1. Could these announcers be sucking VCU’s #%€¥ any harder?

    That was a brutal call on Watford. He didn’t not foul on that 3, and the ref clearly blew his whistle before Watford even reach the shooter… Brutal.

  2. Well so far the refs are terrible. Ticky tack BS on IU and no calls against VCU. 7 to 2 FTA… Cool since they have shot 12 3’s already to our 5… Brutal.

  3. Holy CRAP! jordy gets called for closing a guy out!!! They trap and pressure and nothing out on the perimeter. Unbelievable…

  4. Currently, in the first half this does not look good….In a game like this Elston should never take a 3 unless the clock is running out…that just plays into VCU’s hand…rather Elston should look for Roth…Horrible call on Will because his elbow did not touch the other players chin…Will’s arm right above the elbow grazed the other players chin…+ if refs are going to call thatthen they need to call VCU on touch files…IU has to nuetralize…Thank you Watford!

  5. 1) refs should be fired at half time
    2) IU should be awarded 2 FT’s and the ball coming out of the half
    3) the NCAA should invoke a spirit of the law versus the letter of the law statement immediately
    4) the “top-down” guys should be f#%king fired tomorrow

  6. I love how Lavin says the refs are gonna be fired or not be able to ref the tournament next year if they don’t make that call, when I saw the refs review 2 much more obvious situations yesterday and let them go. And Digger was applauding them for it…

    Finally Barkley and The Jet got something right – that rule and that call is a complete embarrassment.

  7. Zeller needs to be tougher on defense this half. He has no fouls, so there should be no more drop-step lay-ups for that pu$$y 7-footer Haley.

  8. That is so retarded. The defender reaches, hitting Jordy above the shoulder poking him in the eye, and yet that’s just a regular foul…. Yet when the defensive player crowds the offensive player taking away all the space the offensive player is no longer allowed to try to go by. Great effing rule NCAA, way to keep things in perspective and way to give a ridiculous advantage to the defender.

    Once again proving just how clueless an organization you are.

  9. this is not a game for a freshman guard with questionable ball handling skills. we are at a big disadvantage with abel in this game.

  10. VCU can play a running game better than IU + they are hitting shots and look more confident and fresh than IU does. IU is wearing down. VCU is making Victor look not so quick.

  11. And now you can push people into the backcourt without consequence…. VCU plays by a completely different set of rules than the entire rest of college basketball.

  12. The refs are literally blowing this game every single possession.

    There isn’t a single possession they get things right – not one.

  13. No foul on Zeller! All over him — their hands should be straight up and they are not.

  14. With some help from refs and IU gas in the tank running low…VCU feeling good with 3+ minutes to go…Hulls getting roughed up a little…not looking good for IU.

  15. Ok so they can intentionally push people around the court… That’s allowed… But we cant fall down in the open court… Cause that is a foul…. Oh sorry that his feet got tangled on a loose ball. Can’t have that type of unintentional contact go… We only let the grabbing, pushing, blocking, unverticality, and other intentional stuff go.

    The refs would be fired for NOT making the BS “intentional foul” but they can just be terrible the rest of the game with no consequence.

  16. THAT’S A FOUL?????

    SERIOUSLY! this is an embarrassment… Plain and simple. I’ve seen some bad reffing, but nothing ever approaching this.

    Ball don’t lie.

  17. Glad we have the lead, but why aren’t we holding for the last shot? Is that gonna bite us in the ass?

    Come on DEFENSE!


    Congrats to Twenty Seven Win Tom and his Gritty Gang!!!

  19. VCU was the type of team that we’ve struggled against for years. tall, athletic, hit 3s, physical, push&shove, turn us over….& we found a way to win it! Big, big kudos to these guys for stepping up and having the Will to win!!! Hulls was just awful & we still won. Zeller, CWat, Olidipo, & Will came through when it counted! Love this win, it came from the lower intestines.

    UK is gonna be pissed but we just played them in VCU. We should be prepared!

