1. Anyone have an idea how to figure out bench assignments for the Kentucky game?

    I’m looking at tickets and there are some available in the corners by each bench. Want to make sure I’m sitting around crimson.

    Any insight?


  2. One other thought… When the had the Final Four at the RCA dome they set the benches up in front of the make-shift stands that sat in the middle of the football field. I’m positive of that and even have a couple pics to support my memory. IU has been the higher seed, and thus the home team for both games so far. Last night they were to the left of the scorers table as you look at it. I just checked the ESPN pics of the first game and they were on the left there too. Since they will be the lower seed on Friday my assumption is they will be to the right of the scorers table on the side of the Dome with the make-shift stands… But that’s just a theory if you need to act now.

  3. Of course if they advance, and Baylor gets beat, then IU would again be the “home” team and sit to the left of the scorers table on Sunday…

    As my theory goes.

  4. Ok forget my theory… I just watched Marquette highlights and they were to the right of the scorers table as the “home” team… Oh well.

  5. OSD here. What a game and what a team! No matter what happens from now on all the nation knows IU is bacccccccccck baby!!!!!! congrats to the team, to the coaches, to the fans who never left this team even in the darkest days, they always believed IU would be back and now we are. Cannot say enough about Crean and how he worked tirelessly for this moment. He may not be the x’s and o’s guy of all time but no one and I mean no one could have pulled this off. I think back of the guys who were in the running like Sean Miller and Jay Wright who did not want the job. None of them could have worked as hard or given as much to make IU good again. Big thanks to Mrs. Crean and the kids who have had made uncountable sacrifices of time so CTC could make this day happen. Also very glad for you too Dustin. You have had to watch a lot of bad bb the past 4 years to get to this time. Kind of sad Chris & Hugh did not get to come along for this super ride. Big shout out to Chris on his engagement.

    Now on to Atlanta and Kentucky! Go Hoosiers!!!!!!

  6. Anyone know time/place to greet team when they return. Love these kids…..so proud no matter what happens from now on. 48 teams are going home, and we’re moving on. Thanks for lifting us all up and making so many memories for this yeAr.

  7. We were picked to be upset by NMS, then VCU, & now UK. 9 pt underdogs. I think we’ve proven all year that this team plays better in that role, so bring it on! They’ll have another week to hear about UK revenge, playing #1, not having a chance, etc… Same stuff written, said & documented during the run in ’02. We just kept winning & had the mental attitude to advance behind an unheralded bunch. There was no way we could’ve beaten Duke in ’02, or UNC w/Jordan in ’83 was it?

    Let’s step up our own support & fanaticism!

  8. Watching hoops again today and another reference was made to Anthony Davis being the lock down #1 pick in the draft.

    What about Draymond Green?

    He looks as NBA ready as anyone I’ve seen in a while.

  9. Agree with you Chet. Another flagrant #1 with Green an issue now. Bet that rule gets massaged during the off season. Nope did not call it.

    Local SW Fl paper this morning has a nice 1/4 pg picture of Vic flying over Haley, on the front pg with headline of really large font “NOT THIS TIME VCU”. Nice.

    ESPN bracket, yesterday I was in 2.23 million place. Noon today only 660,000 people ahead of me. Now if MSU, OSU and IU make the final four with Kansas and IU plays Ohio State in the final I’ll be looking good. Purdue needs to lose today

  10. Draymond is ready, oh so ready. Yet somehow it seems that upper-classmen are almost slighted in the draft these days for staying in school. It’s like, “Uh, why did this guy wait so long? If he were good, he’d be ready for the NBA a lot sooner.”

  11. As I write this the Big Ten is 10-1. What did the Big Least get, 9 bids? Obviously well deserved.

  12. Proudly wearing my crimson “A New Tradition: Crean and Crimson Indiana Basketball” t-shirt this morning at work in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Surrounded by meth-using UK fans? Not a problem. I will wear this sucker to work everyday next week if IU pulls off a stunner on Friday.

