1. Great season by you guys too. You also rose to the occasion!

    Thanks for great reporting.

  2. Our two best defenders(Zeller and Oladipo) getting two fouls a piece before 10 minutes elapsed into the contest changed the entire complexion of the game. Cody is obviously our best line of defense in the paint and Victor is our defense against penetration(to go along with his ability to do the same on offense).

    Kentucky has athletes top-to-bottom and having one of their thoroughbreds in foul trouble did not have the same effect the many minutes the Hoosiers had to go without two very important components a line of defense against the drives to the basket.

    The huge free throw discrepancy was due to the ease Kentucky was getting to the basket. In addition to Cody and Victor having valuable minutes on the floor taken away to protect against 3rd fouls, their total effectiveness when on the court was still hampered while forced to play more conservatively in their offensive and defensive approaches to game. Cody and Victor combined for 47 minutes playing time(Cody-27, Victor-20). Kentucky was able to capitalize with the superior athletes during many those absences our best size and athleticism. Limiting the effectiveness of two players that have been key for the Hoosiers strong surge the latter part of the season put us behind the eight ball. And let’s not forget our best perimeter shooter and floor general, Jordy Hulls, had two fouls in the first five minutes of the game.

    Watford’s tremendous performance kept us close, but the uneasiness never left my gut that it not was going to be enough to get us over the hump. Hindsight always the best sight, but I wish Crean would have pulled Oladipo immediately from the floor after his third foul..In a matter of a few ticks off the clock he gets a cheap fourth one out of sheer frustration and as they say….”that was that.”

    Hell of a job keeping it close tonight. A great group of young men that proved so many doubters wrong this year. Very proud of the Hoosiers. We couldn’t have had a season more rewarding and entertaining. I’m just sad it had to end.

    Big thanks to Dustin, Ryan, and Zach Osterman for all their dedication and fairness in covering the Hoosiers.

  3. One last thing..Watford not NBA material? MY PATHETIC ASS!! An entire NBA team from Lexington couldn’t stop him.

  4. I’m going to miss this team.

    27-9. Sweet Sixteen. Exciting basketball. Pride. Good students. Fine young men. Couldn’t ask for more.

    Thanks, Dustin and Ryan for your excellent coverage.

  5. The Hoosier basketball team is a class act as well as a great team. Congratulations to these men who played their hearts out and showed the nation that our program and our coaches are the greatest. Job well done. Looking forward to next season and the guys winning it all. Go Hoosiers!

  6. Love the tone in the forum this morning. I think everyone really connected with this bunch. These are the teams you never forget. Something truly special.

    For what it’s worth I think the turning point in the game last night was Pritchard’s missed dunk. Would have given us a 6 point lead and some crazy momentum. Instead, it turned into a quick layup and momentum back to UK.

  7. HT you mean the missed dunk and the foul that was’t called? Have to agree. It slipped away after that.

  8. These young ballers are to be admired. I think it was Elston in his 1st year saying that his class wanted to get IU back to prominence. They have succeeded in spades. But if I am going to tip my hat it has to be to Coach Crean for organizing a top staff, tireless, successful recruiting and outstanding teaching and coaching. NO regrets, NONE. COY!!

  9. Harvard had a good point about Pritchard’s missed dunk, I had forgotten about it. That was a changing point but mine was the moment Zeller got his 2nd foul within :15. IU is far more damaged with Zeller on the bench than KY was without Davis. I was only able to listen to Don & from what I could tell on radio Zeller was eating Davis up in those 1st few minutes & the minutes in the 2nd half.

    This team was not freaked by the mythical powers of KY whatsoever!!!!

    Fill that weak spot when Cody’s on the bench or even sharing some time together by the recruits coming in, this team is Final Four material next year!!!

  10. Agree with HT and thought the exact same thing last night when it happened. I love and admire Pritchard for his dedication, his work ethic, his perseverance, his unselfishness and his incredible heart.

    Watching him miss that dunk was painful and I think it kind of took the wind out of IU’s sails for a while. But Pritchard will go on to be a successful man and IU basketball will go with more talented athletes. But the Hoosier Nation should never forget the contribution that Pritchard and his classmates made to IU basketball, or the way they represented IU. Everyone in the Hoosier Nation should hold Pritchard and his classmates in the highest regard and remember their contributions for helping IU BB climb back to the top of college basketball.

  11. Aside from winning the game, if there is one thing I would rather have differently it would be Pritchard making that dunk. He deserves that memory for all the work he has put in for IU.

    They may have lost the game, but I bet they made some recruiting a whole lot easier.

    This was a truly great team that I am sure we will all remember. IU basketball is out of the wilderness. The future is bright.

    Thanks to Dustin and Ryan and anyone else with a hand in this web site. It certainly has enhanced my IU basketball experience.

  12. Thanks guys for the coverage and the forum for sharing our passion. It was an interesting year, watching a these fine young men grow together and become a team. Up until the Iowa game these guys often reverted to selfish basketball, especially when they got leads. But that game was a clear turning point. Watford really stepped it up & I give him the utmost credit for fueling this fine run at that point. He stopped being inconsistent, rebounded the ball and let things come to him to score. Too bad Jones went down, but it led to more exploitation of Olidipo’s speed and athleticism. I give Coach credit for that move. And we got to see more Remy Abell, a kid many of us saw all year long as being a needed player with minutes. He got those and played admirably even last night against college basketball’s best. Hulls continued to step up and hit big, big shots. And Cody was the anchor that made all other things work, because he has to be accounted for.

    Coach Crean & the staff, including Cheaney, should be proud of what they accomplished with this group. They made them a real team, and a team that just took off post-midway in the Big 10 season. They just got better which was great to see for a change. In fact it hadn’t been seen since 2002 to be exact. And it was missing in Knight’s final 5 years too. THAT was the joy in this team & the staff brought it out of them.

    I’m proud as I’ve ever been to be an IU fan. Even in AZ, people are commenting about how IU is better and feared now again & I’ve had numerous friends from around the country telling me that college Bball is a better place with IU in it.

    Let’s all be as great as fans as these guys are a program and not resort to the BS that comes from the other low-class, cheating programs around this sport. And let’s party like rock stars when we get this W back when UK forfeits it in a few years.

  13. I echo all the comments on the great coverage. My brother (a non grad but huge IU fan) love this site and your hard work is much appreciated.

    As for this team — they have nothing to be ashamed of — what a season is right. They are rejuvenated the Hoosier nation — they were exciting and dynamic to watch. What heart, dedication and talent. Next year will be even better.

