Hoosier Brunch


Indiana’s underdog mentality has worked wonders for them so far, Dustin writes.

IU golfers topped the Vols in Florida on Monday.


I joined the guys from Inside the Hall’s Podcast on the Brink to help preview the Kentucky game. Take a listen.

Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star gives his keys to the game for Indiana’s Sweet 16 matchup with Kentucky.

Kentucky’s Calipari is no fan of having to face Tom Crean and the Hoosiers again, Pete DiPrimio of the FW News-Sentinel writes.

The Hoosiers used to the hoopla of playing in big games by now, Tim Etheridge of the Evansville Courier & Press writes.

Tom Crean is no Bobby Knight, but he could be nearing knighthood in Bloomington, Chris Foster of the L.A. Times writes.

Andy Staples of SI.com looks into the bracket’s south region, and more importantly, at the Kentucky-Indiana rematch.


Luke Winn of SI.com gives his reset of the Tournament picture and a recap of the first week.


  1. Check out the ESPN Power-rankings of the teams left (IU is #13):


    I see the Hoosiers as a much more tested and middle of the pack team above Florida, Cincy and Louisville. Wisconsin has our number and has given two Ls, so no way can we rank above them unless we got another head-to-head (which is darn near impossible).

    Still, after all this, everyone keeps wanting to shovel dirt on the grave of this team. Someone print this out and put it on the bulletin board. The national media is now full of patronization with their updated narrative of: “Great Job Indiana for getting this far, but you’re going to get pummeled by Kentucky. But you can pat yourself on your back being better than we’d thought you’d be.”

    Time to watch some Rocky IV tapes.

    We win this game, it goes down in history as ending the Cold War….or something.

  2. Myron Medcalf is “boldly” predicting IU loses by 15+ to UK, with IU “throwing in the towel” during the game. Crean is not going to have enough space in the lockerroom to pin all this stuff up.

  3. Anecdotal coincidence:

    1984 IU was 4th seeded playing the #1 ranked 1 seeded UNC which had 4 NBA first round draft choices, led by a freshman point guard (Smith) on their team in Atlanta GA. IU not picked by any expert or sport pundit prevailed 72-68…considered one of the upsets of all time. UNC had 2 losses going into the game.

    UK has 2 losses have 4 bona fide first round prospects on the team, a freshman point guard and a coach that is more a stable master.


  4. They’re just attempting to plant fear into a team that has none. What else would be their motive in feeding this tired stuff to the airwaves and the internet drinkers? Surely they don’t believe reiterating what everyone already knows serves much purpose.

    History has many examples of fights that should have never been scheduled. This is one of those instances. This game is a freak accident. It’s like the hot chick that pulled up in her Ferrari next to Chevy Chase while he’s driving along like a turtle in the family station wagon in that “Vacation” flick..UK will let us flirt with them for a couple seconds and then the foot will barely touch the accelerator and she’ll blow us off the hardwood highway.

    Why even get in the damn ring with UK? We don’t have a prayer.

  5. I can understand looking at the “Balance Sheet” and see that UK is the favorite in this game. They are an incredibly talented team. But, this is March and this is an IU team that finds ways to win when they’re not supposed to do so. Also, Calipari’s teams have a habit of flaming out when they get hit in the mouth a few times in March. His talent to championships ratio can’t be calculated as the answer is NULL.

    I can understand how a guy like Myron Metcaf can pick UK (or any analyst for that matter), but why is he so bold in predicting that UK is going to smash us? It really goes against almost every characteristic IU has been about all season. We have a team full of gamers that aren’t scared of all the NBA talent in the other jerseys.

    No one in the national media is even mentioning this fact. They all need to read Dustin’s article.

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