1. Goodbye Bruce Weber.

    Four years ago you were giggling and delighting in Tom Crean’s struggles.

    Who would have thought that, fast forward to 2012, you’d be the one looking for a job?

    Ahh, the irony.

  2. If they are going to continually call IU for jab-step travels they better start calling Taylor for all his ridiculous hesitation dribble palming violations.

    God I hate the refs in the B1G!

  3. That was a good 1H of basketball. We’re behind but played ok. 7 3s against us and only down 5. A bit too much 1-on-1 offense but we’re in the game & the game is being played at our pace.

  4. Love it… Some dude named Rob Wilson who barely plays and averages 3 ppg is killing us and the leading scorer in the game with 10.

  5. Agreed Geoff/AWinAZ. I hate Wisconsin’s style of play. They get the benefit of no-calls all the time, apparently even when they are not at home. Rob Wilson??? IF Wisconsin wins this game, Rob Wilson will not even play tomorrow against MSU.

  6. Honest to god… What is this f*^king bull$h!t… Who the f)(k is Rob Wilson and why is he doing this?

  7. I know, Geoff!

    It also seems like EVERY time we get in position to take the lead we travel, commit a turnover or miss a layup!

    Let’s go boys, close the deal!

  8. He’s “touching hisself” as we say. Theyre shooting out their rear ends. They’ll cool down & we’ll win. If not, they deserve to win I guess.

  9. Need to get the ball to Cody. He hasn’t touched it in 5 min! He’s been open & in good position. No excuse for not getting him the ball which will open up our 3s.

  10. God, I hate Wisconsin so damn much. So tired of losing to Bo Ryan and his band of thugs and no-names. Wisconsin is probably my least favorite team, moreso than Purdue or UK. Rob Wilson will not score more than 2 points in a game the rest of the year.

  11. Psych- my sentiments completely. Sometimes I feel like I am never going to see IU beat Wisconsin – in football or baskeball – in my lifetime.

    They really shut down our 3 point lanes today. Would have liked to see a few more ball screens to get Hulls or Roth some more looks. They challenged us to take it to the rim and although we frequently got there, we didn’t finish great, especially Dipo.

    The foul called against Cody underneath the basket when Hulls rimmed in the 18 footer was just classic. We get it within one with some momentum, and that Swedish ape Berggren gets the call. Happened all night in pivitol moments. Arg.

  12. Pretty easy to sum this one up:
    1. Wisc. hits 13 3s.
    2. Wilson, 3ppg, goes for 30 & 7 3s, a school record.
    3. Wisc. Scores 79 pts.

  13. What is wrong with you people. That was a good game. Wisconsin won because the ball went through the hoop more for them. Our resident basketball expert, aka Geoff, will tell us all what happened. Well, we may need to wait because he is still crying about the officiating and this guy Wilson, why how dare these people ruin Geoff’s Friday afternoon.

  14. One of those games where Wisconsin shoots the lights out, IU didn’t play that bad either. 25 and 8 this year, not to shabby is it. Wait till next year, Wisconsin will get there pay back. Real shame about Jones to, hope he mends well, he was missed. On to the NCAA now, and hope they get a good draw. GO HOOSIERS!!!!!

  15. Well, Dakich has finally ditched any semblance of objectivity. He want IU to lose, can’t see any fouls their opponents commit, and imagines all sorts of violations on Indiana that aren’t called (and don’t show up on replay).

    Hey Dan, tell one more time about guarding Michael Jordan. You know, the one good game you had in four years.

  16. Berggren is one strange looking human being. He has some sort of sci fi experiment thing going.

  17. Like I said, Berggren is a Swedish or Norwegian Ape. Typical Wisconsin player. What do they feed them up there in Little Scandinavia?

    AWinAZ: the teams had about the same FG% and IU had slightly more FTs. The big difference is that WIsc made 13 3 pointers, we made 3. That’s a 10 point differential right there, and your ballgame.

  18. this is on Cody and Oladipo, they both did not show up. Zeller had 1 rebound in 31 minutes. That is pathetic. Oladipo did not defend or finish and he took 12 shots and made 2. Same old story, when they show up and play soft, they lose every time.

  19. No loss would be complete without someone like Soft blaming it on the players’ toughness. Apparently there is no such thing as losing to a better team, or just having a bad night. Never mind thatt Oladipo is an all B1G defender and a starter on a 25 win team; since he shot poorly we now know he is “soft”. Hopefully Crean has the good sense to cut him and that Zeller and bring in someone much, much harder.

  20. Good game to watch for entertainment.

    Cody seems to have very quiet points. 17 but I would have thought just 6 or 7.

    VO just did not get the calls he usually gets on his drives. Hard to keep up with all the 3’s. Kinda reminded me of the Iowa game.