    As for KY – so they beat us — they cannot erase December’s win. And they will all RUN to NBA — no loyalty to school, fans or program. We don’t want that — so good luck to them — hope Baylor takes it to them. As for Calipari — he’s a cheater. Even us Bulls fans are disgusted by D. Rose cheating — my issue is how does he get away with it (UMASS and Memphis) and continue to coach in NCAA. The rules need to coach directed as well as program.

    But back to our team — so proud of them and us as a school. We’ve got the right guy and a great group returning and “the movement” coming in next year. I smell banners a plenty in our future!

  14. Great season and valiant effort last night. The Hoosiers are back and Coach Crean deserves a lot of credit for that. Big shout out to our seniors, thanks to our returners and welcome to the kids coming in. I’m wearing shades as I write this!!

    Thanks to you guys at the Scoop too. Your efforts are appreciated.

  15. Some comments after re-watching first half, and watching some plays slow motion.
    Davis’s second foul was minimal compared to his “no-foul” a couple minutes before which could have had him on the bench with 2 fouls at the 17 min mark. Cody’s 2 first half fouls, which occured very quickly after Davis went to the bench, were pitiful Nothings but obvious “make-ups”. The trouble with the foul inequity started during the first 2 minutes. UK, especially Kidd-Girlcrist, went through screens with elbows/forearms first with more force than a Kentucky football player. He pushed Cody back 2 feet with one, but no call. When Victoror and Will protected themselves on a couple of screens, they were called for illegal screens.
    Pritchard’s missed dunk sure looked like a foul, with obvious body contact. Then at the other end, Roth gets pushed to the floor and Pritchard gets called for a foul that could easily have been a charge. A big Momentum swing.
    Cream and staff need to be commended for a great game strategy. We corralled most of the future NBA players with Kentucky uniforms, but the “surprise” opponents, and how UK capitalized, were just too much!
    Loved this team! Great season and look forward to many great years to come. Very proud of our Hoosiers, players and coaches.

  16. big ups to coach crean and his “mighty men”! thanks for a great season.

    thanks to dustin and ryan, too.

  17. Whats the deal with the guy in the back at the 4:15ish mark? Did you guys forget to feed him? lol

  18. I have a question. With the success that this team had this year, does anyone think that an assistant coach or two will be looked at for a head coaching job next year? I guess the bright side of one leaving would be that Calbert could officially be listed as an assistant coach and really get into the development of this team. Also, I think Watford will test the NBA waters. I can see him throw his name out there, but not hire an agent. If his name comes up as a lottery pick, he has to go. That is guaranteed money and you have to take it when you get that chance. However, I don’t think he will be listed as a potential lottery pick. There is some pretty good talent coming out this year just in the senior class that would drop him to late first early second. At that point, he needs to come back, elevate his game even more with help from Calbert, and move into the lottery that way.

  19. I thought anywhere in the first round was guaranteed money, not just a lottery pick.

    I could see him testing the waters.

    If he comes back, I’m putting $100 down on us winning it all.


    He is currently projected to not be drafted at all. And all of the services and lists I have looking at have been updated this month, if not this week…


    Are you guys on crazy pills or do only pay attn to IU basketball, maybe a little bit of the college landscape, and then pretend that pro ball doesnt exist?

    He is rated about the 15th best SF prospect and about the 25-30th best prospect in the jr class. Maybe the meth fumes from the KY fans trolling here have affected your brains.


  21. Laffy you are correct. Anywhere in the first round is guaranteed money.

    The rules are much stricter now on testing the draft waters, so we’ll know pretty quickly what he plans on doing.

  22. I don’t believe Watford will test the waters. Considering what these guys have went thru & the last cog in this wheel put in place for next year to win it all, they have made a commitment to each other to stick it out!

  23. In the past, didn’t they have like 3 months or so to “test the waters” and now it’s something like 3 weeks?

  24. In honor of two of our favorite bloggers (Geoff & HfH) I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little analysis on CWat. First off, I eliminated all sub-par opponents and stuck with what I would consider legitimate teams from BCS conferences.

    Overall he averaged 12 pts & 6 rebounds per game, hardly an NBA-worthy resume. Even his father was quoted as saying he was going to take a look at the NBA in the latest news reports. After what happened to Verdell, I think he may take a harder look to be honest.

    In the “BCS games” he averaged 13 pts. & 6 Rebounds with a std. dev. of 6.3 & 2.9, respectively.
    After @ Iowa, he averaged 16.1 pts. and 7.1 rebounds with a std. dev. of 5.2 & 3.5 respectively. Now THAT is a more worthy NBA resume. Question is, can he do it in a 35 game season (NCAA in 2012-3) or an 82+ game NBA season?

    To HfH, indeed he “stepped it up” and became more dependable after the horrific loss at Iowa where he had 1 pt. and 4 rebounds. To my points, well documented on this blog site, he turned around. The stats prove it; more pts & rebounds/game with less variation after Iowa.

    In our Ws against BCS opponents, he averaged 13.8 pts & 6.5 Rb with a std. dev. of 4.8 & 2.9. Again, proving he had better performance and less variability in our Ws.

    In our Ls against BCS opponents, he averaged 12.4 pts. & 5.3 Rb with a std. dev. of 9.5 & 3.0. This shows that in the Ls, he was more inconsistent with lesser performance.

    (Geoff, I figured you would appreciate such analysis.)

    I’d love to see him come back and play with the passion he displayed post-Iowa. I’ll take that CWat over the other, far inferior version that plagued our Ls.

  25. I very much appreciated it. Good stuff.

    Listen, I’m not posting the anti-NBA talk because I don’t like Watford or think he’s a good player or think he couldn’t hold down a chair next to an assistant coach at the next level….

    I’m posting it because that’s how NBA execs feel… And that’s what matters. If he was getting any buzz whatsoever Chad Ford would know it. That guy is a tireless worker with unparalleled access. The fact that he isn’t in Ford’s top 100 means that no one is even talking about him. so it’s either the biggest poker-face job of all time or he isn’t considered a NBA talent. There is absolutely no incentive for teams not to discuss him anonymously… He isn’t a 18-yr-old foreign player hiding under the radar.

    Personally I think Watford has an offensive skill set similar to Rashard Lewis. Which is a blessing and a curse. He is also just a touch slower than Lewis. I don’t think teams would be worried about putting Watford on the floor for offense – he could contribute and knock down open shots – its on the defensive end where they would be frightened.

    One of the other issues is he doesn’t have any upside. He is what he is. He’s a 21-yr-old JR. He’s trapped in his body. It’s great to be 6’9″, but if your gonna be a perimeter player you better have some explosion, quickness, or be an absolute ELITE shooter. Watford is none of those things.

