Michigan State-IU women at Big Ten tourney

Indiana allows a season-high 97 points and absorbs its eighth loss of 20 points or more this season. SPARTANS 97, HOOSIERS 68

3:53: Less than four minutes left in the Indiana women’s basketball season. SPARTANS 86, HOOSIERS 55

7:38: Well, the MSU lead is 34, so the only drama left is whether the Spartans hit the century mark. SPARTANS 79, HOOSIERS 45

11:57: Yeah, OK, pencil Michigan State into Friday’s quarterfinals against Purdue. With the Spartans 8-of-12 from the field this half, five of them 3s, it’s lights out for Indiana. SPARTANS 66, HOOSIERS 40

15:58: MSU already with three 3s this half, matching its first-half total to lead by as many as 22. Indiana can’t afford to trade 2s for 3s at this point. SPARTANS 54, HOOSIERS 34

Indiana got within 10, Michigan State went up 14. IU got within 11, Michigan State pushed the lead back to 15. Quaneisha McCurty with 10 points and Alisha Goodwin 9 points to accounty for 73 percent of the IU offense. Hoosiers shoot just 36 percent and commit nine turnovers. MSU shoots 44 percent with seven turnovers. SPARTANS 41, HOOSIERS 26

3:31: Michigan State lead peaked at 17, but Indiana on a 6-0 run and shooting free throws out of the break. Alisha Goodwin with 8 points, Quaneisha McCurty 5 for IU. SPARTANS 31, HOOSIERS 20

7:39: Quaneisha McCurty a spark off the bench with a three-point play and a block, but Indiana simply struggling to get stops as Michigan State is 10-of-21 from the field. SPARTANS 28, HOOSIERS 14

11:14: Indiana forces a couple turnovers to get back into it at 8-7, but Michigan State responds with a 10-0 run, including a pair of 3s, and suddenly this game could get away from IU very quickly. SPARTANS 18, HOOSIERS 7

15:48: Not the start you wanted if you were Indiana. Turnovers on the first two possessions and three overall, 0-of-4 from the field and Sasha Chaplin missed a free throw, snapping a streak of 30 straight makes — fourth-best in IU history. SPARTANS 6, HOOSIERS 1

I’m courtside at Bankers Life Fieldhouse for the Big Ten Women’s Basketball Tournament, where 12th-seeded Indiana will take on fifth-seeded Michigan State in the final game of the day. The winner gets fourth-seeded Purdue in the late game Friday night.

It’s been a tough season for the Hoosiers (6-23), who will look to the spring the upset against a Spartan team that enters having won seven of its last eight games. Indiana has won just once since Big Ten play started, that victory coming one week ago against Wisconsin. If the Hoosiers don’t win tonight, the most pressing question of the off-season becomes the future of head coach Felisha Legette-Jack, who received a two-year contract extension last summer but is 15-43 the past two years and is wrapping up a third straight losing season.

We’ll see if IU can postpone that topic for at least another day with a win. Updates here and on Twitter. Expected tip time approximately 8:30.


  1. Watched the game, more of the same. It was embarressing! yes, Michigan St. is a very good team but, they are not 30 points better than our poorly coached team! Fred Glass has done a really good job as AD except for extending this women’s contract! How in the world you can justify this is beyond me, her record has deteriorated over the last three years and you extend her contract, what is Mr. Glass thinking? This University deserves better! How can you defend keeping this coach here when the record continues to deteriorate each year? Get us a REAL coach! Where is the pride?

  2. Just adds another nail, in fact maybe 2, with the 2nd bringing the finale. Look down the top 40 teams in the women’s BB of 2012 and there is a number of coaches that can be lured for a few dollars more to succeed in the fertile BB soil of Indiana.

  3. Yep. It’s just a matter of priorities. How important is women’s basketball to the AD? My wife went to UT and the women’s program brought in more $ than the men’s.

  4. Chet, The net cost here has to be very little. With a buyout of the current contract spread over a 2 year span, we agree the upside to increased revenue is there for the earning. It is damn near free. AD Glass is a meat eater, even if one using polite etiquette who wants to oversee a golden era of IU athletics. No way he passes up adding to the paid in box with very little leaving the box labeled paid out. Priorities will prevail.

  5. I feel bad for coach Legette-Jack, she appears to be a decent person, truly concerned about her players. Still, the entire point of this period under the leadership of AD Glass is to create an environment of competitiveness in all IU sports, men and women. It is important that standards be set across the board and accountability be expected of all who represent the Hoosiers.