  20. Player-led team. Team effort. Our coaching severely lacking as always. Well-deserved win. Why does it feel like an upset though? Answer: sophomoric coaching. But it’s Indiana, baby! Our players can overcome anything. Hats off to this beautiful team. Now let’s beat Kentucky again!

  21. Wow… Atlanta is gonna be nuts. The two most loyal and passionate fan bases in college basketball going head to head and it’s a fairly easy drive considering the circumstances…

    Chet, Dustin, and whoever else is lucky enough to go – HAVE A BLAST!

  22. Got my tickets. I am in the A-T-L baby!!!

    As Jay Bilas said after the Syracuse/UNCA game, the ‘worst officiating in the history of the NCAA tournament’. Come on guys. After a foul on Will they got to the replay to see if they can change their own call. Really? REALLY?

    Shaka Smart and Tom Crean both coached brilliantly tonight. Talk about strategy and making adjustments. Let’s go, haters. Find something bad to say about the coaching job CTC did tonight.

    As far as UK, we have the only team in the tourney that KNOWS they can beat the Gnats.

  23. I never been more proud to be a member of the Hoosier Nation!

    Oh, I’ve been thrilled to witness IU win three NCAA championships in my lifetime, but I’ve never been more proud of IU basketball. What this team has accomplished this year is inspiring and gratifying beyond words.

    In spite of the worst refs I’ve seen in a long, long time, and some really sloppy play at times, IU persevered. Some how, and I’m still not sure how, they came out with a win. Is Cody Zeller the coolest, most composed freshmen basketball player ever? I kept watching his facial expressions and he never seemed to get rattled, upset or give any hint of concern. For that alone, he is a special player.

    IU might not win this year’s Championship, but they played like champions today. And these great young men re-established the IU standard for mental toughness, poise, team play and perseverance.

    What poetic justice that the victim of the dumbest interpretation of a rule I’ve ever seen made the game-winning shot. Congratulations to Will Sheehey for staying focused and overcoming the adversity of that ridiculous and horrific foul call before the end of the first half.

  24. At the beginning of the year, I would never thought that IU would make the NCAA. Now were going to the sweet 16. WOW this is unbelieveable !!! Coach Crean for Natl. Coach of the Year !!

  25. Way to go Hoosiers!!! Never been prouder to be an IU fan. What a fantastic comeback. Gave VCU some of their own (cheap ass b.s.) medicine: played good defense and held them to 4 points over the final 12 minutes of the game. 4. Points.

  26. Geoff, if there was more to say I would. Ditto your posts x 2. I would add I swore Burr, Valentine and Hightower were in stripes against us tonight. Crean did a marvelous job of getting the D to be the focus at the end of the game. Appropriate tune-up for #II against pUKe. Heineken, the 2nd of 6 ending in sweet dreams tonight.

  27. I’ve been a fan for 37 years. I saw the Scott May vs Kentucky game in ’75, saw Bobby Wilkerson get knocked unconscious in the ’76 championship, saw IU beat NC after Reagan got shot in ’81, saw Keith Smart in ’87, saw Jay Edwards beat Michigan in ’89, saw my all time favorite player (Calbert Cheaney) lead my all time favorite IU team to a final four (’92), saw IU’s best defensive team come within a few minutes of winning it all in 02. I consider this season to be among he greatest, most satisfying years of my life as a Hoosier fan. Kentucky can SUCK IT.

  28. I am 53 yrs old. Have been a Hoosier fan for 48 yrs. Have nothing against God. Why would Tom Crean (who is doing a fantastic job) insinuate that God had anything to do with the Hoosiers win over VCU? The Hoosier basketball players, under his direction won the game. To say that they won with the help of God demeans their accomplishment. Did not the other team also have God on their side?
    Let this be about our basketball. Even those who do not believe can play if they can make it in the hoop!

  29. Yep that’s my game diary right there for everyone to read… My emotional guts spilled out in the open for all to digest.