  26. Let’s go with what Geoff is saying..Let’s write Watford off as having any chance at playing in the NBA. Were any of you geniuses on this blog around the beginning of the season? Were any of you visiting this site last year? There were more than a handful of visitors on Scoop claiming Watford was a loafer and had no heart invested in the game. Quit attempting to distract with the “hate” argument. It has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with unrelenting doubt..There were numerous people on this website claiming Watford didn’t even have the ability to play at the Big 10 level..There were posts that claimed he would be no use to the Hoosiers team next year because far better talent was on the way.

    I remained firm in my stance that Christian was being severely unappreciated; a very skilled and versatile player and a guy I thought plenty skilled with tons of heart that would prove his value before all was said and told THIS VERY SEASON. Outside of my lofty delusions his skills, there was also a bigger collective doubt infiltrating this blog. The demeaning evaluations and spit was being cast upon numerous Hoosiers. So please forgive me if I just can’t buy into some of the expert analysis, the evaluating of talent ready for the next level, when many of you discounted and couldn’t even recognize tournament-worthy talent wearing Hoosier uniforms that was plastered before your magnificent and deciphering eyes TWICE A WEEK for 4 months a college season!

    Most you bozos that live with your noses in stat books and wet yourself over anything some website guru puts in a top-100 list believed this year’s Hoosier team was only going to be marginally better than the previous year. The expectations were low becuase, other than Zeller, the talent evaluators from ESPN(and a few bloggers on here that know all things basketball and sniff through Seth Davis’ underwear drawer)all told us this was a “wait until next year” roster. Even by mid-season the doubters were stubbornly refusing my holding out a branch of belief in this team and, instead, desired to remains stuck in their simple evaluations and sinking in their quicksand of negativity…They continued to sell this team as a bunch of guys that would were nothing special; a hodgepodge team of mediocre D-1 players surrounded by a savior recruit.

    Don’t you dare attempt to now pin me in the corner over this NBA stuff. Big deal. I think Watford has an outside shot at playing in the next level. I should feel like the fool when Guys like AWinAz were acting like Watford wasn’t even worthy of being a f^&*king Hoosier and playing D-1 ball? Much of the same was said about Hulls. The Hoosiers had the final say and proved they did belong. What did the experts on this blog that sold Watford and his teammates short prove? They proved all those years saturated in the game of basketball were done in partnership with bong.

    Yeah, it’s all horribly delusional to think any NBA teams would have a look at Watford or Hulls. You guys actually have the nerve to be making fun of Harvard’s opinion when most of you losers thought this team didn’t belong on the floor with teams like OSU and Kentucky? What a bunch of tongue-twisting hypocrites. You dudes must be into the meth becuase you can’t even remember what the hell you wrote four months ago. You wrote these guys off the same way you’re endless abundance of bull$@#t chooses to write them off again in the rest of their tomorrows.

    How proud you must feel to experts about what will happen tomorrow from you’re ever-changing and readjusted new starting points. Today comes a new start line the genius race of predetermination becuase it’s sure as hell a lot more flattering to your egos than dare visiting a bit of the reality how far off you were what happened coming around the gravel track the last few months. From the evaluation vantage point where most of you started with Hulls and Watford(basically labeling them as well-intentioned decent young men only wearing cream and crimson for the purpose of filling space on our roster until the real talent arrives), the fact you’re even engaging in discussions their fortunes in NBA drafts and if they should be “testing waters” I find completely off-the-charts laughable.

    Big surprise they’re not good enough to play on the Charlotte Bobcats…Duh!… and Double Dan Dakich Duh! Most of you spent all year attempting to convince me to go suck your other Seth Davis thumb with you..Hell, Watford and Hulls weren’t good enough to hoist a championship trophy with you and your bunch of bald friends playing for all the marbles at the ‘Fat and Over Forty League’ down at the yacht club. Go ahead now…Go ahead and tell me how much you know about what it takes to play at the next level. I mean, you obviously knew so much about this level and these players. Sorry, I think the wind out your own a$$ is the only thing that’s pushing you around the track.. The lingering scent your own smell is all that makes you go around for a taste another lap. Get back up to that staring line and blow away.

  27. Dang, Harvard, getin’ all in our faces and s–t, going deep for Watford. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor???Hell no!

    This discussion has brought to my mind Evan Turner, the recent Ohio Sate star. No two players are identical, but there is some meaningful comparison to be made here. He and Watford are similar in size and skill set, and both came into college ranked in the top 50 or so of their classes. Turner was significantly more productive statistically throughout his college years, albeit on much better teams than Watford has played on. His junior year he averaged 20 points, 9 rebounds, and 6 assists, and was named first team all big ten, big ten player of the year, and first team all America, and won almost every national player of the year award. He then left early for the draft, and was taken second overall.

    Watford’s junior year, while very good in many ways, does not begin to compare to Turner’s: 12 points, 6 rebounds, 1 assist. He has had some wonderful, productive games, particularly against good teams, but he was AWOL at other times, and overall his contributions were good enough only for honorable mention all big ten (although he did make the all south regional team in the tournament).

    What is instructive here is that even though Turner is by all measures a superior player, he has been something of a bust in the pros. He is averaging roughly 8 points in 20 minutes for the 76ers, and is fighting for playing time with two guys I have never heard of. If Turner can barely hold on to a roster pot, then I doubt Watford is ready for the pros. He may well test the waters, and I certainly wish him well, but I see no indication he is in line for a draft pick this year. This is not hate, just my own sense of the matter. Watford would be great for our program next year, and I suspect another year of our program would be great for him as well.

  28. Harvard, I wasn’t one of the people dissing Hulls or Watford. I’ve defended them all year. The only stance I’ve taken against them is that they aren’t NBA players. But if you are an IU basketball fan then that shouldn’t really be a big concern while they still have eligibility.

    Chad Ford is not a “talent evaluator”. You can try to make it that simple, but it just proves you aren’t paying attn. He bases his list completely off the conversations he has with NBA executives – THE ONES WHO ARE IN CHARGE OF MAKING DRAFT SELECTIONS. He simply anonymously passes on their opinions on players.

    It doesn’t matter what anyone else in the world thinks if the people in charge of deciding your future don’t care about you.

    That is different than Seth Davis passing on anonymous information from other coaches because those coaches aren’t deciding Watford’s future.

    It is different from talking heads and “experts” picking against IU in the NCAA tourney, because they are trying to sell advertising, getting caught up in Cinderella stories, trying to predict upsets, and BOTTOM LINE their opinions have nothing to do with an outcome… They are just guessing.
    (and if they had to bet their houses on it I’m sure that many more would have gone with IU)

    NBA execs are essentially betting their homes on their draft picks. They take it very seriously. Their opinions matter when it comes to Watford’s future.

