Indiana moves up to No. 15 in both AP, ESPN/USA Today Polls

A little late on this, as the Lynn Houser retirement extravaganza is in full effect (congratulations sir, and thanks for absolutely everything) but Indiana moved up to No. 15 in both the Associated Press and ESPN/USA Today polls on Monday.


  1. Come on voters, putting Murray St at #11/10, compared to IU, MI and WI is a joke! Sure they are a good Cinderella story, but do you really think that they could go 11-7 in the B1G (or even 10-8 like Purdue)? No way!

  2. Yes but; Some degree of stealth can be good. IU has beat what, 5 of the higher ranked teams? Pre season we were at maybe 70th place? Good job IU.

    The B1G tournament is driving me crazy. To win is 3 more games? Than into the NCAA. That would be 5 more games?
    Be nice to just have one game this coming weekend as a tune-up going into the NCAA. Rather be in the final 4 than win it all this weekend. But anyway, lot further than anyone would have thought in November.

  3. Ron in FLA

    I agree. Playing to many tough games. Ask MSU about Dawson. Anything can happen, worked to hard to get to the dance, not to enter 1st round healthy. . Oh well according to the IBJ “The Score”article today, IU basketball generated about $20 million this year, about a third of the years revenue for the athletic department.

  4. Campy –

    According to a comment on that site, he tweeted an apology for the oversight. There are a lot of teams to keep an eye on, and like it or not, we’re not always the center of the basketball universe. (although we should be of course!)

    Still, you’d think raters would be a little more careful, especially after ranking a team the previous week. Start with those teams, see their performance, then see who needs added or omitted. I’ve done high school tennis rating and it’s a challenge just at that level.

  5. I must be missing something when I watch Wisconsin. They’re solid, but 14th? Ahead of IU? Of course, that wouldn’t be an issue if we had taken care of business in Madison earlier. Sagarin has us virtually tied (Wisc slightly better) but we are ahead of them in the RPI – IU 11, UW 21. Let’s get Thursday out of the way, then we’ll see how we match up with Wisconsin on a neutral court Friday – I like our chances.

  6. 8 out the past 11 NCAA champions were also the conference tournament champions. Just interesting food for thought.

  7. Uh. Scratch that. I’m doing some double checking and I don’t think that number is accurate. I shouldn’t believe everything I read.

  8. Ok, so it’s 8 out of 12, with MSU being the only B1G team to accomplish that feat. That’s a pretty good percentage. Not entirely surprising, since most teams that win a Power 6 Conference title are going to be contenders in the Big Dance.

    In 2002, 2003, 2005, and 2009 the teams that won did not win their respective conference titles. Duke was the tournament winner in 3 of the years as another ACC team won the NCAA title.

    Here are the NCAA Champions and the conference champ in parentheses if it was someone else.

    2000 MSU
    2001 Duke
    2002 Maryland (Duke won ACC Tourney)
    2003 Syracuse (Pitt won Big East Tourney)
    2004 UConn
    2005 UNC (Duke won ACC Tourney)
    2006 Florida
    2007 Florida
    2008 Kansas
    2009 UNC (Duke won ACC Tourney)
    2010 Duke
    2011 UConn

  9. Too much pressure to win the Big10 Tourney (I mean 4 games in 4 days, then go on to win the NCAA. Two wins in the Big10, then move on to focus on the Big Dance!!!! Sweet 16 is most definitely achievable!!!!

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