  13. How come the media isn’t asking Kaintuck players if they think they can upset IU?

    We KNOW the Hoosiers can beat UK. They have ALREADY done it. Kaintuck may THINK they can win but Indiana KNOWS they can win.

  14. Can we beat Baylor after we beat UK? I remember when IU and Dakich beat an “unbeatable” UNC(per Vitale) and then lost to Virginia.

  15. Here’s an impressive stat: IU has beat four of the remaining sweet sixteen teams (OSU, MSU, NC State, UK).

    Beating any team twice in a season is hard. Beating the consensus #1 overall team twice will be next to impossible. Chet you are right in that our biggest advantage is having nothing to lose. The question is whether this will outweigh UK’s payback vendetta.

  16. Ya, Heard Vitale say this a.m. that Baylor could beat pUKe but IU could not. He needs to again take a look at the losses pUKe suffered this season. I am quite confident they will come out looking for revenge. But hell we’re in the S16 and he thinks IU won’t come prepared to win. Honestly over the last 6-7 years he has turned off more viewers than new ones he has drawn.

  17. Never been a big fan of his. Although in his defense, he’s been a ferven supporter of Crean over the last few years while the program was down. It was awesome to see him call the UK game this year and get swallowed into the crowd after “Watford For Three”.

  18. The ‘revenge factor’ and ‘beating a team twice’ thing are overrated.

    NBA players don’t necessarily make for savvy tournament players. It’s often more the handling of emotions during the game than anything that fuels a rivalry during the week.

    Now, if you do want to take the ‘something to prove’ angle to the hype surrounding this game, couldn’t it be argued that the Hoosiers have more to prove? If I’m not mistaken, most the sportswriters were still doubting IU after this game and spinning it as a lucky win the result of a lucky shot. Even within the ranks our very own faithful blogging family on Scoop, there was still considerable doubt this Hoosier team had more of those type of wins in the tank.

    And to pile on more nonsense in the category of hype and emotions that will have nothing to do with the ball finding the middle of the cylinder, let’s not forget how much our guys may be bonding becuase the draining their last droplets of crimson blood and sweat onto the court our dedicated in honor their fallen senior guard.

    It’s very easy to now say the Hoosiers don’t belong in a Sweet 16 and have no chance against a Kentucky team oozing with NBA talent and playing their best ball of the season. If the naysayers had one bit of honesty in their veins, they would admit they never believed the Hoosiers never belonged anywhere but in the lower tier the Big 10 standings this year. They are not the sexy pick. They are not the pretty Cinderella searching for one lost McDonald’s All-American slipper from the roster.

    The Hoosiers are the ugly unloved orphan child of the tournament. A team full of cornfed Indiana boys with a couple misfits outside the state borders no top 20 coach would Have dared risk his reputation or a spot on a roster to recruit to their elite programs. Oladipo and Sheehey now all about doubt. Hulls is a homey hometown boy and is the worst defender in college basketball according to a coach working in the Big 10. Watford is an erratic loafer with skills nowhere near approaching the category a guy that could get attention from scouts looking to fill role player/bench slots for the next level. A commutative group of ugly ducklings with a savior center, a pretty decent find for a 3A high school player glaringly “predictable” in his every move around the bucket. The only reason Zeller came to Indiana was to hoard the limelight of being the poster child for what fools call a resurrection; a town that hasn’t sniffed the butt of a Sweet 16 for 10 years and hasn’t tasted the glory a NCAA Championship in 25 years. Belong in a Sweet 16 on the same stage with the Kentucky Wildcats? Are you joking? Soon we’ll be cloning guys with the skills a Terrence Jones. Why on earth would any loving mommy or daddy ever want to adopt a short wannabe child like Jordan Hulls for grooming on a basketball court? Do you know how difficult it is to bring up a child in world he doesn’t belong?

