU’s draw is set up for a run to the title game.

  3. Nevermind. Looked it up and my memory is foggy. That was a semifinal game. Still, damn you Luke Recker.

  4. Wow, why can I not delete my posts here? Ugh, sorry for the triple post. Iowa did beat IU in the championship game the season (2000-2001) before the one I was thinking of (2001-2002) where Recker hit the baseline jumper as time expired. Either way, I need to step away from the keyboard for a while.

  5. No one picked Nebraska to beat Purdue? Let’s think positive here, people!

    Still think IU wins it all.

  6. Chet, what’s the DL team?

    The wreck happened while Recker was at Arizona. He was never the same but the wreck did not play into Recker’s decision to leave IU.

  7. Not that I agree with Ryan’s picks, but here are some stats to ponder:

    Not surprisingly, Indiana is 24-2 when scoring 69 points or more. Those two games? The two that most irk IU fans – Minnesota at home and Nebraska on the road.

    The Hoosiers are 22-1 when scoring 70 or more. (Beat ND and Minny with 69 points, lost to Nebraska with 69 points).

    IU should have no problem pushing tempo against Penn State and winning. However, it’s going to be a bigger challenge against Wisconsin. That’s what concerns me about the Wisconsin game. If they grind it down to a halt, IU is in trouble as Indiana is 0-5 in games where it scores fewer than 69 points. Small sample size, but when a team can slow IU down, the Hoosiers struggle.

    Wisconsin has only allowed ONE team all season to eclipse 70 points, and that was Iowa. Iowa won that game in Madison. The 8 losses were by scores of 60, 61, 72, 63, 59, 58, 69, 67

    The most points Wisconsin allowed in a win was 63. Four teams broke in to the 60s against Wisconsin and still lost (62, 63, 61 OT, 60).

    So that means 10 times all season Wisconsin allowed teams to break the 60 point barrier with a record of 4-6 in those games.

    Obviously, IU needs to beat Penn State first, but against Wisconsin, they’ll likely have to do something they haven’t done before – win a game scoring less than 69 points.

    I’m going to say if Indiana scores at least 64 points, the Hoosiers win against Wisconsin.

  8. I’m assuming both of you guys went out of your way to avoid a) looking like homers, and b) jinxing IU with high expectations. ‘Cause I really don’t see either Wisc. or State beating us. Now, if Ohio State plays like Ohio State, or Michigan has one of their stupid-hot shooting nights in the final, we could be had. In the meantime, I will rely on the picks provided by my dart-throwing chimp friend over you guys.

  9. How much time did you spend picking the tournament?15 seconds?My dog could pick the chalk in every game.You’ve been watching the whole year and have NO opinion about who is playing well?Who just wants to get it over with?(OSU<MSU?)If you are going to pick,at least put some effort into it.

  10. Laugh My A$$ Off. (Sorry, that’s bordering on Laffy language)

    For those of you who refuse to click on embedded links, I suggest you make a temporary exception for Rico’s and Harvard’s posts(ESPECIALLY Rico’s #18).

    If that doesn’t give you a chuckle then few things will.

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