1. Well, this ain’t right. Jones deserves his time in a for-real NCAA tournament game, and it will be just plain wrong if he doesn’t get it.

  2. These kinds of freak injuries happen when your frame is designed for 160 lbs and you add 40-45 lbs for the rigors of B1G basketball… I feel bad for Verdell that he’ll miss the rest of the season but at least he was a major part of this season, would’ve been even worse had this injury happened in November or December.

  3. I cant believe they ran the vacuum while you guys were enlightening us! What manners they have??

  4. Wow, I was really skinny as a HS senior and was still 6′ 155… Isn’t Verdell a legit 6’4″ without shoes?

  5. It’s really neither here nor there, but the way it happened kinds of adds to the frustration he must feel. If there was a collision or his hyper-extended or whatnot, you could point to that, but to just apparently land wrong during an ordinary everday step is weird. Just bad luck. I’ve seen it before, but not very often. No way to defend against that, just hope it doesn’t happe, but it did. As far as X amount of weight on a certain sized frame, I don’t think that mattered in this case. It probably would’ve happened before now if that was the culprit. As for the team going forward-I must choose my words carefully, I don;t think this is a CRUCIAL blow, but it certainly doesn’t help considering they may play 4 games in 4 days. On the other hand, I.U.’s starters play amoungst the fewest MPG in the big , so they are somewhat well equipped to withstand such an injury. The mental damage of losing a leader like VJ3 is a greater concern, but hopefully he can still lead from the bench.

  6. If you don’t feel bad for Verdell there’s something wrong with you. He really was, IMHO, playing his best team ball as a Hoosier. I hope he at least gets a chance to be on the floor for a few moments at the Big Dance. He has earned it.

    Watching his injury it reminded me of when I snapped an achilles tendon. I asked the doctor if there was anything I could have done to prevent it and he said no. With my activity level it was just the weak link and it was probably going to happen some day. Maybe that was the case with Verdell’s knee. Who knows?

    I feel really bad for him.

  7. A Tale of Two Seasons:

    Last year, the blogs were slobbering over Brad Stevens, attributing his back to back championship game appearances to nothing but the sheer brilliance of his coaching. Similarly, the same bloggers were calling for Crean’s head, attributing the team’s poor record to nothing but Crean’s sheer ineptitude as a coach: too many time outs, too tan, etc.

    Fast forward one year. One team gets Cody Zeller, the other doesn’t.

    Suddenly, Crean is on the verge of winning more games than any Hoosier coach in a season since 1992-3. Stevens, on the other hand, will be in the NIT.

    Maybe its a little bit more about the players – and a little bit less about the coaches – than we though.

  8. The loss of Hummell last year might have very well cost them a National Championship. Jones’ loss this year is significant but this is not a championship caliber team by any stretch of the imagination.

  9. No doubt it’s about the players. Players win games. Coaches lose them. (Coaches who don’t select the players that can win games, that is, or can’t recruit them.) I think Crean did OK this season. We only lost seven. We could have lost fewer. But we will win more. Can the Hoosiers get to 30 wins this season? Don’t mind (or don’t be surprised) if they do!

  10. Bob, that’s hilarious. You could have hung that banner next to all the others that you could have won if only the Boilers didn’t suck every year.

    You guys must have a “Could Have Hall of Fame.”

  11. With Hummel Purdue would have won it all last year? Sure. They have zero championships, and it would have stayed that way. Nice try, though

  12. Post # 9 what is wrong with the NIT may I ask? It’s a premier competition for college basketball. It’s very prestigious. It’s very tough. It’s where the Washington Huskies go to play!

  13. Well, Big Bob, in addition to being without Jones we are also without Maurice Creek, who, but for a truly outrageous string of injuries, might well be an All-America calibe player at this point.

    And as for injuries costing championships, you don’t want to go there on an IU fan board. Injuries to Scott May in 1975 and Alan Henderson in 1992 derailed far better teams than Purdue was last year, and the tragic injury suffered by Landon Turner in 1981, along with the then-rare early exit for the NBA by Isiah Thomas, cost an IU team that had already won a championship a chance at a second. Hummel’s injuries have been costly, but you’ll get no sympathy from us.

  14. Rico, good to have you back. You seem wiser and happier.

    Yes, the Huskies deserve the NIT this year, they stunk it up against some pretty bad teams. But Romar did a great job with a young group, won 20 games, and still got PAC 10 COY ( not that that says much this year). Not bad for an off year.

  15. Crean is the best recruiter. He could have recruited the same players especially Zeller at Rice or even New Mexico. For those who don’t believe it I hope one day he will get the chance to prove it.

  16. Just heard that it is a torn ACL for VJIII. Come on boys rally around your senior leader and win this tourney for him. Go Hoosiers!

  17. Big Bob I know you are a fan of IU’s little brother but please keep it in some reality. This years IU team is every bit as talented and has a chance to be more successful than any team PUke could claim with a healthy RH. Porkchop had a good class with RH but had nothing much to offer the year before or after that class to make them NC capable. By the way I hope you attended the last IU/PUke game so you got to see what multiple NC banners look like. Did you have camera phone?

  18. Rico, you really freak me out with these reasonable intelligent posts.

    Strangely enough, I’m glad to see you back, too.

  19. Hye Big Bob,m I think you totally missed the point of these posts & the article. VJ has endured a tremendous amount of adversity the past 3 years with this team. He had the perseverance to make it to this year & experience such an outstanding team performance, bottom line, regardless of how his over all season went (and it wasn’t bad) he does not deserve this at this point of the season, period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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