    Only in Indiana…Only in Indiana where humble kids that never lasso the moon can still find the loving embraces of a team game long forgotten. Sniff the cushy round butt of a Sweet 16 for 40 minutes, Hoosier wannabees. The athleticism in the game has passed you by, and your only famous Hoosier Daddy, doesn’t even visit or send you support. Big surprise you brought in in a coach that leans on prayer? Orphans of the Hardwood and Jesus.? Good luck with that.

  19. If I’m not mistaken, most the sportswriters were still doubting IU’s early season success against UK and spinning it as a lucky win the result of a lucky shot.

  20. Oladipo and Sheehey know all about doubt.

    Sorry for all the errors(won’t bother correcting the rest)..I spilled out post #25 rather quickly.

  21. ‘Orphans of the Hardwood’…? Hmm? Has potential for my next blogging handle. What do you think?

    Here’s a song for you, HT. She may not be the sexiest gal at the big dance, but I think a group you’ve always admired sung it best.

  22. SVP has a good take on it. Indiana has confidence because they’ve already beaten Kaintuck yet they can still play the underdog card.

    He called it ‘the perfect storm’.

    I like it.

  23. Hype and emotion having “nothing to do” with the outcome? Now that’s a bit extreme. Ask Christian Watford if the emotional desire to finally dig IU out of a three year abyss has had anything to do with his play this year.
    I have a feeling it plays a bigger role than we think.
    I know personally that when I’m on the tennis court against my high school buddy that always beats me, my hands shake because I want to win so bad (and then iI end up double faulting and losing).

  24. I think I’m done reading ESPN, SI and reading about the NCAA. Power 12 teams – IU twelve. Capsule review of the remaining teams. IU ranked with NC State at the bottom. Did we really beat 25% of the Sweet 16? You get the feeling that the writers think it’s “cute” that IU made it this far. Talk about NO respect.

    On a more pleasant note; It’s good living on a sailboat canal in Florida during Spring Break. I’d take pictures but some of these half naked ladies could be under 18.

  25. I guess you didn’t get how I was working back to it.

    And let’s not overlook Remy. Who was it from this blog that liked that kid so damn much when nobody even saw him on the radar? …Remy Abell, a Kentucky kid that played a vital role on a high school team very familiar to state championships, yet, the prima donna coach expected to bring a title back to Rupp Arena, needs an Indiana point guard and a power forward from 2000 miles away more than any spot to be found for an orphan child from Kentucky’s own borders..? Think Remy has a little something to prove? Think the racket is shaking in his hand? But is he of weak backbone and fortitude like you with your high school buddy, or is he so full of swagger and dumb grit he’ll play under control and with the multitude of latent offensive skills few recognized complimented his defensive capabilities when his number is now, by pure happenstance, called upon?

    Maybe Terrence Jones finds the same fate Eric Gordon; karma for breaking a commitment he should have honored. Maybe he’s unstoppable any you’ll never double fault against your old friend again.

    Pretty funny twists of fate..Think how much different your Huskies chances to go dancing if Terrence would have went with his first choice. The orphan Hoosier I adopted, a kid named Remy overlooked by his home state, fills in the void our roster because the injury to the Hoosier’s Verdell Jones…A perfect basketball child from the Northwest, your surrogate son, Terrence Jones, now fills in the void your broken heart, now a Kentucky hillbilly, turned into another b-ball whore to go play for Criminalpari instead of being an honorable Husky for an honorable coach.

    So much more than a basketball game to be played on Friday.

  26. Love it. Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten are lottery picks, but having pouty Jones would have put the Whoskies over the top. Yo hit it on the head.

  27. On Wednesday, it was multiskilled Terrence Jones, the 6-foot-9 McDonald’s All-American forward from Portland’s Jefferson High, who pledged his loyalty to the Huskies on April 30 during a news conference at his school.

    Flanked by his parents that day, Jones wore a black tuxedo and picked a black UW hat from a collection that included Kentucky, UCLA, Oregon, Kansas and Oklahoma.

