IU to name Miller women’s coach

A source close to the program says that Indiana has officially confirmed that it will name Bowling Green’s Curt Miller as its new women’s basketball coach today.

Miller is reportedly meeting with his team this morning and will be formally introduced at IU later this afternoon. Indiana has now confirmed that a press conference will take place at 4 p.m. at Cook Hall.

A source indicates that Miller was one of just two candidates IU had on campus for interviews. Wisconsin-Green Bay’s Matt Bollant, who took the vacant job at Illinois this morning, was not the other.

Ironically, Miller replaces Felisha Legette-Jack, with whom he was an assistant coach at Syracuse in the mid-1990s. Following his stint with the Orange, he spent three years as the associate head coach at Colorado State before being named the head coach at Bowling Green in 2001.

Miller took the Falcons from a 9-19 mark in his initial season to their current streak of eight straight MAC regular-season titles, which includes five NCAA Tournament appearances. He went 258-92 in 11 seasons at Bowling Green.

The Falcons’ current roster includes Bloomington South grad Kaila Hulls, the younger sister of Indiana men’s player Jordan Hulls.


  1. In my original comment 2 weeks ago, I mentioned Matt Bollant and Curt Miller. Miller is an excellant hire! The man is a winner! He can recruit and can flat out coach. He did experiance a stroke earlier this year and recovered from it after a couple of weeks. I would certainly hope that his health is not a concern. If you have ever seen Curt Miller on the sideline as I have, his coaching style is very emotional and engaged 100 per cent which I feel is a positive! He is fun to watch. I, being a huge IU women’s follower am very excited about this hire, great job Mr. Glass!! Finally, a coach who has a history of getting his team into the NCAA Tournament on a reguler basis. My expectations for the future of women’s IU basketball are as high as ever!!

  2. He seems to have an excellent resume. Personally, I like women coaching women’s basketball. Thus my preference for Beth Morgan Cunningham. But what do I know?

  3. BeatPurdue, I think you know plenty.
    Women should coach women, and my choice was Beth Morgan Cunningham. I believe she was anxious to coach here.
    But as a true fan of IU women’s basketball, I wish Curt Miller success, and hope Kaila Hulls decides to transfer to IU.

  4. I look at Michigan and Northwestern with men and I like the results…Michigan with results…Northwestern seems to have great recruits coming in…

    I just want the best candidate…period…

    He’s got a pedigree, roots in the midwest…

    Welcome Coach Miller

  5. Seems like a good hire. Now can he attract talent to IU to win consistently here? I hope so and will be cheering him and the Lady Hoosiers on to victory! He has a good track record and we have to establish a winning standard at IU. If he recruits the state of Indiana and gets some talent to Btown, then we can win. We have great facilities. Recruit Indiana Coach Miller!! That was something Jack didn’t do very well. Congrats Coach Miller and go Hoosiers!!

  6. Miller certainly has an impressive record. He has established ties recruiting the Midwest and knows Indiana HS basketball. This is obviously a job he considers a step up in his career. From my vantage point, it looks like a great hire.

    As for BeatPurdue’s comment about “women coaching women,” I used to think the exact same thing. Then I had a daughter that played competitive sports at a very high level (two years of DI college soccer). Interestingly, my daughter and the majority of the girls/women she played with over the years preferred their coaches be men. Of course, through the years my daughter had both male and female coaches, but she preferred to be coached by a man. Her college soccer coaches were all men. According to my daughter, most of her team mates felt the same way. In the end, I believe it is the coach’s style, their aptitude and their personality that is most important. And as they progress, a coach’s gender is probably less important or irrelevant.

  7. Podunker- I think some of that has to do with the way women and men deal with certain circumstances. Men approach confrontation head on, for the most part. I work with women all day, and they will be mad at each other, but not show it at all. They let it fester and it finally blows up in an enourmous fight. Guys will have it out and get along going forward. Some women, that I work with, wish that was how women would deal with things. That may explain why some female athletes are drawn to a male coach. They feel like they know better where things stand.

    Good luck to Coach Miller. He sounds like a solid coach and he has some great facilities at his disposal.

  8. Miller looks like a good hire but I too would’ve like to seen Morgan-Cunningham offered the job. Good luck Coach Miller.

  9. Put me in the camp also that thinks women should coach women’s basketball. But probably the most important thing right now is establishing a program that wins. That’s not something IU women’s basketball really has ever especially been known for. Gotta give Glass credit on a smart choice and credit for not going with the “flavor-of-the-day” which seems to often happen in cases like this where the AD picks a coach from a hot tourney team. Miller has more than established his credentials. Look forward to seeing IU women’s basketball on the rise.

  10. Hey Nat IV: What do you mean you HOPE Kaila Hulls transfers? If her transfer were an IPO, I’d put every dollar I have on it.

  11. Hey Doug: I certainly HOPE you’re right about Kayla!
    She missed her freshman year with a torn ACL, and would have to sit out another year to play here (thanks NCAA!)
    Met Coach Miller at the press conference today, and he seems like the real deal.
    Big Sash told me she’s coming back next year, and I’m hopeful Georgie Jones will make the same decision.

    Go Lady Hoosiers!

  12. That is an interesting comment….He made the comment that there were slots left to recruit…wondered if he meant for the spring recruiting or for next year’s class?

  13. I do not think Kayla would have to sit out another year, as she did not play a single second, her coach that recruited her is coming to her home town. She can get a waiver from the NCAA and play next year.

  14. I would love to think Kaila could receive a waver, but I think it’s a long way from a lock. When has the NCAA ever worried about a player’s best interest?
    Coaches can move around with impunity, players not so much.
    I hope Chase and JJeff are correct and I am proven wrong. We can all hope Kaila chooses to come back home to Indiana.

  15. Just listened to Coach Miller’s PC opening statement and the following Q&A. He is small like Lou Holtz and also has a slight speech monicker as Holtz does. He communicates easily and directly. Says recruiting is the life blood of any program and his philosophy is to own the state through the HS coaches. He also mentioned he told Coach Crean he wanted to be a sponge to learn as much from him as possible. He stated without hesitation rebuilding will be one step at a time. He appears to be most confident.

  16. I’m a Bowling Green fan – we love Kaila here and want her (and all of her teammates) to stay!

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