    Couple of times 1 or 2 baskets would have changed the out-come.

    Maybe – team is missing some leadership or points from VJ??
    Otherwise – good try. Get some rest and get ready for “the run”.

  21. The problem is that IU is going to run into a lot more teams like Wisconsin in the Tournament than like Penn State. It only takes one night like this and they’re done (and it can be the 1st Game). You get a kid lighting you up for 30, you better start shutting him down at 15. You get a team hot from the 3 point arc, you better figure out a way to defend it and hope Zeller can shut down the inside. Wisconsin scored 78 points because of what they did and what IU didn’t do. In the Tournament, this can easily happen again and they’ve got to adjust and stop it unlike today.

  22. Diehard, you got it. This season has been tough on the folks that live to criticize (no doubt because of their own personal perfection). They really have had to jump on the rare opportunities.

  23. This is what Wisconsin does. Bo Ryan set that up for Wilson and IU failed to prepare someone long 6’6″ or over even if it is a 6’8″ forward after the 3rd or 4th 3 goes down to gaurd the 3 point shot and play honest on the inside. However, Wisconsin did not play yesterday + ranked 13. They are pretty good and tough especially when the 3 goes down. They just physically grind it out. Verdell was missed in this game by the way he played recently.

  24. Hard to blame Crean when that kid was hitting anything he threw up…..even with someone in his face.

    Surprised Victor didn’t get more calls.

    And that Zeller sucked on the boards.

    And we didn’t make more 3’s.

  25. Diehard, Chet-
    “I’ve got to give better effort.”-Zeller
    “Vic, um um, it wasn’t one of his better games, and there is room for improvement…”-Crean
    “We had a lot of errors and a lot of miscommunications and things like that…”- Oladipo

    Wow, looks like the players are big boys and they understand criticism, some fans on hear clearly are more cheerleaders ‘ra ra ra IU!’ than the ‘knowledgeable fan base’ that IU bball supposedly has.

  26. Dear HT, that’s a 30 pt differential, in case you need a new calculator.

    & to iulongago…you are correct, we’ll play more quality teams from here. And on any night, anything can happen. We could be THAT team where Roth hits 7 3s in a tourney game & we beat a UK or UNC or Duke or ??? Or someone else could “go off” for 20 or 30.

    That’s how we made it to the final vs. Maryland. We get the right match-ups, play the better game, get hot, & then who knows! That’s what makes March special.

    Proud of the guys today, they played hard & just got beat. I’ll take that every night.

  27. You can’t have your starting (VO) guard go 3 for 20 over the last two games & expect to win in a tournament. I like the kid but he needs to step it up, he didn’t get fouled on everyone of those 17 missed shots.

  28. Wilson isn’t the 1st unheralded player this season make us all go (?) with his 3 point performance against us. A player from Iowa did, the kid from Ohio state who averaged 6 points a game killed us and a player in the 1st Gopher game also lit us up.

  29. Class act fellows name calling, filthy language,etc, We just got beat and we can blame who ever you want,but we are not a very good defensive team. Maybe next year.Geoff we need to wash your mouth out,I think it shows your true character.

  30. Chet is Geoff’s language acceptable to you? I feel bad that we lost,but its a game, we will survive.

  31. Do people really get offended by swearing? That is funny to me…

    I can’t stand the live discussion because by the time your comment rolls thru it is obsolete, and if it’s longer than 6 words there is no time to read them before they scroll off the page… Ergo I make in-game comments in the permanent thread.

    I believe that comment with the swears was made right after Wilson made his 4th 3-ptr. If you weren’t swearing at your TV at that moment you’re either a nun or you’re not an IU fan.

  32. Yes I do in this format,if you said those things in front of my wife I’d slap the crap out of you.

  33. I am not a nun and I actually went to IU not some obscure junior college in Kansas. I quit swearing at officials, players and television sets a long time ago. I believe they call that growing up.

  34. Swearing is just part of the language. Been part of mine for decades and no one yet has whipped my ass. If you do not like it, skip over it as if it was a food you do not like. This is a sports blog not a tea room.

  35. It’s official – i’ll give my special game analysis just for you… Here’s what happened:

    We came out in a zone and UW made 5 quick 3’s… We made the appropriate adjustment and went to man, which was effective on every single player except Rob Wilson. The rest of the team shot 16-40 (40%).

    Here are some fun Wilson facts:

    – he had hit a total of 15 three-pointers in the previous 31 games this season, and a total of 27 in his 4 year career.
    – last season Mr. Wilson was 1-17 (6%) from 3-pt range
    – The 30 points scored by Wilson yesterday represents just over 10% of his career point total
    – it also represents 25% of his season total
    – Wilson grew 4 inches in yesterday’s game from 6’4″ to 6’8″

    Tough to game plan or stop a guy that can pull that off…

  36. + 3 of our other losses have happened under those very same circumstances, some obscure roster name that doesn’t play much has a career game. How the hell can you game plan for that?

