1. It was obvious Tuesday that the Hoosiers are better than MSU and could have and should have entered in 2012 undefeated. It was even more obvious that we should have not lost to Minny at home. Now the Hulls comment after the game in East Lansing (“It seemed they knew A LOT of our plays…”) is one of the most intriguing comments I’ve read during the Tom Crean era. I bet Crean has worked out reciprocity with Izzo and Tubby. Lone points of hope past season: win against Minny with Tan Cream yelling his lungs out like a man who had ingested twice the admissible amount of Lift-Off and one tight game in East Lansing when a last minute shot by Hulls could have won it but didn’t because the play was not set up correctly. This season Tan Cream actually gave away the game in East Lansing back to Izzo and has obviously allowed Tubby to win in Bloomington. Tan Cream (motto: “Be sincere even when you don’t mean it.”) only cares for his job and the money he makes. That’s all. The rest is shameless sham for the unsuspecting.

  2. That’s the best, most logical post I’ve read on this site in months… (how’d I do Jay Gregg?)

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