    A small gathering of family, friends and faculty erupted in cheers and no one was happier than his mother, Linda Mashia-Jones, and Terrence Ross, a longtime friend and former high school teammate, who signed with Washington.

    Limelight and winning at any price so often trumps the honor a handshake or local pride/family tradition/heritage in the new landscape of college basketball. I sure hope Terrence is getting that degree he was after at Kentucky.

    Why do you think those that sell out love tearing after the Jordy Hulls of the world? Why do you think a Columbia grad would come to a little hick Indiana town in search of the passion the game of hoops that flows out every corner this state and then have no qualms in quickly packing the bags once the ‘big boy’ east coast papers call?

  28. ’twas a sad and bitter day for Husky fans. Can’t remember if I posted a comment on that article or not ( the Seattle times one). Oh well, moved on. Hoosiers have given me infinite smiles as recompense for that loss. Hell, they even beat Terrence for me. Here’s to one more win A that ugly pouting traitor.

  29. HforH, I love the sarcasm. Keep it up.

    I would give a lot to see all those fallen faces at the Kentucky bar I will be sitting in on Friday night around 11:15 p.m. when the game has concluded if IU can pull this off again. The one thing about sports is that it is something I put so much time/effort into, but I never control the outcome. It is so much worse being a fan than a player. I hope IU comes out as fired up as I will be Friday evening.

  30. One more thing for now: If IU comes out guns blazing, plays an amazing game, and loses by 15, so be it. I want the Hoosiers as pissed off/fired up as I am that everyone has written them off already for this game when they are one of only two teams this season to beat behemoth UK. UK is more talented, and I think everyone here would agree, even HforH. But to me, it seems UK does not have more heart. They clearly do not have Tom Crean as their coach. The pressure is squarely on them to win a “shoe-in” national title. If IU comes out guns blazing, plays an amazing game, and loses by 15, so be it. They gave it their all, and I will still be a damn proud Hoosier fan for this already amazing season. But I don’t think they’ll lose by 15 if they play as well as they did against NMSU, or Michigan State at home earlier this season, or at Purdue earlier this season.

  31. You still play tennis with an old high school buddy…? All those blogging exchanges and I learned something new today.

    I have no friends…old or new. I used to hang out in an alley behind Nick’s with a rather fierce looking but friendly stranger. …I’d try out my forehand, try and claw back into a match, and he’d never bite.

  32. If I’m doing anything with Beyonce in an alley, then I’ve taken Jordy’s best crossover move to one sick heaven.

    Anymore b-ball metaphors of such delights would likely call to Dustin a censorship decision..Best not go there.

  33. Here’s Dustin not going for the crossover move, stealing the rock from Harvard, and taking it into the shadowy after-hours his HT office.

  34. Yet another thought as I am safely out of the state of Kentucky and back home: Everyone is saying UK is a different (read: better) team than they were earlier in the year. Well…so is Indiana.

    Poring over the stats from the first game:

    30-54 2-7 10-17 9 26 9 10 8 16 13 72
    55.6% 28.6% 58.8%

    25-58 9-15 14-17 12 28 12 7 2 18 16 73
    43.1% 60.0% 82.4%

    Now, did UK really play that poorly, and did IU really play that well? Stats do not tell all, but that does not scream “IU played out of their minds and UK played terrible.” I guess the major difference is the location of the game. CAtlanta vs. Assembly Hall.

    I realize that was quite a long thought. Geoff/Chet/HC/HforH/anyone else who tries to be rational on here, what do you think of those stats?

  35. Ouch, those numbers did not go nicely across like I had originally put them. Either way, IU shot great from 3-pt. range and the FT line, while Kentucky shot poorly from both. Is that enough to indicate UK is going to crush IU in the rematch? I just don’t know.

