Hoosier Brunch

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For Tom Crean, who has been to so many selection show parties, this selection party was different, as nothing will ever be the same for Crean and Indiana, I wrote in my column.

It took four seasons, but the Hoosiers are going to the NCAA Tournament and will take on No. 13 seed New Mexico State in Portland, Dustin wrote.

And of course, as the most wonderful time of the year begins, here’s the bracket.

IU baseball took another unearned loss last night, due to some bad miscues.


Maurice Creek won’t get to play in the NCAA Tournament, but he talked rehab and what’s next with Peegs.com’s Jeff Rabjohns ($).

The journey is just beginning here with an Indiana bid to the NCAA Tournament, Avi Zaleon of the IDS writes.

The Hoosiers are headed west again, and Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star gives his thoughts on what the bid means.

Indiana didn’t just get a bid, it actually has a shot in this NCAA Tournament, Reggie Hayes of the News-Sentinel writes.

New Mexico State is built for the NCAA Tournament format, according to Jason Groves of the Las Cruces Sun-News.

Tom Crean walked into a dumpster fire of a basketball team in his first year, and he’s got Indiana back a year earlier than expected, Bob Kravitz of the Indy Star writes.

With the Hoosiers headed to Portland, some of our valuable media members have to pay their own way to the west coast. Inside the Hall, one of the better college sports’ blogs on the Internet, is asking for your help to make it out there and supply you with coverage. The IDS is the same way, and any donations will help!


For those of you who are preparing yourself to make the trip out to Portland, this is a must-watch. Thanks to PB for the video suggestion. This is going to be the most 90’s hipster week of mine and Dustin’s life.


  1. Two things: Question; will Steve Afford share info on NMSU? I’m sure he knows them and he will give good souting report IMHO.

    I know you all know this, but just as a reminder 9:45pm EST is 6:45pm PST. (that fact is easy to forget sometimes) IU won’t be playing mentally at 9:45 either but they will be playing at 8:45pm mentally unless they acclimate quickly. NMSU will only make a one hour adjustment.

  2. Will Crean ask Alford for help? That’s the question.

    IU simply cannot stumble on the Aggies. Pretend it’s a non-conference game: we are undefeated in non-conference games! Come on guys! IU by 20 like when the season started!

  3. When IU takes New Mexico State to the woodshed, I want every IU fan to blow up Gottlieb’s twitter account and the airwaves on his radio show.

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