    Ugly at times? Sure thing, but it’s fun now (that we won) to go back and remember all the moments…

  30. Geoff: loved the agony of your posts! It’s such an exquisite pain to root for a college tournament team…turned he game off for several minutes tonight when aneurysm became likely, turned it back on just in time for sweet relief…

  31. Diehard, you articulated my feelings exactly. Well said.

    Lord of Happenstance, do you realize people are laughing at you for post #30? Are you really criticizing Tom Crean today? A “player-led team?” That comment, especially given its timing, is foolish in the extreme. Let me guess, you’re one of those contrarians, and proud of it, right?

    I am not going to write nasty things about you in response, but I will suggest that you have forfeited all credibility. My guess is that you’re used to that.

  32. Love LOVE LOVE that people like Doug Gottlieb are saying that VCU “shot themselves in the foot.” He explains that VCU held IU w/o a FG for 6:30 minutes in the second half, but does he forget that IU also HELD VCU to 4(!!!) points in the final 12:30 of the game? IU can play good defense too, Mr. Gottlieb. If that is VCU shooting themselves in the foot, then IU was shooting themselves in the foot the entire game (which I do not believe for a second).

  33. Player-led team. Because some coaches know the right players to pick. Others don’t, such as Bob Knight in his latter days at IU.

    I’ll take a coach that recruits player-led teams any day of the week, baby! ‘Nuff said!

  34. Hey keep the dismissive ness from the media coming…. It’s really a shame how much they are disrespecting IU. We are THE BEST story in college basketball this year, but because it’s “March Madness” you either have to be Duke, a #1 seed, or mid-major cinderalla to get any love…

    So yeah, idiots – I mean “experts” – keep on doubting, dismissing, and hating on the Hoosiers. Like Tommy Too Tan said, “thanks for the ammo.”

  35. I kind of like God in sports…let’s leave it to the emotion each of us feels. You want Him in? put him in. Don’t want Him? see His name…walk on by. Personally, I think He is walking around heaven slapping high fives and wearing a huge ‘HOOSIER IN HEAVEN-SWEET 16’ sweat shirt!

  36. Love to see the chip on Crean’s shoulder during the post game interview. He deserves to do and say anything he wants & credit whoever he wants because he entered a nuclear disaster and has cleaned it up. To credit God is his prerogative because he surely prayed to God 100s of times these last 4 years. I know I have and I’m 2000 mi. from B-town.

    WE ARE OFFICIALLY BACK America! Get used to it!

  37. Unbelievable win.

    Lady Luck came wearing crimson. I wanted so badly to put VCU at the line for two free throws instead of the chance to win on a last second three.

    Watford not NBA material?..MY ASS!! Can this at least put an end to those that claim the guy’s heart isn’t in it?
    Shut the F**K UP!

    Shaka was the guy out-coached in this one. His team played conservatively in the last 7 minutes and milked shot clock. It saved our butt. VCU appeared to be one connecting jab from putting us on the canvas and, instead, they played to not lose.

    The flagrant against Sheehey was Seth Davis inspired.

    Remy? More balls than a gumball machine.

    Jordy? He was abused. He was frustrated. He was bitch slapped. PUPPIES!! PUPPIES!! Where are my PUPPIES?!!! He was given the Lord’s grace to not be the kid facing an entire off-season of ridicule and disgrace. Holy s*#t did Crean get in his face! It couldn’t have been scripted better. Hulls has a lot of anger to bring down to Atlanta and a fire against Kentucky shall serve these memories to erase.


  38. Could someone explain two things to me. First, the “flagrant” foul on Sheehey was called *after* another foul. That is, the game had moved on. By what rule can the officials “review” a foul that was not called in the first place? I’ve never, ever seen that happen. And if they can do that, when does the time run out for doing that? Could the officials have decided at some point in the 2nd half that they’d call the “flagrant” foul on Sheehey?

