1. Best half of basketball we’ve played this year. We own the boards & have fed the post 3 times for buckets.

  2. Expectations officially exceeded….24-7….& beat pu twice! Let’s make some more noise boys!

  3. Good game. Senior night part – thanks BTN- was moving. F’ing allergies must have hit me all of a suddent.

  4. I thought Watford was “pathetic” tonight. He’s pretty much been “pathetic” all season long. Any of Seth Davis’ favorite players from Duke would eat the kid alive. Sure, he looked good against Purdue tonight, but he’s basically “pathetic” at the game of basketball.

    Did I mention that Seth Davis is a Coach K worshiper?…Did I mention that Coach K is a Knight worshiper? So what’s the big surprise the Davis would put words to print that hate on IU players?

  5. Once again, I’ve been CWat’s critic in the bad losses. But the young man has played 3 solid games in a row. It is clear that we go as he goes so I hope he keeps it up and continues to rebound like he has.

    I loved the big blocks tonight by Zeller, Olidipo, Jones, CWat……

    & I love Robbie Hummel. The kid is a class act. I’m glad to see him go to the NBA…finally.

  6. You know, the basketball world should be thankful to IU for beating Ky. Somebody had to do it.

  7. So, if we beat Minny at home and Nebraska on the road, we are in a four-way tie for Big Ten Championship. If we manage to beat Iowa on the road, we win it outright. So close. So damn close.

  8. To think, If Indiana wouldn’t have lost to three bottom feeding teams in the big 10 (Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa) they would have won the outright big 10 title this year.

  9. …but we split with OSU, Sparty, Michigan, swept Purdue, beat ND, Kentucky, NC State, Butler.

    This has been the best regular season since ’76 IMHO.

  10. To think… If IU had just played better against Maryland in 2002 we’d be 6-time national champs… So close.

    We were 12-20 last year, and now we’re 24-7 and go 5-4 against PU, OSU, UM, UW, and MSU and people are bringing up our losses…

    Riiiiiiight cause you expected us to go 27-4 this year, win the B1G, and be a #1 seed in the Big Dance, and now you’re just pissed that the Hoosiers couldn’t meet your expectations.

    Why are you lamenting when we just made history and are playing as well, if not the best, we’ve played all year?


  11. 18 total 3 pointers made tonight. I wonder if that could in any way be a record for a game between 2 in-state rivals?


  12. Right there with you Geoff! Some of these people will never get it! Just feed off of negitivity! Every team gives away a game or two throughout the season.The main thing is how they respond to the loss!Outstanding season todate and we are not done! At least I.U. bounced back after a loss and continued to get better! Great team win,CTC had them ready to play. Now avoid the letdown and get Penn State,it’s tough to beat anybody three times in the same year.Sheehey might finally be healthy,have to give Watford some props as well as Jordy.Dipo just took all he could get, he was monster on the boards!Thank you seniors for hanging in!Lots of respect for Robbie Hummel, class act!

  13. Personally, I’d rather see the team suffer a few mid season letdowns and finish strong than have them whimper out at the end like the Sampson/Dakich team did. It’s all about the finish, right?

  14. This is a wonderful win to cap a wonderful season. Now the postseason should be the team’s focus. If they play like they have the last few games (excepting the game at Iowa), they can win some games.

    Thank you very much to the players who’ve been here for four years. I remember thinking to myself that perhaps by the time you completed your eligibility, IU would be back on track. It was hard to keep that faith at times. But now it’s happened, and I’m proud of each of you and thankful for the fact that you stuck it out during the worst of times. Those days are now past, and it’s time to extend your careers as much as possible!

    A thank you also to Robbie Hummel–even though you played for our biggest rival, real basketball fans respect you, your game and the fact that you battled back from two major injuries to have a complete and successful senior year. I’ve enjoyed watching you play and hope that you find success in the future.

    Go Hoosiers!!!!!

  15. It is about time a Big Ten turnament championship banner is hung in the Hall! It would be the FIRST, and fitting for this Sinor class.

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