1. The 2002 Duke vs IU game:

    Dane Fife put Williams at the line by fouling on a three. The Hoosiers had a 4 point lead with only seconds remaining when Williams put up the shot. After coming back from 17 points down against the #1 team in the country, it was nearly thrown away by the dumbest damn foul in the history of the NCAA tournament. Moye blocked Boozers attempt off the rebound of the missed, potentially game-tying, free throw. A put-back by Boozer could have won the game for Duke.

    Moye was awesome and clutch throughout the game. The kid had a heart of a champion. Duke was prepared to key on Jeffries to stymie any chance the Hoosiers hopes getting back in the game, but Mike Davis did a masterful coaching job and made halftime adjustments to free Jarrad Odle on the inside in the opening minutes of the second half. Five straight buckets by Odle(the real unsung hero of the game) rallied the entire team and fueled the unbelievable second half comeback.

  2. Ryan’s hair is anything but lagging. It looks as if it proudly withstood nearly being sucked into a jet engine.

  3. Harvard – most people make this mistake. The Moye block happened earlier in the game. Jeffries nearly gave it away by letting Boozer get position and the put-back wich missed, Newton grabbed the final rebound.

    Still one of the wildest finishes.

  4. Sorry, Harvard, but Fife’s foul no longe counts as even the second dumbest foul in the history of the tournament. In last year’s Pittsburgh/Butler game, Butler lead 70-69 with just 1.4 seconds left. Inexplicably, Shelvin Mack ran into a Pittsburgh player at half court, leading to two free throws. The Pittsburgh player made the first free throw to tie the game, but missed the second. In what counts as the most unbelieveable mistake I have ever seen an athlete make — worse by far than Chris Weber’s time out — a Pittsburgh player then fouled Matt Howard on the rebound, roughly 90 feet from the basket and with just .8 seconds left. Hayward made one, intentionally missed the second, and Butler left with the greatest gift ever given in the tournament. Fife’s foul was bad, but nothing like those.

  5. As I recall Boozer was stripped going up for the shot. Dukie fans were screaming for the non-existent foul. Had Williams hit the free throw, as expected, then Fife’s foul probably would have gone down as the dumbest foul in NCAA tournament history. Geez, fouling a guy shooting a three with a four point lead in the waning seconds. Really Dane?

    Don’t you imagine in the timeout everyone was saying, “Whatever you do, don’t foul”?

  6. Boozer wasn’t exactly stripped, Jeffries got a hand on it but Boozer got off an errant putback. I do not believe there was a foul committed but it was a situation that could have went either way.

    To expect Williams to hit the foul shot was a stretch, the announcers stated he was a miserable free throw shooter.

    the announcer on 2 separate occasions claimed Newton committed the foul, clearly that was wrong.

  7. I’m sure you’re right. I recalled him as being a good shooter (which is why he took the last shot). I didn’t remember his free throw issues.

  8. Here’s a good YouTube highlight reel of the game. Don Fischer’s radio broadcast is inserted for the final minutes. If you don’t have time for the whole clip, it’s worth watching the last minute or so just to listen to “Fish” going nuts.

    throwball- You’re right. Funny how my memory failed me and I had wrongly recollected Moye getting in on the last play to block Boozer’s shot off the missed free throw from Williams. I was at the game which makes it even more inexcusable I messed that one up. I lucked out getting tickets..I called Rupp Arena’s ticket office the morning after the Hoosiers victory in the second round. After many attempts and busy signals, I finally got connected with this nice old lady..Talked a few minutes and joked around with her. She put me on hold and came back to tell me she had found my requested three tickets.

    I do know that I’ll never attend a better college basketball game. I had a Duke fan behind me screaming “ALL DAY LONG!” directly into my ear for every bucket Boozer would sink in the first half. When the Hoosiers started making their miraculous comeback in the second half, I returned the favor by sarcastically screaming his “ALL DAY LONG!” at the top of my lungs. I got so into it that my wife and kid were frightened of the crazy man that dragged them to Lexington. My kid became a Hoosier fan for life after that game.

  9. I have the Duke game on tape & the Kent State game if anyone remembers that game. The raining of 3’s was phenomenal!! Hitting the 1st 8 shots, 7 of those 3’s, hitting their 1st 8 3’s, Stan Heath coached Kent State, he took some serious blows the 1st half altho IU let the lead dwindle in the 2nd half to a 12 or 14 pt W instead of the 20 pt lead in 1st half.

  10. Williams was just in the right spot to get the last shot, the last shot was (should have been)from another Duke player from the wing, it bounced off & Williams got the only choice left was a hail mary basically.

  11. Hmm…Hoosiers were a phenomenal perimeter shooting team that year. Thinking back at that Duke game, I’m disappointed in myself. I should have been more clever to counter that Dukie chanting “ALL DAY LONG!” when Boozer would score and have his way inside..When Fife would score with a timely ripping of the nets with a 3-point shot, I could have chanted….


  12. I remember on the last second putback it was very close to a foul. At the end of that game you can see Coach K (his last name means cross-ish) about murder the refs with his eyes. After the game I remember someone asking either Moye or Jeffries if they fouled him and they just smiled. May this year be a magical repeat, 10 years later.

  13. That was a tough loss to stomach. Lots of really easy calls blown and that’s not an opinion. The announcers discussed them at length.

  14. To be honest I can’t claim to be a UNCA fan. I teach at one of their rivals, but I do cheer for any local team at The Dance.

  15. I remember that game, as it was my senior year at IU, though I was student teaching away from campus then. I got to hear the last seconds on the radio in my mom’s care. I remember running around my grandparents’ yard screaming like a nut job when the game was over. I ended up missing two days of student teaching to go back to Bloomington for for the National Title game!!!!

  16. Anyone see the short clip of Coach K all over one of the male Duke cheer leaders that was about to kill one of the refs as they were leaving the floor?

    It was Daniel Ewing who fired the 1st 3 shot from the wing that missed, resulting in a long rebound & then the Williams 3 shot.

  17. Just for further remembrance, that Duke team had 5 NBA players. Ridiculously talented, but they were all perimeter players except Boozer. Jeffries had 24/15, and Odle had 15/5.

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