    I am proud that Watford is a Hoosier… Always have been. I love that he will probably be back on this team next year. This is not Watford hate or doubt.

    Sorry if it hurts your feelings.

  29. Seth Davis always has the worse bracket of almost anyone so anyone that pays attention to anything he says is a complete idiot.

  30. Harvard’s quote, “Let’s go with what Geoff is saying..Let’s write Watford off as having any chance at playing in the NBA. Were any of you geniuses on this blog around the beginning of the season? Were any of you visiting this site last year? There were more than a handful of visitors on Scoop claiming Watford was a loafer and had no heart invested in the game. Quit attempting to distract with the “hate” argument. It has nothing to do with hate and everything to do with unrelenting doubt..There were numerous people on this website claiming Watford didn’t even have the ability to play at the Big 10 level..There were posts that claimed he would be no use to the Hoosiers team next year because far better talent was on the way.”

    No, but I can think of one poster that ridiculed, shamed, ridiculed HUlls all season, hint, hint, hint!!!

  31. I guess you missed where Jordy got two quick fouls because he couldn’t keep up with his guy.

    He’s going to be the Roth next year: only seeing the floor when we NEED a 3.

    Especially if Creek is anywhere near being back.

  32. Laffy, I think you are right about Creek. He is the x-factor in all of this. If he comes back and can play like everyone thinks he can play, Jordy may be in trouble for playing time. If Creek had been healthy this season, Hulls would have seen less playing time than he had actually had this year. He wouldn’t have been a starter, but coming off the bench as a role player.

  33. I would love to see Watford back next year, but my gut feeling is that he’ll make the move to the next level. Our incoming recruiting class is strong and Christian will weigh his personal future with that in mind. After watching his huge flurry against VCU that put us back into the game late in the first half our second round game, and his strong performance against the Kentucky Colonels, Watford’s chances for serious consideration from the NBA boardrooms has never been higher.

    The way Kentucky completely dismantled Baylor had to open some eyes and bring awareness there were some highly skilled players on our Hoosier team that had been overlooked. On the big stage, in back-to-back games against the best the college game has to offer in terms the “elite of the elite” talent known for speed and athleticism, in moments when our team was teetering between staying in a game or letting it slip away, Watford was the guy they couldn’t find the answer. Watford was the guy they couldn’t stop. Watford was the guy the moment didn’t overwhelm. He proved he belonged on the same floor with the primetime locks that are destined to go high in the NBA draft. Watford excelled.

    Most believe the South Region was the most difficult bracket in the tournament. Was that assessment because IU was in it? Yet, on a roster most the pundits viewed as not deep enough in length and athleticism to even get past a New Mexico State, Watford ultimately finds his name included with the five top performers and officially recognized worthy an NCAA South Regional All-Tournament team. Watford is no longer unnoticed.

    When we didn’t have a point guard that had the wherewithal to bring the ball up against a beehive of VCU pressure, it was our 6-9 forward we had to turn to. In every instance a roadblock or a must score, Watford’s multifaceted game was called upon to carry us in this tournament.

    Geoff will soon be eating his words.

    Meanwhile, we take you live to the Tim Tebow press conference.

  34. Tebow is another fake Christian.

    He brags 24/7/365 how he “follows Jesus” when he’s a TOTAL liar.

    He said he had NO VOICE in going to the Jets over the Jags.

    Complete nonsense.

    The Jags offered a much better trade deal but Denver sent him to New york because that is where Tebow told them where he wanted to go.

    Nice job throwing Elway under the bus after he did you a favor by lying, Mr. “Christian.”

  35. This is where the problem lies Harvard… You think those are my words… I am NOT passing on MY opinion. I am passing on the opinion of the NBA people who are making the decision on Watford’s NBA draft status.

    You are are passing on your opinion based on his college performance.

    The 2 have very little to do with one another.

    What makes Chrisian Watford better than Kyle Singler?

    They are the same size. Have essentially the same skill set. They both played for successful college teams and on high-profile programs. They are both slightly below-average athletes for their position.

    Singler was more successful for longer. He led a team to a national championship. He was a McDonald’s All-American. He was a college All-American and first team all-ACC player. He was the Most Outstanding Player of the Final Four his Jr year…

    Singler didn’t get drafted by the NBA and is currently playing in Spain.

    Did Singler not have enough heart? Was there a conspiracy against him? ummm, no and no.

    His skill set for his size and athleticism doesn’t translate well to the NBA game. It doesn’t mean he isn’t a great basketball player and it doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great college player.

    About the only difference between Watford and Singler is that Singler is whiter and slightly better.

    What don’t you get about this?

  36. Sorry I meant to say he wasn’t drafted in the first round and is currently playing in Spain…

  37. What don’t you understand? I don’t care what opinion you’re passing on. Do you ever challenge those that feed your brain? I didn’t care about the experts that were writing the Hoosiers off and claiming they didn’t have enough skill to to be a 20+ win team. I didn’t care that experts like Geoff were writing them off on their home court against two teams we now see in the Final Four. The Hoosiers won when you and all the experts you follow felt with near certainly they would lose.

    Have you ever been anything but in agreement with the mirror? You’ve given no indication in finding any slimmest possibility to go contrary your flawless opinions found in your flawless sources.

    Challenge yourself to think outside the box. Let what the Hoosiers did this season serve as your example. The product our 2011-12 Hoosiers was far better becuase the parts were far better. When it comes to the Hoosiers. why is it’s always guys with heart and with everyone else it’s their NBA-worthy talent? Give me a fu#*ing break! If Steve Alford and DJ White could find slots on NBA teams, I’m gonna go out on a real tall tree with one hell of a long limb and say Christian Watford has an outside shot of making the climb. Live with it. If I’m correct, you’ll later twist it..If I’m delsusional, I’m the guy that lives with it.

    Those that feed their all-knowing perceptions by way of controlling the outlets of mass information to the robots were wrong about the Hoosiers. Did they get sent to the funny farm? Has Dustin been put in a straitjacket because only a short time ago he was calling a NCAA South Regional All-Tournament team forward as “pathetic.” We’re all wrong, Goeff. You can be wrong too. Of course you’d love to keep proving yourself right on the NBA subject because you were so damn completely off your many evaluations/expectations that broke the mold all your reliable facts and figures we’ve flushed down the toilet many times this year.