    The second question is why, oh why, up 2 points with 12+ seconds to go, did Crean not tell his players to foul–delicately, of course–but to foul. It reduces to practically 0 the probability of losing in regulation time. And by not fouling, you leave open two serious chances of losing: the three, which almost when in, or a two and a foul for a three-point play. The foul seems to me to be the much, much smarter play–especially with Reddic already fouled out and VCU’s shots almost uniformly falling short, which means to me that they were really, really tired. But maybe I have the calculation wrong. Any ideas?

    Great that the guys won, overcoming 22 or so turnovers and some really bad decisions. They are so much fun to watch. I just think that the coaching decision not to foul exposed them needlessly to losing.

  39. Hey, pray however much you want. I’m fine fine with it. I just credit the guys on the floor. I don’t know (and don’t care) what their affiliation is.

    Hindus vs. Buddists. Who has the best perimeter D?

  40. Trying to buy tickets for Atlanta…anyone know how to figure out which bench the Hoosiers are gonna be on?


    Hoo hoo hoo Hoosiers!!!!

  41. Am I allowed to quote JW Casey on Inside the Hall? OK.
    And I quote ” I just took a hugh Seth Davis but forgot to wipe my Gollieb. ” Unquote..

  42. To your point HfH, CWat has been on a complete mission since the Iowa debacle. The kid has played his rear off & overcome a slump by changing his shot (more follow through) and he’s been an animal on the boards. I give him all the credit because he’s changed this teams fortunes.

    I’m going to enjoy this win all week and start sweating UK about next Fri. at noon. This win and this team need to be celebrated. Coach needs to give them 2 days off, heal, recoup, sleep, & let them relish this win. They have an NBA team coming up.

  43. Was it not RMK who recruited Fife, Odle, Coverdale and Moye in his latter days at IU. Those players took MD kicking and screaming to the NC game.

    HfH, Fine post. I yield to the mature play of CW. He more than any Hoosier on the team has improved the most this season.

    It kind of looks like the MWC champs are in as much jeopardy as the WAC champs found themselves in. Astonishing!

  44. Anyone got anything on the bench situation? I’m definitely going but dont want to sit behind the UK bench. There are tix behind both and want to make sure I get the right ones before they sell out….

    Any insight?

  45. I second post #52 by Jackie. When will they arrive home? I know that this town wants to show just how proud of them we are!

  46. Great win for the Hoosiers. That was a very tough VCU squad. The matchup earlier in the year was phenomenal with Kentucky. We controlled a lot of that game. I don’t think we are going to be doormats in this one. I really believe we can do it twice. This team has something special about them. No matter what happens… In my mind this year will be dubbed “The Movement”. Next years recruits will just compliment what we already are.
    Go Hoosiers!!!!

  47. HofH…your comment on Watford, inspired; your analysis of Hulls very, very fair and on spot. I was glad CTC got rabid, I was about to call the airlines and get a flight to Portland (PDX), go to the hotel and say something.

    I repeat, Jordan Hulls needs to have some fun with this game or give it up. Basketball absolutely can not be made to be painful. He looks like a cut from the movie “Raging Bull”, with Robert DeNiro playing point guard.

    Have fun Jordy…next week, the very first time you cross the midcourt; take the ball and throw it up into the second balcony and fall down laughing. Or after the first time the ref calls elbowing on Sheehey; run to the ref, get in your defensive stand and guard the ref wherever he goes.

  48. If I ever see Kelvin Sampson in person I’m going to abuse him & so should everyone else. What a disgrace to Indiana basketball. Douche! Say what you all want about Coach Crean, but the man has class, dedication, resolve, energy, and passion. Fred Glass did a great thing by extending his contract last year. Hope Crean sticks around until I’m planted. This train is on its historical track and there are even BIGGER things ahead!

    And how about Mike Davis, apparently not good enough for UAB either? By the way, where are Robert Vaden & Armon Bassett these days?

    Whoops, my ex-lax is kicking in, gotta go take a kentucky.

