Legette-Jack fired

Indiana athletic director Fred Glass has announced that Felisha Legette-Jack is no longer the university’s women’s basketball coach and a search for her successor is under way.

“After a deliberate and thorough review of all aspects of the women’s basketball program, including meeting with Felisha and interviews with all current players, I have concluded that under the current circumstances Felisha is no longer in a position to turn the program around,” Glass said in a news release. “Delaying the inevitable isn’t fair to her, the program and its fans, and most importantly the student-athletes on this team.
“Felisha is a wonderful person who did many good things for our program, the University and the wider community. We all wish her much success in her future endeavors.”

Legette-Jack has been the Hoosiers’ coach for six seasons, posting a winning record and postseason berths in each of the first three but has suffered through three consecutive losing seasons.

Glass gave Legette-Jack a two-year contract extension last summer, putting her under contract with the university through the 2014-15 season. By releasing her, the university owes her a cumulative $780,000 for those three years.

“I am mindful that just last year I provided Felisha a two-year contract extension in the belief that such support would help her get the program going in the right direction again,” Glass said in the release. “In retrospect, I was wrong. However, I am not going to compound that mistake by refusing to make the decision that now needs to be made.”


  1. Finally. It’s the right move for the program and the university. But it is just the first part. Now Glass has to hire a coach willing and able to battle for state recruits, and at a Big Ten level.

  2. I’m glad this was done and that Glass admitted he was wrong, but I find it odd it took ten days to come to THIS conclusion and it only took him about 24 hours to fire Bill Lynch. The WBB situation was MUCH more dire than the Football situation.

  3. Hire Tom Crean. He has done a great job turning around a sputtering men’s program and can do the same with the women. He can also coach baseball, rifle and water polo. If Glass knows what’s good for IU he’ll hire Crean right away.

  4. First time I heard Coach Jack speak was at an alumni pep rally with Coach Hep prior to football season one fall – she lit up the crowd. Her energy & passion for her sport rivaled Coach Hep’s enthusiam. Not to mention, she was a pleasant distraction to offset the mess with the men’s BB team prior to Coach Crean. You inspired me to be a dedictated IU Women’s BB fan. You rock, Coach Jack!

  5. I’m with you Norm. If we can get Rizzotti – pay her the money and watch the seats fill up in Assembly Hall.

  6. There are two names that need to be at the top of the list. First, Matt Bollant from Wisc.-Green Bay. Look up his record and that will be enough, but he was an assistant at IU under Kathi Bennett and coached at Evansville. The other should be Curt Miller with Bowling Green. They have won 6 or 7 conference titles in a row.

  7. I liked Coach Jack and feel terrible that she won’t be coaching here next year.
    I wish her nothing but success in her future endeavors.

  8. Glass made the right decision. I hope he’ll let the next coach decide about some of the assistants, namely Whitney Thomas.

  9. Bring in Zach Kancher. Rising assistant at University of Maryland, young guy who will be motivated and hungry.

  10. Ouch! That’s $780,000 that goes down the drain. I’m glad Glass acknowledged the mistake, because this one was a whopper! Legette-Jack was a good person, but extending her contract by two years, then firing her less than a year later cost IU’s Athletics Department cash it can hardly afford to lose. I wonder if Glass’s bonus will be reduced as a result of this mistake?

    Next time Glass has significant doubts about a coach, he should, at the very least, refrain from extending their contract. I’m still a fan of Glass, but this was a bone-headed decision.

  11. The new coach needs to have a reputation that will attract the top players to even consider IU. That hasn’t happened in the history of the IU women. The importance of recruiting didn’t seem to be primary as the majority of players were signed in March not November.

    I see no reason that IU could not become the next Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State Notre Dame or Purdue just to name a few nearby schools that are going to the big women’s dance

  12. There are some excellent WNBA players like K.Smith playing for Seattle Storm that could turn that program around. Dawn Staley has turned SC around. They are going to need a great ex player on that coaching staff to attract great players.Imagine K. Smith and Yolanda Griffin sitting on that bench!

  13. Coach Jack, as stated before is a wonderful person who has a world class personality. Unfortunatly, that doesn’t win ball games! Her first 3 years here she won more games than she lost with the previous coach’s recruits, when her recruits finally started making up the team, the team was dreadful! It is obvious she was a poor recruiter and her coaching left much to be desired. Hopefully, AD Glass and his committee will find us a coach to take this proud basketball school to the upper levels of play on the court. Many people have mentioned Matt Bollant & Curt Miller as likely canadates for the job, both would be excellant! These two coaches get their respective schools who are mid majors into the NCAA Tournament every year! That speaks for it’s self! If Wisconsin-Green Bay and Bowling Green can make the big dance almost every year, why shoulsn’t IU have that oppritunity? AD Glass, please, when those two schools are eliminated from the tourney, talk to thos etwo coachs and bring IU back to respectability!!

  14. As I proposed last week, I think Curt Miller from Bowling Green should be hired to become the women’s basketball coach. He has won over 72% of his games at Bowling Green and 75% of his conference games while taking his team to the NCAA’s multiple times and winning coach of the year multiple times. Miller has coached in several areas of the country and has a 100% graduation rate among all athletes who exhaust their eligibility with the program.

    Jordan Hulls sister plays for Miller at Bowling Green so a local contact to understand Miller. He did have a stroke this year that kept him out for 3 games but insists that was because he was not taking care of his body.

    Matt Bollant of Wisc.-Green Bay is another solid candidate and with his previous ties to IU that could give him some insight.

    The program needs solid proven leadership with ties to the midwest. Hiring former WNBA players with neither will not turn the program around. I also do not see hiring Rizzotti with a 100% east coast background would work nor would I expect her to be interested in coming here.

  15. If you want someone that loves the game look in your own backyard. The women’s coach at Depauw.

  16. I know one thing there should have been two firings, the women’s coach and Fred Glass. How many ex-coaches have we had to pay off maybe Glass should pay her out of his own pocket.Stupid,stupid, stupid.

  17. Well, let’s look on the bright side of this. IU women’s BB has no where to go but up! Should be a great opportunity for a coach looking to advance their career.

  18. WNBA players that were successful in college and as pros sitting on the bench as a supporting cast IMO can’t hurt recruiting. It doesn’t matter who the coach is IU needs quality players and a mouth piece that can sell the institution and convince top talent why coming to IU would enhance all concerned. Just a thought, whoever takes the job in order to be successful IU will need players that are capable of turning the program around. I saw them play a few times and they do have potential they need leadership and people around them that can figure out a way to extract what each one has to contribute.

  19. Jack was very likable and her presence on campus will be missed. But she could not pull the talent out of the players.
    Having a former WNBA player would be good for signing players and a big fan draw but we need a coach that can lead to the win.
    A coach that not only can recruit players but has players that want to come play for her.
    I saw Sadie’s post about the women’s coach at DePauw. So I looked her up. She may be one to take a serious look at. Her win percentage is over .800. She has a heck of a record. The only question would be could she transition from Div III to Div I.
    She’s doing something right.

  20. Coach Jack did the honorable thing and the right thing by stepping aside. Frustration is so high. Glass needs to aim high and really reach. Offer the right amount of money. Beth Morgan from VCU should be the first person he talks to.

    This game is about recruitment and developing players. This a Home town coach who will put a fence around Indiana recruiting.

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