    No, the sources your NBA viewpoints regarding Watford have nothing to do with the same group of numbnuts that sold Watford and the Hoosiers short against the best college teams in the country.. So the hell what? They all use the same smart oil to anoint themselves when they’re making their lists and checking them twice. I don’t care. What the hell is your argument? Simply because your talking about a different source of “experts” makes them as flawless and reliable as Santa Claus telling me Rakeen Christmas is the next Julius Erving?

    I’ve gotta be me, Geoff. I believe Watford will find his way on an NBA roster. What don’t you get about this? Whether I’m right, or whether I’m wrong..

  38. Harvard, I know you’re smart enough to understand the difference between a prognosticator and a decision-maker…

    One makes guesses…

    The other makes decisions…

    I’m not not talking about “experts” (prognosticators) opinions. These people won’t be drafting anyone.

    I’m talking about decision-makers opinions. These people will be drafting NBA players.

    Why would I dismiss what they think? Why would I challenge it? They are the ones making the decision, and don’t care about what I have to say.

    Here is my “twist it” moment… It only takes one GM or exec to fall in love with a guy and draft him. So even if the other 29 teams think he’s a POS he could still get drafted. However, currently the only buzz about Watford’s draft status is on IU blogs.

    Alford had an elite skill – shooting.
    White has a defined position that is hard to fill in the league. He is also a reliable bench defender and rim protector.

    Neither player has had much of an NBA career.

    Guys like Watford are a dime a dozen. He isn’t an elite athlete, doesn’t have elite size, and doesn’t have an elite skill. He is average to below-average at everything the NBA looks for in a draft pick…

  39. No, Geoff, guys like you that tell tales of where other men will find the bar too high their dreams are “a dime a dozen.”

    I don’t here too many voices writing the finish line their own ambitions. What you do on here is the popular movement of the day. Close the door on others for the stage you never played…The bitterness in the tone of certainty flows from the arrogance and condescension in your voice as you watch from the bleachers what you never became.

    Let life play itself. Give the exception of labels and summations of predetermination, the right of any man, to explore his own worth as you would value the same fairness a less than hasty unequivocal jury and judgment.

  40. Maybe here’s another way you can look at it…

    If I went to my parents (4 great people…) and polled them on what albums they thought they may buy next month… And my mother said, “I was thinking about Miranda Lambert and maybe The newest Glee album.”. My step-father says, “Spandau Ballet and Iron Butterfly.” My step-mother says, “The new Adele album and Abbey Road.” and my father tells me,”Moody Blues Live!”

    Why would I believe that one of them would go out and buy LMFAO’s new joint? Even if I told them it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Even if all the “experts” and prognosticators said that it was gonna be one of the best albums of all time. I can tell you with a high degree of certainty that my parents aren’t going to buy the album.

    It doesn’t mean it isn’t a good piece of art. It just isn’t for them.

    Decision-makers make decisions. You should pay attention to what they have to say if you are trying to predict what they are going to do.

  41. I’m not limiting anyone’s dreams. I HOPE Watford has a fruitful NBA career. I think that would be great! I just pay attention to what is going on in the world and you live in a perpetual dream-state.

    I’d be interested to hear you poke a hole in my Singler theory/comparison… Did Singler just not dream big enough?

  42. Please tell me what specifically Watford does that will make him an NBA player.

    Why would he make a team?

    Please provide me a compelling reason(s) to believe your guess instead of what the front-office people in the NBA are saying..

  43. Geoff, is very insecure. He is afraid that his opinion won’t be heard. Can you imagine how mad Geoff would be if he didn’t have the last word, he wouldn’t win, at least in his own mind.

  44. It’s Official,
    Let’s be serious. We’re all insecure. I like having the last word too, and when I have numbers on my side, I also tend to be willing to go the extra mile to prove I’m right, so I usually see where Geoff is coming from. I just know a never-ending argument when I see one.

  45. Dustin, point taken. Never-ending may not do justice to what may happen on this topic. But, I never thought religion would take up so much time leading up to the Kentucky game.

  46. More of that “numbers on my side” garbage. More condescension. Big surprise. Yeah, you all had the “number” on the Hoosiers at the beginning of the season.

    Many great players have their inconsistent games. Where was Terrence Jones in the first meeting with the Hoosiers? It’s o.k. for Terrence Jones to stub his toe..When Watford puts up 27 points in a Sweet 16 game, his doubters had to finally shut the hell up about a “lucky shot.”

    Numbers my ass. Why can’t you guys just admit that you had prematurely buried the kid and undervalued his abilities?

  47. Actually Dustin, the primary reason I will engage in extended discussions with Harvard and Clarion, or address topics from Podunker, 1992, or even Laffy is because I believe they are sincere.

    There are certainly a couple people (or maybe just 1 with multiple names) that are only looking for reactions. So I try to filter those out and keep on topic.

    On the Watford topic there are several posters on here under the assumption that he is a draft prospect and I felt it deserved some additional perspective. If it were only Harvard I may have just let it go. There are too many things to debate Harvard over…

  48. Harvard – Who are you talking to and what numbers are you referring to?

    You and I seem to be the only 2 discussing this right now… And I haven’t brought up numbers. I also never gave up on Watford or undervalued his abilities at this level. The thing I have remained steadfast about is his NBA stock (or lack thereof), and it isn’t based on my own opinion, but the opinion of the people who hold his future in their hands.

    Why don’t you address any of my questions?

    Your only argument right now seems to be that “there are exceptions to every rule…”

  49. Yeah, I get it… Your are sincerely bored. LOL.

    More condescension. You blowhards will never admit just how blind you were to Watford’s talents. He carried this team in the tournament.. And not just with his big dumb heart(which most on here claimed for months he never had), but his skill.

    The more you condescend, the more you show just how afraid you are of giving credit where it is due. It’s an unfounded arrogance the goes far beyond the innocence some insecurities. Keep twisting..keep wiggling. If you were so right, than why are you bothering. I know why…You just love ‘ol dumb Harvard so, so much. I’m gonna steal one out of Laffy’s book….(rolleyes).

  50. I don’t think Hillbilly is sincere at all……which is why I mainly ignore him now.

    He’s just a troll begging for attention because his mommy never hugged him.

    And him crying about someone else being “condescending”?

    That’s like Keady ripping someone for having a bad comb-over.

  51. I wish I knew what the heck you are talking about Harvard. Either this isn’t Harvard… or you have decided to straight up lie.

    Not sure why you are slandering me or putting me in a group of people I don’t belong in with beliefs I don’t have and have never stated once.

    I like you Harvard, and am just trying to have a simple debate. For some reason you have decided to ignore my points and questions, and just want to call me names.