  36. Harvard- Haven’t played with the high school buddy in years. But I’ve played with lots of others who have beat me silly because I tense up under pressure. There’s a big psychological element to sports. In my experience the temperamental guy with the powerful stroke will lose 9 out of 10 times to the calm, less flashy guy who just consistently hits the ball back.

    You’ve sure made a lot of friends on this blog. Not sure I believe your claim that you ain’t got nobody. Still keep in touch with any one from the pizza joint in B town?

  37. I think the first 5 min of this one are going to be very, very telling. We’ll know who came to play and what kind of confidence we have. We have to hang in there, hit some early shots, rebound & get some key fouls early. Game 1 it was clear that we came to play and thought we could win. UK is going to have some huge runs, they always do, and we have to get up, brush ourselves off, and come back for more. UK isn’t used to that kind of resolve.

    1 more thing, we ran out of gas with about 8 min to go in the 1st game. We couldn’t stop them from driving and scoring. That’s what put them ahead at the end. We looked tired until the last gasp in the final min. I still have it Tivo’d so I’m going to rewatch before Fri.

    The shots have to fall by Jordy, CWat, & Will.
    We need lay-up & dunk finishes by Z & Oli.
    We need them to miss their 3s. (I’d play a 2-3 zone if I wasn’t so damn concerned about rebounds.)
    We need to keep guard TOs to a min to limit their transition baskets.
    Our subs need to keep holding down the fort. (Note: that’s who spurred Sat.’s comeback…Remy, Pritch, Elston)

    “simple” plan but it’s all about 40 min of execution. And we will need 40.

  38. It’s true. Noooooooooooobody. It’s sad how you get used to loneliness. You get so frightened of the world you almost prefer it.

  39. I tense up in nearly everything but sports. I don’t even like going out for a haircut in fear I won’t be able to make good conversation.

    Once visited my sister out East in DC area…Went over to a local park and got in a pick-up game with some guys that didn’t look from her posh neighborhood(think they came over from rougher streets in the city to just use the court). I actually was just going to shoot around, but I got asked to play..I never had such a great time. Drained a deep three that determined team captains. The old Indiana boy was picking guys that made Sampson thugs look like choir boys(probably an exaggeration, but it helps the story). My nephew was with me and the poor kid got terribly intimidated by the whole thing. I’m always most at home on a basketball court; all the introversion, dread, and worries just leave me. Hoops was always in my blood. I loved the game as a kid like nothing else. Spent most my summers playing into the dark on a dirt court my parent’s country home. My dad had put some old street lights on the property that had originally lit up the town of Huntington, Indiana. I would go into the house at about 9:30 p.m., flick a switch that lit up about 8 old-fashioned cast iron lamp poles scattered about 10 acres of land. I would shoot around ’til midnight while bats swirled from the fringes of darkness after my arching jumpers from an imaginary 3-pt line.

    I regret to this day never going after the dream. I used to skip lunch when I was in high school and go down to the gym to play hoops instead..There was one occasion the assistant coach for the varsity team pulled me aside from a game and told me I should go out for the team. Never did(It’s an even longer story).

  40. I agree Geoff….just as I said the other day, when you do what you do, its fun to read you. Psych- the stats should tell you what to look at and suggest questions. The TO v Assts for guards (both ours and theirs) really told a story, including the importance of Remy when he went in and steadied the guard game. That’s when we began to calm down.

    Stats (IMO) wont give you an answer but they will suggest questions and how to form them. A shot chart (both teams) also says a lot that is not just the score.

  41. Psych – I certainly agree that the #’s don’t suggest that UK play down a level. And other than the better than average 3-pt shooting our other numbers were average to below-average…. And we still won.

    They shot a higher team FG% than they normally do, and we shot worse than our season stats. Same # of FTA for each team, but we are a better FT shooting team. We are also a better 3-pt shooting team, so to see us have an advantage in either category isn’t surprising.

