Glass on women’s coaching search

Fred Glass is making soup. As for the ingredients, he’s keeping those to himself.

The Indiana athletic director is searching for a new women’s basketball head coach in the wake of Monday’s firing of Felisha Legette-Jack after six seasons at the helm of the program. But he’s not ready to make any public proclamations regarding the qualities the next coach needs to possess.

“We do (have some qualities in mind,” he said by phone Wednesday afternoon. “We’re not going to have much to say about it until (we have) soup. There’s not much sense talking about going to the grocery store, chopping the vegetables, etc.”

But the shopping has begun.

“We’ve already moved out quickly, and we understand the importance of minimizing the time we’re in transition without a head coach,” he said, “but it’s more important we get the right person than to get it done quickly.”

On Tuesday, Mississippi State hired veteran Texas A&M assistant coach Vic Schaefer to a reported four-year, $1.1 million dollar deal, plus incentives. Asked if IU had the budget to spend similarly, Glass’ answer was to the point.

“We’ll spend what we need to get the coach that we want,” he said.

Indiana still owes Legette-Jack $780,000 over the next three years after Glass granted her a two-year contract extension last summer. The AD, who once said, “I think contracts need to mean something at Indiana again,” says his approach to contracts continues to evolve.

“I think if you’re an open-minded administrator and open to growth, you have all your experiences impact how you do things going forward,” Glass said. “It enhances your experience base, and all of my experiences since becoming athletic director go into the mix. I think you’ve got to be careful not to fall into trap of thinking like things are alike. You have things that are pertinent to a previous situation and not to other things moving forward.”

In the meantime, Glass will move forward with his recipe to finding a new women’s basketball coach.

“I think we’ll let you know when it’s soup,” he said.


  1. Assistants Jonathan Tsipis and Niele Ivey from ND would be good gets for IU. How about Beth Morgan?

  2. Similar to the situation at the time of the Kevin Wilson hire, Fred Glass has a unique window of opportunity in the timing of this hire as the “new car smell” still lingers in Cook Hall. As the facilities at Cook for #iuwbb are exactly the same as those enjoyed by the men’s team, they certainly have to be considered close to the very best in the nation. For this reason alone, IU should be able to bring in a higher profile of candidate than the program has historically attracted. Hopefully this circumstance contributes to an opportunity for Fred Glass to make a signature hire.

  3. Henry, That is a million dollars over 4 years which is $250,000 a year. That is not an exorbitant amount of money for a coach in any of the 3 major sports, actually, it is quite cheap! If IU would concider going after Matt Bollant of Curt Miller, they would obviously have to wait until their respective teams exit the NCAA tournament. If they are going after any assistant coach on an NCAA participating team, they also would have to wait until those teams exit the tournament. So this could take a while. Whoever AD Glass gets, I hope they are smart enough to recruit the state of Indiana because, girls basketball in this state is great and coach Jack never seemed to understand that!

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