  49. 22 TOs was waaaaayyyy too many (vs. their 13?) but we out rebounded them by 14 per the ESPN stats. That equaled out the possession war & kept us in this game. And we got to the line to balance their 3s.

  50. They also shot more FT’s AWinAZ, which is part of the ridiculous reffing job tonight… Got to love it when the less aggressive offensive team, who shot 30 3-pt shots, and also happens to be an incredibly physical defensive team, is rewarded with MORE free throws… Makes all kinds of sense

  51. Geoff, I often really enjoy some of your observations and comments and end up toying with the numbers in different ways (tonight it was fun to contrast guard play by the numbers, isolating them). So…often you bring in good stuff to look at.

    But…you do so much to undo yourself and the value of analysis you obviously work at with the too often simplistic ‘it’s the ref’ and your overemphasis. There are good calls, there are bad calls, there are horrid call and then there may even be (once in a while) a terrorist action…but, there is no plan, the law of random returns takes over and I have yet to see it overturned or violated as part of an evil plot to overturn democracy and the well being of Hoosier basketball or Maine lobster trapping.

    I have a new theory…Jordan Hull is nervous because he reads all your comments about what men in stripes do to young, impressionable post-puberty point guards. Please, please…stay with the great in your analysis and get rid of the part that yells “Rape!” every time the whistle blows. You can actually teach a lot of how to watch this game when you leave the conspiratorial to the side.

  52. Tsao – cant do it in the moment man sorry. That’s why I always do my analysis after watching the game a second time, so I can digest the emotion and turn my attention to the nuances or numbers.

    Just like you say there are good calls and bad calls, horrid games and terrorist acts, refs have good games, bad games, horrid games, etc. last night was a horrid game IMO for the refs. It was also a horrible night for the NCAA rule committee or whoever put that ridiculous rule in place. They were completely exposed. Not only did it invoke enormous criticism from every talking head out there for being foolish, but it also unnecessarily disrupted the game, and gave the advantage to the team who should have been disadvantaged. You will also never be able to convince me that they committed only 3 more fouls than us.

    I certainly do not think there is a conspiracy against IU – not from the refs, not from the media, not from the NCAA. I’ve scoffed at people on here before about insinuating anti-Hoosier conspiracies. I don’t think last night was a conspiracy, I think it was a travesty of officiating. It happens. I thought that the Nebraska game was a bad game for the officials. I thought that the first UW game was poorly officiated. And I thought last night took the cake – probably more because of the one Flagrant 1 call that set me off and the stakes of the game – I’m not sure that it was actually worse than the others. I thought the reffing was just fine in our losses at MSU, OSU, UM, Minn, and the B1G tourney loss.

    I also thought that the first OSU game was poorly officiated – IN OUR FAVOR – and it led to us winning the game. I was bashed by Harvard for a month for saying so…

    There are a lot of games that aren’t close enough for officiating to matter. There are others where the refs do a great job. Maybe I should lead my analysis with a quick one-liner saying, “Great job by the refs tonight, now let’s dig into the game…” then you, and anyone else who thinks I just blame the refs when things don’t go our way will realize I actually only go there when it’s true.

    That being said… I am about to sit and watch the game again right now. I think I am going to look at Hulls and his decision making, but maybe I’ll also get into other things. If theres anything you’d like me to take a closer look at feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to oblige.

    I’ll make a promise to you – even though it would be really easy to do, I won’t chronicle every call I thought the refs blew. More because it would be 20 times longer than this current post than because I’m worried about it discrediting me.

  53. Maybe not conspiratorial, but when the media is dominated by analysts with east coast and west coast roots, I tend to think they have a certain disrespect/slight at Indiana Basketball.

    Our fine university attracts from sea to shining sea, but once the desired diploma is in hand, it’s move out quickly the backward Hoosier land. Geoff, I love your thoughts and basketball analysis, but I think your tone often takes on that same belittling perspective. Your heart goes back to attachments your college days, but I sense an underlying mockery at the same time.