    Obviously the key is getting Davis in foul trouble again. He simply is too good a rim-defender and rebounder to have play 30+ minutes and think we’ll come out on top. Luckily Cody doesn’t seem to struggle against waifier centers. It’s the older, stronger, meatier guys that he has had issues with. So I have some hope that Cody’s fundamentals and patience on offense will give Davis problems.

    One interesting difference in this game will be Elston and Abell’s contributions. Neither played in the first game, but I’d guess they both get double-digit minutes on Friday. Abell is clearly a better defender than Jones or Hulls and seemed very steady with the rock against VCU, who pressure far more than what he’ll see from UK. That means he can be on the floor with Dipo to prevent runs and have quality defenders on both Teague and Lamb. Elston is also a similar player to T Jones – who by the way was absolutely terrible in the first game… Can’t count on that again – but it does give us 2 viable defenders for Jones instead of just Watford. It’s also nice that we always have Jones guarding a perimeter threat to keep his big, athletic body from clogging the paint – Davis is a big enough problem as it is.

    I certainly can see us playing with this team. If a couple things fall our way I guess we could even win. In the end I think they are just too talented at full-strength for us to best them again. Hope I’m wrong.

    Key to the game = Eloy Vargas > 10 minutes.

  42. Fantastic analysis. Thank you. Always enjoy reading your posts. Friday cannot get here fast enough!

  43. That’s the thing. Almost any other school would have to play out of their minds and have Kaintuck have an off day to win. We don’t. We are built to win this game if our guys do what they have done it the past.

    We have the most wins against the remaining schools of any team in the tournament, including two #1 seeds. We crushed Michigan State just a couple weeks ago. No other school can say that. It’s crazy that no one but Hoosier fans gives us a shot.

    Dustin, will you guys be down on the floor?

  44. Exactly, we may not have the Mac’Ds All Americans but every year there are teams proving that is not a prerequisite to the elite 8 or the final 4. What we now have is a pedigree built on performance and results. I am still amazed these talking heads got on the Hoosier FB bandwagon when we were headed to a bowl 4 years ago but this remarkable bunch of ballers are kind of ignored in the category of any positive expectations after producing so many already. This will be the type of game the pUKe players never figured on. Although I’ll give J. Criminallypari some credit as that I’ll bet he knows what the game will be like and is doing his best to get them prepared and diminish the revenge factor. Unlike Vitale I like our opportunity better than Baylor’s.

  45. Harvard- wish I had your playground passion for hoops. Wish I had way more skills on the court. I went to Junior High School in Southern California; was a pretty good shorter as a 7th grader. Played with a lot of inner city kids who would call me “Mark Price” after the Cleveland point guard. Fun times. Thought I might actually be good enough for high school ball.
    My dreams were dashed when I moved to Seattle and got cut from the freshmen team because I couldn’t grasp the 5 man weave. I think my lack of a conceptual understanding of the game still shows in my posts on the Scoop, which always tend towards the “emotional” side of the game. I’ll never be a Geoff or a Hoosier Plus. But I admit it’s fun trying to catch up and to try to hang with the basketball wizards of this part of the country.

  46. I went to Jeffersonville HS in the ’70s. Everyone on the teams ended up playing some level of college ball. I never had a chance but it did direct me to a sport I could excel at.

    I’ll never forget my orientation week at IU, though. I’d shoot hoops every day and, for whatever reason, I was in a complete zone. Simply couldn’t miss. First player picked every day.

    College is a time for reinventing yourself. Well, at Willkie Quad anyway, I had reinvented myself as Reggie Miller.

    Alas, the magic did not last.

  47. Chet,
    We’ll be at the game. I’m not sure how the press seating works exactly, but that would be my guess.
    Never covered a basketball game in a football dome before. Ought to be interesting.

  48. HT-

    The conceptual stuff is overrated. The passion of Indiana hoops is exactly where your heart finds it. Your gifts at writing are your motion offense(verbal art in motion) and they bring to the game what it is dreadfully lacking from the sports desks of networks and many the young journalists that don’t have the fundamentals your pen handles.

