Jones diagnosed with torn ACL

Indiana senior guard Verdell Jones tore his ACL in Thursday’s game against Penn State according to an Indiana release, which obviously ends his senior season and Indiana career. The release follows.

Indiana University men’s basketball coach Tom Crean has announced that senior guard Verdell Jones III suffered a torn ACL in his right knee during Thursday’s first round Big Ten Tournament game against Penn State.  He was hurt in the first half and the extent of the injury was revealed later that evening in an MRI.

“This is heartbreaking news,” said IU Coach Tom Crean.  “His contribution to our program over the course of his career, and especially this season, is immeasurable. He was playing his best basketball and really had embraced his role on this team as a player and as a leader.  We are proud of the career he has had at Indiana University and he, as much as anyone, deserved the opportunity to enjoy everything we have worked so hard for and are experiencing as a team.  We appreciate all the prayers that have been said on his behalf.”

The Champaign, Illinois native is the 23rd all-time leading scorer at IU with 1,347 points.  He has played in 117 games (started in 103 ) and averaged 11.5 points, 3.3 rebounds and 3.3 assists.  This year, he averaged 7.5 points and 3.2 assists and was in the midst of his best season as a defender.  He had game-winning assists against #1 Kentucky and #2 Ohio State and he his key last minute baskets helped the Hoosiers defeat #13 Michigan and Northwestern.  During this recent streak of success for the Hoosiers, Jones was shooting 57.6% from the field and better than 50.0% from three-point range.


  1. Absolutely heartbreaking. I only hope the team makes up for his loss with a “do it for Verdell” mentality

  2. I’ve been hard on Verdell over the years, but I know what he has meant to this team and the program overall. This is crushing that a player who has been through so much and helped to rebuild the proud history of IU Basketball, and done it the right way has to end his career like this.

    I can see this team stepping up and demolishing teams from here on out. LET’S GO HOOSIERS!!!

  3. Not really. Yes it does end his season as a “producing” player on this team in the next month or so. But it does not have to end his season as dressing for the NCAA Tourney and getting 1 minute on the floor. The injury looks bad. Verdell deserves to play in the NCAA. There really is no downside to playing him anyway (I am not a doctor but I too tore an ACL in basketball)-not in the B1G Tourney-but in the NCAA Tourney. Wrap it, brace it, numb it, tape it, ice it, etc. and get him a minute in the NCAA’s.

  4. Remember Willis Reed with the NY Nicks in the NBA Championships? Get Verdell on the floor in the NCAA’s!

  5. Mike P., My sentiments exactly. It is a negative for VJ but the team the last 6-8 games have showed the grit to turn that into a tournament positive and VJ himself can help make that a team focus also.

  6. I’m with BeatPurdue. Usually there’s some lag time before they operate on these things – let’s get him braced/taped, get some sweats on him, and get him on the bench for a long tournament run – maybe let him walk on the floor at the end of a game. I can’t remember a more inspirational player in my nearly 5 decades as an IU bb fan – Verdell, thanks.

  7. Verdell should take pride in the fact that he has one of the unforgetable faces of this resurgence.

    For a long stretch, Verdell’s slithery, slashy head-down drives and soft floating swishes were all we really had to smile about on game day.

    He should take pride in the fact that in spite of his erratic play at times, he has also hit some big shots that have directly impacted IU’s success this season.

    His adjustment to a diminished role without pouting or fussing shows his love for the team and the program.

  8. Best wishes and Good Luck Verdell. The IU Nation owes you a big THANK YOU for sticking it out for 4 years. You showed you true self with your senior night speech. Again Thank You!

  9. Not sure I’ve ever seen such immediate emotion from a coach as Crean showed the other night. First when he ran out on the court to directly console Jones and talk with him while I’m sure he was freaking out… And then in the post game speech when he couldn’t even gt through the interview.

    Brings a tear to my eye even thinking about it now.

    Makes me miss my old teammates and players. Very proud to have CTC on our side.

    I also hope that VJ3 gets the opportunity to make a cameo in the ncaa’s

  10. The postgame interview with CTC was one of the most touching moments I have ever seen.

    Yeah, after the initial injury ACL tears are usually OK for normal activity. They didn’t even repair them not so long ago (thank goodness we’re past that).

    Here’s to Verdell playing the last minute of a championship game with our lead well in hand. Anyone pressing him gets taken out by a sniper.

  11. Hate to hear this but it was not unexpected after what we saw yesterday. I too, have been hard on him but do appreciate his contributions to the program. Best of everything to Verdell for the rest of this season and in the future.

  12. Tragic. Thanks Verdell for your commitment and contribution to both IU Basketball and Indiana University. I, for one, will greatly miss seeing you play and lead the team during the team’s much deserved NCAA Tournament run. Sweet Sixteen (at least) or Bust!

  13. Crean’s reaction in the post game interview reminds me that the team irtself is a family & we as fans are not IMMEDIATEembers of that family, cuz’ we(I) have absolutely no sense of the closerness & care for players on a PERSONAL level as does the coach, obviously. Thats personal to Crean, I’m just a fan(not always a good 1)that likes to watch these people play basketball. I’ve never seen a coach show that much emotion when talking about an injured player. Well, maybe Dick Vermiel, but that might not count cuz’ he cried when the wind bleew the wrong way.

  14. Verdell, it pains me to say this about a guy from Champaign, but you’re a great Hoosier. Just don’t let your kids waste their talents at Illinois.

  15. My prayers and thoughts are with Verdell. Regardless of the heartless posts on this board for 4 years, this guy walked into a hell hole and agreed to take three years on the Chin for Crean and the Hoosiers. In my opinion that puts him in the same memory of the I.U basketball players of old. When Bobby Built this legacy he built in on heart and integrity over talent. He had both. And that’s why Crean was emotional. He knows the kids heart and you could tell that it was like watching one of his own children get hurt. I’m heart broken. Especially after the Jones Bashing by people who weren’t grateful for the kids commitment. I felt like he was on a path to end his career by shutting your mouths. -Sincerely Big Rich But you can call me a Dick.

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