    I also believe much of the abuse JPat received on this blog was rooted in arrogance and the bullying was filled with a desire to prove some sort of intellectual superiority. Why should he have a valid opinion when he is such a simple soul happy to remain in Bloomington and a lifetime of weekends at Nick’s?

    Lastly, my “bashing” of your opinion to give the IU game to OSU had nothing to do with officiating. You didn’t give the Hoosiers one iota of chance in winning the game and I believed they had a very good chance. This team was pegged as a ‘next year squad’ from the opening weeks. Why can’t you be honest instead of always spinning and rewinding to confirm some feeling of grand supremacy in opinion a game we all love. I’ve never understood why basketball, or any form of sports analysis, is treated any differently than an artist with a canvas. The beauty of the game does not necessarily need more layers of paint from thick amateurs splashing it on with thick tongues. More paint and more experience standing under the rim doesn’t make it a van Gogh.

  54. Harvard For Hillbillies,

    I agree 100% with your theory about JPat. I thought that while there was no cussing or name calling the treatment that he received was totally unjustified. Bravo to you for saying so!

  55. Every person on the tube (except Jim Boe-whine) insisted the reffing in the UNCA/Syracuse game was abysmal.

    As Goeff said, they have bad games, too.

  56. TTG: harsh comments on Hulls considering he just came off the performance of the previous game. Sure, tough outing this time but hey, no one hits all their shots in every game, period. VCU & it’s tactics were a tough fit for Hulls, had a bad game, we win and move on.

    Have some fun? Ya don’t think he enjoyed the previous game?

  57. Last great player-driven IU team: 2002. All of them recruited by Coach Knight so Steve in Ottawa: you’re way off again!

    It’s easier for Crean to recruit at Indiana than it is for Alford to recruit at New Mexico. I think Alford did a good job again this year. His team missed a lot of shots last night.

    Crean on the other hand drew that beauty of of a pass from Darius Theus to Will Sheehey. Wow, just wow! Unless you tell me Darius Theus was recruited by Tom Crean specifically for a play like this I still say most of our guys are here because of the national banners brought in by Knight. So in some sense they’re still Knight’s players no matter how much this will aggravate you.

    OK buddy?

  58. You’ve govern me crap for a lot of things Harvard. I wasn’t going to list all of them… But you also gave me crap for saying that the refs gave IU that OSU game. Sorry I wasn’t specific enough for ya.

    I do often have a mocking and superior tone… Learned it from my brother who’s Mensa and is a master tutor for the Princeton Review.

    Sorry. There was certainly nothing less than authentic emotion in my in-game posts last night. Thought I’d try to make you happy by not always being super-analytical, but now you’re just gonna hit me for something new…. That’s cool Harvard, I still got your back.

  59. About the 2002 team: Recruited by Knight, and doomed for another first or second round flame-out under his stewardship… Luckily, all they needed was some fresh enthusiasm, and they flourished; even someone like Mike Davis, faults and all, was better than a grumpy old man who couldn’t stay within double digits of Pepperdine…

    As for Alford he simply needs to construct a more player-driven team so that they don’t have to rely on his coaching – we’ve seen what that leads to. Good coaches are like good parents. They build independent children. Coach-driven players are like children who live at home until they are 30.

  60. It’s always so refreshing when the brother of a MENSA member graces us with his presence. Then, he blames his arrogant and obnxious attitude on his brother’s genius. My guess is Geoff’s brother is no genius, we know that Geoff’s no basketball genius. How’s the word wannabe fit Geoff?

  61. Geoff… you’re fine, just fine. More than most you are able to look at critique and respond rationally and productively with positive observations. Especially when you think about it. My advice, when they throw doo-doo, ignore it; just let if fly by and do what you do. They live off their insecurity and, then, your response. Take away the response and they have to call their mom.

    Knight used to have an unwritten rule. When you received a pass, you had to count to ‘one-one thousand’, the time the brain needed to understand the image the eyes were seeing and the optic nerves transmitting. I now apply it to understanding most stimuli, even entire games.

