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It’s going to take a lot to beat Kentucky. Here are 16 ways I think Indiana can win its Sweet 16 rematch.

Kentucky called it lucky, but Indiana’s win over UK in December was definitely fortunate, and it’ll take a lot of pieces falling in place for them to win again, I wrote.

Good friends, Crean and Calipari have a mutual respect for each other that has extended from jawing on Twitter to the basketball court, Dustin wrote.

The “This is Indiana” guys are still flying high, Mike Leonard wrote.


Indiana’s Bench Mob (or #benchmob to Kory Barnett) is definitely one of a kind, as Terry Hutchens of the Indy Star writes.

Kentucky’s John Calipari and Tom Crean have made an interesting set of friends in the competitive college coaching landscape, LaMond Pope of the Journal Gazette writes.

The Wildcats are peaking at the right time, and their point guard Marquis Teague is too, Pete DiPrimio of the FW News-Sentinel writes.

Calipari says, despite putting in new offenses, not to expect any tricks from the Wildcats, Kyle Tucker of the Louisville CJ writes.

Four key factors that led to Kentucky losing to Indiana in December, from the Lexington Herald-Leader’s John Clay.

Indiana and Kentucky are both different, better teams than they were when the met in December, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.


We’re about to head out on the road to the ATL as I write this…apparently the party don’t stop till 8 in the mornin’?


  1. Sean Peyton suspended for the whole season. OUCH! Sharp teeth. The “commish” is serious about anyone organizing a plan to circumvent the rules. Tagliabue was a puppy dog compared to Goodell. There are probably a few others in the NFL who are peeing down their leg right now.

  2. I have a difficult time understanding why Smart turning down UofI is nice. Are you are afraid of competition? I am pretty sure that Crean, Izzo, Matta, and others say welcome aboard.

  3. HT, That is what I figured would happen. I know my thoughts about Illinois but I wonder why he feels it is not the place for him. Is he not from Wis. Is it a risky move for him? Or is it the B10 that bothers him?

  4. Maybe SS thinks Chicago talent he recruits is more valuable at VCU than they would be at U of I?

  5. Jay- I’m puzzled. Do YOU want the nations hottest coaching commodity to land at an arch rival? I certainly don’t.

  6. HT,

    You bet bring them on! It really doesn’t matter anyway but yes play against the best. I question that Smart’s HAVOC would be warmly received by the players from Chicago. I really question if any of the BCS teams would go crazy over the style of play. When Knigth first came to IU many of the IU faithful were scared to death he was going to win games 35 – 34. Knight never tried to win games that way. Smart is probably “Smart” enough to coach to the skill level of his players. You can’t hide from the competition, recruit and play against it.

    We’ll see about Penn State but the B10 football coaching fraternity is getting better, which I applaud. Good coaches are a must.

  7. I wonder if Smart’s system would work in the Big Ten on a continual basis.

    And, I do want the best coaches in the Big Ten as it makes us all better.

  8. Damn, scUM just announced 3 BB transfers and also their is a real possibility Trey Burke is going pro. Wow!

  9. Trey is a borderline 2nd rounder. That’s not a place you want to be. He’s a GREAT college point guard but he’s 5’11” and there are a ton of guys just like him in the league that are 6’5″.
    Another year will help him but I’m not sure we’ll ever see him play in the NBA.

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