Hoosier Brunch

Now that we’re back in the EST, Hoosier Brunch returns. It’s going to be an interesting week with our trip to Hotlanta approaching on Wednesday and a certain rematch that I think you might’ve heard about.


Fans turned out in Bloomington as the Hoosiers returned to celebrate Indiana’s run to the Sweet 16, Christy Mullins wrote.

Fans also followed IU all the way to Portland to watch two solid wins from the Hoosiers, Dustin wrote.

It’s the rematch we’ve all been waiting for. Let the Indiana-Kentucky rematch hype begin, Dustin wrote.


The Hoosiers got a timely boost from Christian Watford in the game’s first two rounds, and he’ll be very important against UK, Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star writes.

Adversity is nowhere close to being new for Crean’s Indiana teams, Ben Smith of the Journal Gazette writes.

Indiana will undoubtedly be compared to its 2002 edition, which made a run to the national title game. Connor O’Gara of the IDS gives you that comparison.

Does the glass slipper go well with candy stripes? Avi Zaleon of the IDS wonders.

The Big Ten is living up to its lofty expectations from the regular season, and Indiana is a big part of that, Eric Lacy of the Detroit News writes.


Not sure you’ve heard, but Peyton is a Bronco. Tebow is displaced. And I’m pretty sure the Internet is on the verge of collapse. Your thoughts, Indy fans?

Mark Titus of Grantland.com makes 20 observations of the NCAA Tournament’s first weekend, if you missed any action.



  1. I said it after the UK game in that I was not excited about an IU team since 1994 (sorry 2002 but the wound was too deep and the program’s trend showed it till Crean was hired). Now I know why, this is but the second time IU has succeeded to the Sweet Sixteen since 1994. Before then IU had made it to the Sweet Sixteen 13 out of 21 years, (61%). This team has the ability to play many tempos and styles but they do apply defensive pressure especially as the game goes on and offensively they make plays from many different players. They actually remind me more of 1981, 1987 and 1992 versions. They have very good bench with contributors. Through all the hoopla Remy Abell was actually the unsung hero scoring a left handed layup to break a drought when IU was down by 7 and was able to play defense and not be overmatched by VCU’s perimeter defense.

    I think IU will be right there with UK, whom I think will feel the pressure of a daunting task and the pressure of the first real challenge in the tourney. The game will come down to secondary contributors like Elston, Abell and possibly Roth.

  2. The coaches that Rick Greenspan was considering back in 2008 are now coaching at Virginia and Clemson. Virginia got waxed in the first round and Clemson didn’t even make the post-season. I’m glad we got Crean.

  3. The interview was pretty good with DP, overall. It got a little chippy toward the end, but I didn’t make much of it.

    Apparently after the interview, DP called Coach Crean a “great” coach.

    I think DP asked him the whole “fun” question primarily because he was thinking “This guy just works all the time.”

  4. Yeah, I heard the interview live, and at the time I just thought it felt awkward but not chippy. Neither was taking shots at the other, they were just asking and answering questions. It was obvious they aren’t very similar people, and I think that was becoming increasingly clear to DP. I listen to DP almost every day, and he likes to have fun with with his guests, be sarcastic and clever…. When he felt that wasn’t going to turn into a good line of discussion he just didn’t push the interview any further.

    I actually give credit to Crean for being honest and true to his personality and to Dan for making an excellent swivel and stopping the awkwardness from continuing. I think he did Crean a favor.

    I tell you what I got more than anything else…. CREAN IS FOCUSED!!!

  5. Just read that at NW Carmody’s job may be in jeopardy. Who could they get better? Maybe they just want a different style of play.

  6. That’d be too bad if they lost Carmody. Seems like a good guy and a pretty solid coach. Do they not have a Kevin Coble or John Shurna player for next year?

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