    I do agree that the call on Sheehey was a pretty terrible call. I’m still not convinced there was any contact (saw absolutely no gesture nor skin movement on the defender-none). The call certainly had an impact way beyond the play itself. (We were down two and rather than tying it up we went to -7 after the sequence). I did warch the ref, especially the blonde haired one who was more than eager to establish his ‘rule’ (remember at one point he chases TC back to the bench). But…even so and as obnoxious and pathetic as he was…he didn’t win or lose the game.

    On the other hand (and in response to Larry), I too enjoyed Hull’s game against New Mexico State but Hulls has to understand that the impact of his ‘mood swings’ knock you out forever in the NCAA Tournament and yesterday (which had absolutely nothing to do with the previous night nor any of the other 24+ wins and 7 losses) took the team and his team mates right to the edge. You can’t just ‘say’ one-at-a-time.

    And, ‘being a leader’ is not just a phrase nor can it be reduced to that. If you want to be one.

  62. Knight did NOT have any such rule, prove that he did! You tell other folks to prove their source, you prove yours.

  63. As for Alford he simply needs to construct a more player-driven team so that they don’t have to rely on his coaching

    I hope he reads this blog to share in some of your brilliance.

  64. If Coach Crean and players want to pray and thank God, fine. Those who do not like genuine prayer and have not tried it are not capable of rational comment.

  65. If not for the belief that he is almighty I wonder how long Tom Crean’s fascination with God would last.

  66. It’s official. He sure did…with the motion offense and constant movement and Knight’s insistence that you ‘read involve constant cuts, he required that as the ball moved from one side to another (another rule was that unless you had seen something specific, like a successful pick, if you made a pass to one side, the next pass had to go towards the opposite side to force the defense to react). But, because of the movement, the constant motion and the constant cutting, screening, etc he wanted the individual who received the pass to take a mental count of ‘one/one-thousand upon receiving the ball to create an instant’s pause to ‘read the floor’ (a huge basic concept in his offense).

    You are welcome to ask him, any of his assistants or the players I’m sure you could write his network and probably get an answer). I specifically remember a conversation about this with him and the reasoning he offered behind it. Then, if you’d like, send in a post with his answer.

    One more thing “It’s Official”; he also had private rules about not suffering fools and/or insecure people. You could ask him about that and ask him which category you might fit. Have a nice day.

  67. You are the suffering fool and/or insecure person, not me. Look in the mirror, you and Chet drove JPat away from this blog wit nothing more than your statements of “fact”. I happen to know him, do you?

  68. “…and Knight’s insistence that you ‘read involve constant cuts…” should be “…and Knight’s insistence that you ‘read’ the movement on the floor, involving constant cuts…”

    Do remember that ‘movement’ in the motion offense did not just involve little 4-foot cuts, it meant move to the opposite side of the floor, cut, receive, pass (towards the opposite side from which you had received the pass), move to the opposite side of the floor, set a pick, cut,.. You can also watch games from those days and actually see this at work, including the instan’t ‘pause’ in the passes.

  69. Absolutely, quite well (both he and Pat)… and with some frequency.

    BTW, no regrets whatsoever for having taken a stand against unsubstantiated rumors and old-lady backyard gossip/cackle about coaches’ personal habits and attacks on their personal character. Would do it again faster than ‘one/one-thousand’. That’s Official.

  70. So, just because you say you know Knight makes it true? You are the individual that may need to grow up. I know you can read because I have kept it at your level.

  71. I can hear the Crean haters little heads exploding all around.

    Exploding is too strong a word. They just make a little popping sound.

  72. I was just kidding. There is only one head exploding as all the anti Crean post are obviously by the same loser.

  73. I don’t know if I had anything to do with JPat no longer posting but I’m with TTG. His unsubstantiated assault on a man’s character was vulgar. I would say the same thing had Kevin Wilson made a public attack on JPat’s reputation without providing substantiation. If he left because he was called on it I just hope the door didn’t hit him on the way out.