    One expectation is that however it is handled, it be handled with respect for Coach Leggette-Jack and, if necessary as AD Glass move forward,he insure that the coach heading the program have the vision and resources (personal and institutional) to achieve the goals that form our expectations.

  6. If a decision isn’t made before the summer I think it is likely she will stay. A decision should be made immediately, right? Recruiting is non stop, especially at this time of the year with schools going to playoffs, sectionals, etc. It would continue to hurt next years team if she is allowed to recruit and sign mediocre players. I wonder what the protocol is for firing a coach. Do they stay through the school year or leave immediately. How did that go with Lynch? So Jeremy do you think the public will hear something sooner than later? Should it be assumed that she will be here another year?

  7. i’m sure Coach Jack is a fine person(Davis,Lynch) but she is in way over her head n the B1G. it’s time to move on and get someone to bring excitement back to the program.

  8. I think last night spelled the end of Coach Jack’s career in Bloomington, which to me is a shame. Last summer my son played on a baseball team with her son, that her husband helped coach. All of them are wonderful people.

    I was a first hand witness to all the work that Coach Jack put in, missing games, showing up late, and spending most of them going back and forth from being a Coach & recruiter (on her phone with potential recruits, constantly) to being a mom cheering on her son. I cna personally attest that she was constantly working trying to help the basketball team.

    With that said, what she is doing is obviously not getting the results that are needed to keep her job as head coach. You hate to see people lose their jobs, especially someone who you know is a great person and a hard worker. Just like Bill Lynch, she has had her chance to build the program and it appears as if it has went the wrong direction in the future. I wish her nothing but luck from here on out, if she is retained or let go.

  9. Also, the nature of the women’s game has changed. Maybe not so much on the court but certainly at the box office. There is money to be made these days. It is a transitional time. Even Tennessee and UConn lose games now. People pay to see the games.
    I love women’s athletics (if you’ve never been to a collegiate volleyball game you only have yourself to blame). I think HC hit it on the head. AD Glass won’t sit on his hands.

  10. Jeremy –
    It would be insightful to know if the contract extension really was written with any additional costs to the university in terms of termination costs. Glass might have extended the contract to help with recruiting but not put anything in the contract to cost the university anything for termination. You would have to request and compare contract language. Personally, I think it merits a review by the paper to see how Glass is managing the Athletic Dept. Otherwise it made no sense to extend her and the performance this year shows that

  11. Mike P. – I agree completely with your statement.

    Concerning attendance:

    For 2011

    The Big 10 was 2nd in the national rankings after the Big 12.IU ranked 9th in the Big 10. Purdue led with 7628 while IU averaged 2433.

    One other piece of information. For 2011 at Tennessee, the women led the nation at 12,537. The Tennessee men averaged 18,952. The women aren’t dominating like the past and the men were doing better.

  12. Charles,
    I will go back and look at the extension terminology, but by the very term extension, it usually is the same as the original contract, which states that IU must pay the base salary in case of termination, or the difference between the base salary and, if she should get a new job, her salary there if it is less.

  13. Coach Jack is a short-termer. It’s just a matter of time and the amount of money the Athletic Department has to spend. If Glass has the cash to pay her severance and hire another coach, she’s gone in a matter of weeks. If not, they’ll suffer through another year. You can make the argument that to spend good money after bad when the budget is tight is foolish, especially for a program that has not made any money for years. Or you can see it as, the team is an embarrassment and fixing it is worth the cash required to change the coach right now and begin pursuing the program’s upside potential.

    I’ve got to believe IU can attract a top quality coach. And I’ve got to believe the fans would turn out and support women’s basketball if the team gives them something to get excited about. This has got to be a thorn in the AD’s side. Time to remove it.

    Why we’re talking IU women’s sports, they need to fire the women’s soccer coach as well. Why is that mediocre guy still drawing a pay check?

  14. If Glass waits past the weekend, Coach Jack will remain for another season. Illinois has fired their coach already and IU will be behind in their search for a replacement.

  15. I have to agree with Mike P.; my daughter has attended Coach Jack’s summer camps; Coach Jack is a wonderful person and has always treated my daughter and our family like family.

    Coach Jack is a hard worker and I believe she knows the game; unfortunately that has not translated to the court the last couple of seasons in particular. I have watched games and been disappointed in the team’s play as many of you have.

    I do believe that the late Mr. Cook thought highly of Coach Jack and perhaps he has influenced Fred Glass RE Coach Jack. Whatever decision is made, I truly wish Coach Jack the best; and if she stays another season; I wish her a true point guard, more maturity from her retuning players, better fundamentals, fewer turnovers and better shooting, and that the players truly adopt Coach Jack’s work ethic!

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