1. It’s amazing how when we get away from B1G officials that Pritchard isn’t called for breathing on people… He actually got a charge call!

  2. Oh yeah, we should be shooting better than 60% and holding them to less than 2 free throws (they average 33) and have more take aways.

    Man, I hope that’s sarcasm or you must need notes to breathe.

  3. We had a ton of close missed shots in the 1H. We need to get the ball down low & get some finishes at the bucket and all will be well. On the contrary, their big guys are out of their minds. Plus when you get 10 sec in the lane it’s easier to get position. Check out Rahman & count his time in the lane….go slow…& tell me it’s not 5 – 7 sec / possession. & maybe 4 steps will be traveling this half too.

  4. We wasted far too many possessions with poor shot selection and letting this pathetic team stay close to us. We should be up by 20 by now.

  5. It’s hard to deplore a 16 point lead, but here goes: Crean sucks. Our players are soft.

    I think that about covers it.

  6. Charles Barkley picked New Mexico State because our perimeter players were too slow.

    I wonder who he was referring to?

    I also wonder who has the most steals?9

  7. Jordy 22 pts, 4 assists. Don’t know how many steals yet but he had several.

    Can the Jordy doubters just shut the f#5k up now?

  8. This game was over 5 minutes in. The only question was the margin.

    Did anyone have any doubt after 5 minutes?

    They were very athletic and totally overmatched.

  9. VCU did us a favor, I think. I’d rather have played them vs. WSU due to the match-ups. Zeller should go off on Sat & we have the athletes to counter their speed. I like our chances.

    We’ll take it game by game but I foresee another match-up vs. the cheater hill jacks from across the Ohio.

  10. Chet, the first 15 minutes of this game were some of the most fun moments of basketball viewing in the last 10 years. I was at Nicks’s, and was smart enough to show up 2 hours early to get a table. Suffice to sat the jubilation was thick and syrupy all around.

    WE ARE BACK!!!

    Ryan recently wrote that winning a tournament game would be a benchmark of success this season. We’ve done that – easily – and we want more! GO EYE YOU!!!!

  11. I am hoping we handle VCU’s pressure similar to how we ran Iowa out of the gym the first game.

    It is interesting how comfortable I’ve become with the ball in Jordy’s hands against quick and long defenders. He has really become incredibly steady and unflappable. They tried to bother him tonight but couldn’t.

    I thought Remy did a really good job staying under control as well.

    I think Dipo settled in after a little while and should be more of a factor in the next game. I think there were some early jitters there for him.

    AwinZ post #18 is perfect…

  12. per ESPN College Basketball Blog; 1) If IU plays like tonight 5 more times they may win the whole thing. 2) Hulls did a good job replacing VJ

  13. The confidence out there was palpable. I couldn’t believe some of the passing down low. especially on fast breaks. The team came out fired up, sharp, and as exciting as can be. How about Wat’s 2 early 3’s?

    Geoff: Watching Remy get all “psyched” up during the pregame was somehow foretelling of what was to come. The kid can handle the pressure.

  14. Geoff. An IU player get fouled and is hurt, comes out of the game, IU get choice of who replace him for the foul shots, right? Thats the thing to set up for VJ. Could even get him some points.

  15. I’ve been telling the ‘zonies out here that this year is just “gravy” from here forward. We are in the “gain tournament experience” mode. Consider this, our first 7 existing players will be back next year. We only lose #8 on that list, Tom Pritchard. I think he’s a bigger loss than Jones to be honest. The kid has done his job all year spelling Z and he’s done an admirable one at that! Don’t get me wrong, I want to beat VCU, UK, & others along the way, but every additional game from here on is for the future of this program.

    Love Remy getting these minutes too. It may be enough to keep him around. The kid is just fearless, hits his FTs, and he’s athletic as hell. As I’ve said all year, Remy needed to play more. It’s too bad it took an injury to Jones twice to make it happen. The kid can play & will be a nice complement to the team in years to come, if he sticks around.

  16. With all the talk about the Syracuse/UNCA debacle yesterday it reminded me of #1 Purdue’s win over #16 Western Carolina a few years back. It came down to the final shot and WCU missed.

    On the front page of the local paper the next morning there is a huge picture of the Boil player making the feed to Robinson for what would prove to be the winning basket. His right foot was plainly a good 8 inches out of bounds with the ball still in his hands.

    It’s tough for a 16 to get a break.

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