  74. Turns out I just fell asleep with my headphones on. Sorry. False alarm! My ears were popping, due to the vacuum between them.

  75. Obviously that’s a wannabe and not me. Same one guy who is dissing CTC.

    I’m sorry life has done such a number on you but if using my name makes you feel like more of a person, go ahead and do it. I’ve got plenty of things in my life. Use my name if you’re that needy.

  76. Geoff-

    Just wanted to say I’m sorry. My comments were unwarranted. You’ve been a fabulous contributor on this blog and a great fan of IU hoops.

    I know you’ve said how much coaching was a dream of yours, but I think you could also be one hell of a sportswriter. You’re an excellent communicator and paired up with your huge background, passion, and breadth your understanding the intricacies of the game(from statistical to coaching aspects), I could see you being very successful in the profession.

    You’re smart as all hell and I’m sure you understand most my throwing sticks is immature jealously wrapped around a heart that really likes you.

    And in defense of Hulls, I only have this to say.

  77. I hope JPat is enjoying the wonderful ride this Hoosier basketball team has taken us. I hope he’s happy and his family is well. This misfit of twisted emotions will never believe he did anything more egregious than most of us have done at some point on this blog. The contempt directed at VJ(yes, I took part)..the mockery of Crean(yours truly included)…the condemning of kid’s futures before they’re allowed to fill the shoes their own destiny…the lumping of young men that played for Sampson as all drug addicts and thugs. The list is endless.

    If JPat was called out, then why in the hell do the rest of us get a free meal ticket? I’ll say no more. It’s our imperfections we should cherish and we should be willing to forgive and forget a decent man.

  78. Wow, thanks Harv…

    I do work for the company that owns About 3/4 of all the “big” newspapers in the state. Maybe I’ll go over to the Portland Press Herald Editor and see if they have any volunteer work for me to do. Don’t want to be paid for it… All those union employees seem to be really unhappy and on edge.

    Have a great week everyone. It’s a wonderful week to be a Hoosier!

  79. Really enjoyed the Randy Newman. Neil Young just made my stupid guitar picking fingers jealous.

    It’s too bad JPat quit posting but, despite what you wrote, I don’t recall you making such specific accusations about an individual (calling someone a poopie-head is not the same).

    Now, if you specifically wrote that Jordy was doing meth with Beyonce at Kilroy’s on Tuesday I’d expect you to provide us a little more evidence.

    That’s the difference.

    Picking up my buddy with the tickets to the A-T-L on Thursday. Last time we got together we watched the Cannucks play the Bruins with a bunch of Canadians in Vancouver, BC.

  80. Maybe third time’s a charm….

    Anyone know anything about bench assignments yet? I’m gonna buy tickets today and there are seats open behind each bench. Going by myself so I can pay to be low.

    I just don’t want to be surrounded by blue.

    Thanks in advance.

  81. J Savage, In one of the threads Geoff mentioned trying IU’s SID who is inside the AD’s office. Also a call to the Atlanta Dome ticket office might reveal where to find that info. Wear crimson, holler loud, offer Kleenex to the weeping pUKes, have a blast and celebrate with Heineken.

  82. Check….check….check……and………..check.

    You’ll probably be able to hear me from Bloomington. I’m a transplant who now lives in S.C. and I haven’t gotten to see the candystripes in a few years.

    It makes my hair stand on end just thinking about it.

    I’m just worried I might run out of Kleenex.

    Thanks, Clarion.

  83. It took IU getting to the Sweet 16 to get the IU commentators in this forum to start acting like Boiler commentators on their newspaper!

    As of 4pm yesterday there were only 4 comments in the bb forum and 0 on the 2 newspaper articles main page.

  84. Geoff, why don’t you just take this blog for yourself,you remind me of a young robin all mouth and full of s—. you don’t enjoy ball games you just like to bitch about something. Get a life.

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