    That’s okay, but I thought you were cooler than that.

    If you ever want to say I was VJ3 hater, and dismissed his talents and contributions to the team then you’ll have some ground to stand on, but I’ve never said those things about Watford.

    Sorry you’re in such a bad mood today. Maybe I’ll catch you some other time…

  52. For anyone else reading that would care to continue the Watford discussion I’m still game…

    I’d like to be enlightened as to why he is a NBA-calibre player.

    I always have an open mind in discussions/debate. I just need to see some convincing evidence to make me see the other side.

    The reason I have an opinion on something is because I either witnessed evidence or one side gave me convincing evidence to believe in, or both.

    My mind is yours to change… On any topic at any time. It may not be easy, but it may be possible.

  53. My mommy is dead, Laffy. Died a little more than two years ago after her third bout with cancer..She loved hoops and we loved to talk basketball on the phone. She was a huge fan of Michael Jordan. She loved watching NBA games with my dad. She also loved high school ball back when it was something worth following in Indiana. We all thought she had beaten the odds after being rid of the disease that had taken other parts her body though never her soul. Nearly 7 years had elapsed her fights with colon and breast cancer when she found a growth portending against her skin through her stomach wall. She knew it was her death sentence. A few days later they told her it was a cancerous tumor the size of a fist in her stomach.

    She started to believe a lot more in the “fairytale” when the doctor told her to her face she wouldn’t live more than a couple more weeks. She was skin on bones confined to a bed in the living room her house by that time but still of hope and kindness.

  54. Against my better judgement, I’ll enter the discussion about CW playing in the NBA next year. Here goes…

    CW has the talent, but he has not been consistent in his performance, from game to game. And he has been inconsistent all three year’s he’s played for IU. If he were to enter the draft this year, he’d be downgraded for that, regardless of his talent and size. If he plays great for IU next year, and the team has even better success, and CW shows greater consistency, he’ll have a much better chance of getting drafted and making an NBA roster.

    It’s a numbers game. It’s not that he could not play in the NBA, it’s that there are a lot of other young men that will be drafted before CW. There are what, 60 picks in the NBA draft. And about 35 of those people picked actually make an NBA roster. Some hang around, improve their skills and conditioning and make it after a few years in the minors, but those guys are exceptions. I don’t believe, at this time, CW is going to be perceived as one of the top 60 college BB players in the country. And we have not even discussed the foreign talent that gets drafted each year!

    Based on my observations, I believe it would be in CW’s best interest to play out his college career, get his degree, then pursue his dream of playing in the NBA or as a pro in Europe.

  55. Sorry you went through that, Harvard. Lost both mine to the Big C as well. My sister bore the brunt as I lived in a distant state.

    Life can suck, sometimes. But it can be wonderful, too.

  56. Chet-

    Thanks. Sorry that your parents had to suffer through that horrible disease.

    Sorry to all for being such a downer and grump.

    I also think Podunker made some very valid points though he seems to leave the door slightly cracked open while Geoff has always held the absolute opinion that Watford is never going to play in the NBA. Am I putting words in your mouth, Geoff? If I am, please clarify because I seem to remember you saying never.

    I never claimed he would be drafted high or in any particular round. I never claimed he would even come off the pine or be anything more than a role player for a few years. I just believe his talents could translate to the level of the NBA game and some team will give him a shot.

  57. My view is that his offensive skills translate to a possible bench role in the NBA, but his defense (mostly due to his size-to-athleticism quotient) doesn’t translate. The whole not quick enough to guard 3’s and not big or strong enough to guard 4’s thing.

    I dont think that any team will waste a draft pick on him. That is mostly due to the fact that they are (essentially) saying that they aren’t going to waste a draft pick on him.

    Is the door completely shut? No. Like I said it only takes 1 GM to fall in love with him. But certainly the prevailing thought on Watford is that he isn’t NBA calibre. Not by talking heads, but by people who are actually making the picks.

    So why take a chance when you have a year of eligibility left for a team that could challenge for a B1G and/or NCAA championship?

    It’s all splitting hairs when it gets to that level. The players are all very good. They all could probably have occasional good performances in NBA games. Last night undrafted free agent Greg Stiemsma had 10 pts and 7 rebs in a Celtics win. He just happened to be in the US when the C’s lost very center on their roster to some age-related injury. And Watford may find himself in a similar situation one day…

    But the NBA people like what they like – athleticism, youth, upside, explosiveness, size, length, quickness, some sort of elite skill, and more than anything marketability.

    Versus his draft competition Watford doesn’t offer those things… Or at least the NBA folks don’t think so at this point. I guess it could change, but that would be a rare thing indeed.

  58. FWIW, I have referred to CWat’s effort and #s as pathetic on occasion this year. But I’ve never questioned his talent, especially when he chooses to use it. I always hate seeing these kind of players cruise through a season without maximizing their potential.

    I assure you all he got an earful after @ Iowa & UNCC about his effort & inconsistency. He also had pine shards extruding from his posterior.

    “The bench is the world’s best motivator.”

    I’m glad the man stepped it up & I’ve admitted it along the way. But if ANYBODY including someone with an Ivy League blog name denies the young man is the David Copperfield of this team then you are incompetent and your Bball opinions shall hereby be mute.

  59. Geoff-

    Thanks for clarifying. It sounds like you modified your earlier views. On more than one occasion, I could have sworn you said Watford had no shot of playing in the NBA in any capacity. Did his recent performances in the tournament influence you to move away from the absolute? Do you believe he cam improve his game enough to the point there will be more interest if he stays in college another year? I tend to think this may be his best chance..There are no guarantees he’ll be able to showcase his skills on any bigger stage than what he he was able to seize upon these last two weeks. Then again, maybe that doesn’t influence the process as much as I think.

    I am rather shocked Singler is not playing in the NBA. I was always super impressed with his abilities at the college level. He looked very athletic, a strong body, and had a nice feel for the game. I also remember instances he showed some very good accuracy from the perimeter as well. Maybe he’ll get his shot one day. How is he doing overseas? Is he having the kind of success that could possibly get him another look from the NBA execs?

  60. Hmmm, I’m not sure I’ve modified my stance…

    His recent play certainly wouldn’t have anything to do with it. He could’ve averaged 30 and 12 in the tourney and I still wouldn’t consider him an NBA player.

    The bottom line remains I don’t believe he is athletic enough to play in the NBA.

    I don’t think he has enough skill to make up for his lack of athleticism to play in the NBA.

    I don’t see him as having 1 elite skill that would make him valuable to an NBA team.

    NBA execs to this point have ignored him as a prospect, and it’s NOT because they don’t know who he is.