  37. I’m sure your wife has heard a swear before. I bet she’s even sworn herself!

    Are you a misogynist Elmo?

  38. I love how Clarion tells Elmo to “skip over” his posts if he doesn’t like them yet cries 24/7 about my posts instead of skipping over them.


  39. Some call it growing up… Some call it losing passion…

    Either way I know a lot of very mature, successful, kind, and even gentle people that swear. I have seen Buddhists that are basically placid in all other circumstances reduced to ranting, finger-giving, sailors during IU games – especially those being reffed by Ted Valentine.

    Enjoy your percieved grown up attitude… I know I enjoy it. It’s a constant source of hypocrisy and entertainment.

  40. Laffed-At I do not cry about your posts. Nothing you do could drive me into 24/7 action, so quit attempting to flatter yourself. I merely point out how hysterical or inconsequential your rants are to everything but occasional off color humor. Please don’t stop as you are good for a laugh every 11-12 days.

  41. Soft – no one is arguing the comments you quoted in post #28. I’m sure we all agree that it wasn’t one of Vic’s better games or that it wasn’t Cody’s best effort.

    However, those of us that still cling to sanity don’t extrapolate from those comments that Vic and Zeller are “soft”

    Is Donald Trump a foolish investor because he once went bankrupt?

    Is Stephen King a crappy writer because Duma Key hasn’t been made into a USA movie yet?

    Is Peyton Manning not a gamer because he once threw 4 interceptions and had a 35 QB rating against the Pats in an AFC Championship game?

    NO. And quit trying to equate our players as soft because they didn’t play very single game at 100% efficiency and effectiveness.

  42. Wow, just wow. I barely visit the Scoop for a couple days and it suddenly becomes more civil on here than a couple grade school girls in a slap-fest.

    It’s very difficult for me to face the facts, but I truly was the primary filthy-tongued troublemaker in Dustin’s sanctuary of blogging choir boys.


  43. That should tell you something, Hamas Hillbilly.

    In all my 12 years or so on the net, you’re one of the most vulgar people I’ve met online.

    And easily the most thin-skinned..

  44. ^ Nice one Ge-off, now wipe the foam from the side of your mouth and sit down… no more Lift-Off for you.

  45. Dustin I want to apologize for my recent blogs I stooped to someone’s else’s level and for that I.”m sorry. There is a difference between swearing and vulgar talk though some can’t see the difference. I feel like you should remove them from the blog and clean it up,some people show their true colors at times.

  46. Elmo – regardless of whether you’re talking about me or not I just to get this on the record…. You consider people who use swear words to be bad people?

    If you want you can even clarify that it depends on circumstance, setting, context, etc…

    Also, what is the difference between swearing and vulgar talk? Can you clarify so we understand your definitions?

  47. Your the smart one you know the difference or maybe you don’t.The “f” word is one word my children never heard me say nor did I put it in print for everuone on the blog to read Does that mean I never said the word ,no, but not as you have used it. Shows a little loss of self-control on your part,but you are king of the blog so its ok for you.

  48. I have never complained about language or personal attacks or anything else on this blog. It is almost impossible to offend me, especially with words…

    That’s great that you don’t swear around your kids, but I don’t see it being a big deal. People swear in real life. People lose control in real life. Moms, wives, presidents, CEO’s, and even priests occassionally swear and lose control. coaches and players swear all the time… That’s kinda my background, so sorry if those habits are hard to break. (Izzo and Coach K swear like pirates…)

    I never said I was perfect, nor do I want to be. I am not regretful or apologetic about my behavior on this site. If Dustin thinks something I’ve written here is offensive or over the line he can easily go back and erase it. I wouldn’t be offended. He can always shoot me an email and ask me to tone it down if he wants.

    But generally I think my posts are pretty mundane, and certainly not imflammatory, so I probably get the benefit of the doubt when I make an occasional outburst. Especially one made in the heat of competition.

    Personally I think anyone who is offended by language is “soft”… Just my thoughts.

  49. Elmo – vulgarity, like beauty, art, or pornography, is in the eye of the beholder. Clearly what one person finds offensive may not be to millions of others.

    Not sure why you would expect me to be able to define something that even the Supreme Court cannot.

  50. Geoff of course you are always right,you must be related to Rush Limbaugh on loan from God. I,m only going to comment on basketball from this point on.

  51. Definitely the first time I’ve ever been compared to Limbaugh…

    I would venture to guess that the only things we have in common are gender and race.

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