    The reason my stance is so rigid is because I have considered myself an NBA draftnik for about 10 years. I follow and read and watch a stupid amount content on the NBA draft leading up to it. I have on several occasions gone to the summer leagues to watch the guys fighting over roster spots.

    I’m not even sure why I love the draft so much, because my interest in the NBA is severely waning, but after all these years of studying what the execs are looking at and for I have convinced myself that I have a pretty good handle on what makes a good prospect and what doesn’t. It takes me about 5 minutes to decide on most players, and others it may take a few games if they are in that grey area. Sometimes it even takes a couple seasons to see how they progress physically.

    When I watched Watford as a freshman I thought he had potential if he progressed physically. Unfortunately his lack of athleticism wasn’t due to a growth spurt and just getting used to his body, he just lacks explosiveness and always will. He has gained a little bit of strength over 2 years but zero athleticism. Therefore his ceiling in the NBA is Steve Novak, except that he can’t shoot like Novak, so he doesn’t get to take up a spot on the bench.

    The caveat is there could be a rogue GM that loves him some Watford for some reason. I feel extremely confident that it will not happen in the 2012 draft.

  61. Well, If Luke Walton can get drafted, and be paid 6 million a year, ANYTHING can happen in the NBA.

    But, I agree.

    I don’t think he’s ready.

    And it has nothing to do with “hating” him like Hillbilly is sobbing non-stop.

  62. Hahaha… That’s actually a pretty good point Laffy. Even Luke was viewed as having ELITE basketball IQ though… But yeah he can’t get off the bench and is a waste of money.

  63. But you’re not making the decision, Geoff. You’re not influencing the process any more than a squirrel gathering nuts.

    Laffy can watch porn 24/7 and know all the perfect traits in what it takes to be a top porn star(many the same qualities a top NBA pick…”upside” and “explosiveness” ranking near the top) and no one is ever going to call him into a Kentucky studio to evaluate the talent with Rick Patino and his ball-trainer’s wife.

    Your opinion means nada beyond this dust bowl that attracts 6 or 7 misfits that know less than you about the subject of the NBA draft. Crown yourself the expert on the NBA draft. And that’s exactly why you love this place. We’re Hoosier fans..Fans of a team game that believe 5 guys on a court can once in 15 year span collectively be better than 5 with superior individual/NBA talent across the board.

    If it’s NBA porn you want, then go to an NBA porn site. In 30 years the Hoosiers have had less NBA prospects in the 400 players that have worn cream and crimson than what passes through Kentucky in one season. So what the hell is the point? Go masturbate at a UK website rather than come here and remind us all season long that Christian Watford and Jordy Hulls are not explosive enough or too wimpy in the shorts to ever join Kobe in a Denver hotel room. Yippee. We have the leader of the Vatican Hoops League running our team these days..Do you really think he’s gonna pimp the Hoosiers with NBA talent? Knight went into inner cities for street ballers more than Crean will ever attempt. Our new point guard is from a Indy prep school of privilege that costs $25,000 grand a year for the average genius to get a chair in the classroom. He ain’t from the mean streets of forgotten gang-ridden neighborhoods like those of Isiah Thomas or Jamarcus Ellis.

    In summation, I still say your primary motivation is to belittle the Hoosiers because you have a perverse desire remind us how our guys just don’t have the goods your favorite movie..Personally, I don’t bow to the perversion of the sport, the ruining of the college game where corrupted boosters influence boys to play at an NBA camp they label as “college” and whore them off as the “one-and-done,” “slam-bam, thank you, mam” so stadiums can be filled that pay for Armani suits and $50,000 homes an NBA executive living in his castle in Connecticut. They have no class. They have no true love for the game beyond the putting a uniform on a kid that can fill their wallets.

    Talk about being lost…Coming to an Indiana Hoosier basketball page to obsess over the grotesque marketing of teenagers that sell their talents to the pimp execs in the NBA is analogous to vacationing in Vegas in search of wholesome and the quaint.

  64. Kentucky will never win as many championships as they have NCAA probations. UK basketball joins SMU football as the only programs to ever get the death penalty. With Calipari there it’s only a matter of time.

    There is NOTHING to be proud of about UK basketball. It’s like being proud of John Gotti because of the number of crimes he got away with. You know they cheated the years they won because of all the other times they got caught.

    Sampson got busted for a rule they did away with the next year yet we Hoosiers hold our heads in shame over it. Kentucky fans look upon their cheating record with a sense of pride because of all the years they got away with it.

  65. Are you talking to me?

    1) the first 10 posts I made on the Watford topic were based on the opinions of the NBA exec’s, not my own. I clearly stated that, so don’t try to make me out to believe that my opinion moves the meter.

    2) I’m doing my best to translate to you, who clearly doesn’t pay attn to NBA draft, what the motivations are behind the non-existent draft status of Watford.

    3) I only remind Hoosier fans that Jordy and Watford aren’t NBA players when Hoosier fans start surmise what their NBA futures are…

    4) I care far more about IU basketball than the NBA… Or any other sport/team.

    5) what the hell are you talking about with 75% of that last post?

  66. pUKe ran off the only clean coach they have ever had and he is enjoying coaching to this day in Minneapolis and still following the rules.

  67. Attaboy, Chet. Chet gets it. Chet got a firsthand view of it in Atlanta. The college game has become revolving door whore house brothel for the NBA pimps. Rivers off to the NBA! And what did the Vatican League get screwed with? Crean got Doc’s ugly duckling son with no b-ball genes that couldn’t hit the side of an Indiana barn yet be expected to find the center a tiny metal round band an inch less than twice the diameter of a basketball.

    And where the hell is HT? He used to bring fire in his words on the IDS Basketblog and now he just….?…..lacks confidence in his verbal explosiveness?

    You could have ripped them to shreds, HT. Instead, you cower and suck your thumb and play the role of Pollyanna Hoosier puppet. Show these blowhards your NBA game with your pen and take their asses down! Do it for your old buddy that misses watching a friend that was the Baryshnikov of blogging; a love for the art in language that fills my heart and inspires me to believe that all is not lost for the innocence and purity in life and sport.

    Yes, Geoff…I am talking to you in post #74. Get over the whores that play for Calipari and the one way mufti-million dollar ticket punchers that work for the classless NBA pimp execs offering starving kids to drop out of college and be a slave to a round piece of bouncy leather. For all the glorifying of the skills, they laugh at the sorry waste of feeding the mind behind the doors their privileged parlors.

  68. I ain’t no Jordy Hulls, Geoff. I just blew right by you. Do you see your jockstrap puddled at the free throw line? Time to step up your game. Hahahahhahahaha. (rolleyes…shake thighs).

  69. Harvard – what do you mean “get over them”? I don’t care about them. I simply acknowledge that they are better NBA prospects.

    The NBA has a different set of rules than college that necessitates a certain type of player.

    The international game has a different set of rules that is different from both and fits another type of player.

    My favorite basketball is IU Hoosier basketball. So I don’t understand your point…

    If you want I can have a different discussion with you about how the NCAA and NBA show ld coexist, but that has nothing to do with Watford’s draft status.

    Personally, I think that all people should have the right to pursue their dream and let the market determine their value. There should not be a mandatory waiting period for basketball players to be eligible for the NBA, just like there isn’t for golf or tennis, or baseball (really) or to be a doctor or accountant. If you are smart enough to pass the tests and get the certifications and someone is willing to hire you, you should have the right to work regardless of age, gender, race, etc.

    The fact that NBA has put an age/schooling restriction on entrance pushes kids into situations that they don’t want to be in and compromises the integrity of the NCAA game…

    Again none of this has anything to do with Watford and how he is looked at by NBA scouts and GMs.

  70. “…NCAA and NBA should coexist.”

    My mom used to spin dry Romaine lettuce in her washing machine. True story. She was pretty inventive. I think it was a one time thing, but from that day forward, as we devoured our summer salads filled with fresh garden vegetables, my sister and I wondered if the homemade blue cheese dressing was a bit more complex with the added flavor the film left on the Whirlpool machine’s drum from my dad’s undershorts.

    I’m done with this topic, Geoff. Answer your own questions..I think the method will provide the answers you’re looking for. Play some one-on-one with Laffy(rolleyes…shake thighs).

  71. Your done with it before even stating your position???

    My assumption would have been that you agreed with my stance in #81

  72. I believe there is a Walton pyramid in the Mojave Desert and you have a chamber reserved at its base filled with treasures from Martinsville. What do you want from me? Your intellect is being plowed over by your ego.
    My only chance is to take you down in a game of one-on-one hoops. I’m pretty old, but I still think I could take you.


    Good instincts around the basket
    Nice timing going for the stuff off the glass
    Excellent perimeter game
    Decent size(a stubby pencil taller than Hulls)
    Surprising first step.


    Have trouble breathing after five minutes of exercise.
    Vertical has gone from 36″ to 3.6 inches.


    Won most improved summer league player between 8th and 9th grade.

    Leading scorer on my senior year intermural team(363 points in 14 games)to go along with back-to-back victors in league championship.

    Survived a DC game with hoodlums and was invited back to play in a rematch. Speculate on the skills this slow white boy(Actually, there was no reward for this though I did witness a drug deal going down at the conclusion of the game).

    Bottom Line: I have a wet dream every night just how much I could abuse you at the game that infects your brain.

    I win: You send me a 10 lbs. fresh Maine lobster each month for the next year.

    You win: I have no more wet dreams.

  73. Let me get this straight… So because I have have spent time reading and researching something that you have basically admitted that you do not read and research I now have a huge ego for passing on findings of my reading and research?

    That doesn’t make much sense…

    I would be shocked if you are the size, age, and athlete that you say you are and could take me 1-on-1.

    If you are a sand-bagging D1 player who graduated in 2007, but likes to play the role of an old semi-poetic poster on different blogs then I guess I’m in trouble.

    The mere fact that I still play 3-5 times a week and you have a hard time breathing after 5 minutes would probably mean you’d lose unless we were playing to 1 and you got the ball first.

    Even if I sucked REALLY bad it doesnt seem likely you could win given the description you gave me.

    I wish I could take your bet buddy, it’s a little weird thinking about you dreaming of me every night.

  74. 1-on-1 isn’t up-and-down ball, my wet dream friend.

    Takes more instincts, craftiness, size, and ability to find a shot. I don’t think I could take you..I know I could take you. I have a high release point.. You won’t be blocking me.

  75. Did I mention I won a purplish basketball(the elite prize ranked even higher than a huge stuffed animal)at a Busch Gardens(Tampa) 3-point game booth after eating a large order of chicken strips and fries?

    They handed me the ball, attempted to intimidate me by saying “good luck ol’ man”…When I was finished ripping the nets and drilling nine 3-pointers from all designated locations, a lone woman I had no idea her purpose in watching my shooting barrage other than to see me go down to the gods of fate, gazed in complete awe of the moment she had just witnessed..She simply put her hands together in my honor for all to hear… a singular act of appreciation.. a deliberate and slow-paced hard applause to the marvels of natural ability perfected by years of summers burying deep bombs a dirt-covered hoops court on an old Indiana field. It was not a standing ovation, but certainly one my heart shall never forget.

    Bring it on. I’m hungry for lobster and hungry to blow you off the court.

  76. Yet another impressive resume-builder Harvard.. you are starting to intimidate me.

    Was the woman guarding you during this impressive string of shots or was it just in the face of all that pressure?

    I will say that defense is not my strong point, and my teammates don’t rely on me to get stops. I’m known more for my offense. So I’ll guess it’ll be a shoot out.

    I think having me out of your dreams is far more valuable than the lobster, so no question I get the better end of this deal.

  77. Geoff-

    We are certainly bored. We all know we shall never meet. Thanks for engaging and teaching me something about the NBA draft.

    Thanks for not discounting me. I’ve watched a ton of NBA ball through the years and, in my heart of hearts, I know you are right. Watford has no chance. The level of athleticism eclipses anything I ever thought was possible with a ball and ten feet of air between ground and rim.

    I watched a tiny bit of a game between the Lakers and Grizzlies. Rudy Gay…Wow..

    I still say you’d be surprised. I spent some huge chunks of my youth on a basketball court.

    Very cruel what they do to lobsters. Ship them across country in dark boxes piled atop each other only to meet death row a last glimpse of light.

  78. And for what it’s worth coming so late… Dustin, sorry I attributed that “pathetic” comment to you in describing Watford. I honestly thought I remembered you saying it in a Live Discussion during a road game. It must have been someone else and I used it here out of context nonetheless.

  79. HforH and Geoff; Why don’t you guys just exchange email addresses and save the rest of us from having to wade through posts likes the ones from #68 through #95.

    This is starting to resemble a chat room.

  80. Geoff is correct in what nba people think of watford. He has a chance to get picked in the second round and will surely be invited to a camp as an undrafted free agent if not selected. I wish christian the best, but I don’t think he will make it in the nba. His stock may never he higher, and with the influx of talent coming in next year he may not have a chance to put up huge numbers. This might be his best chance to go pro.

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