    We are being drowned with stats and prognosticators. Sports cries for masterful voices and a more sophisticated depth of emotion and storytelling no longer found in the product; voices and craftsmen of language like Howard Cosell, Bob Costas, Dick Enberg, Jim McKay. Yes, there are a plethora of mediocre commentators during March Madness(mostly ex-NBA guys, ex-coaches, and untalented journalists that camouflage their lacking the real goods by feeding the public with the chemistry set details of the game or lazy sensational articles)that attract neanderthals that go to yacht clubs every Sunday for the same crappy brunch they’ve thoroughly tired on and tasted of the game).

    The belief you have to drown ears with all the X’s and O’s, the ‘Hamburger Helper’ they grew up with in sweaty locker rooms, will be the death of sports. There is tremendous technological drive and you can spin the TV clicker from channel to channel, stream with the mouse from game to game, to stay tuned into 8 different games at once. But for this old fool that craves romance and passion more than quantity, there is a true love fading. It’s like watching too much hardwood porn. The dress has gone way above the knee. The mystery is gone that came with letting the nature of the game take its own course. There is no courtship of sports..no chance to gradually fall in love with a 40 minute game. All the facts are stripped before our very eyes and the experts of seeing every team naked rarely miss a detail before the show ever begins. It’s artificial. It’s mass produced. They play the “One Shining Moment” song like a fake climax a teenage boy’s favorite internet female movie star. The immediate satisfactions will tire. Interest will fade because there is nothing conducive to everlasting desires. Soon it’s just the flesh we desire and nothing of fantasy, a heartfelt story, and genuine passion to rekindle the mystery and dreams my youthful love of the game.

  49. Off-topic, but while watching Manning in his live press conference in Denver, it’s just hard to believe Indianapolis could let such a class act not forever be identified with the Colts.

  50. The Colts did not “let Manning go.” He had no desire to play for them anymore.

    He could have re-done his contact if he wanted to and gave them the deal he gave Denver.

    Screw him and his lying.

  51. Chet-

    I Phyllis Diller’s rebellious spunk for life and her happy soul as endearing and irresistibly sexy(just like Chet and the keeper of my puppies, Jordy Hulls).

    What did you want..? Laffy in lace, leather, and fishnets on an obnoxiously loud Harley chopper?

  52. Manning was a class act like few in the game before him. Indy fans should now show the same class towards him as they’ve enjoyed as he made them relevant. Both Indy and football will miss him.

    Phyllis Diller?…I’d put it in the car battery first and let it disintegrate into vapor.

    Now, if we could introduce Phyllis Diller to Laffy, we may have a player for the Drew kid at Baylor.

  53. Manning deserves all the respect in the world. He’ll be leaving his heart in Indy. Wasn’t really any single person’s fault that he left – it was a perfect storm of untimely events. The only person, if any, who should be chastised in this affair, IMO, is Star reporter Bob Kravitz. That guy was campaigning to get rid of Manning all the way back in October or November, and wrote what seemed like dozens of articles beating the same drum (or drumming the same beat). I have never seen a reporter so set on an outcome.

  54. HT, Kravitz was the same with Tony Dungy. Got to the point I would scan the Indy Star before purchasing to insure Krazitz was not in it. If he were I would buy the Bloominton Herald. Both Dungy and Manning were more important to Indianapolis than just football and think that for some reason drove Kravitz crazy.

  55. Ron-

    Not surprising.

    It’s weird; I heard him on the radio the other day talking about Manning as if he’d lost a long lost friend. His sentimentality totally belied the tone of his articles. Seems like one of those journalists who really wants to “make a splash” for himself by devoting himself to an idea, no matter what, and preaching it against all odds and at any cost.

  56. From what the ‘insiders’ said, Peyton thought he would be back in Indy right up until they released him.

    Look, everybody wins. Indy wasn’t going to drop the bucks to build a team Peyton could win a Super Bowl with.

    Andrew Luck was available as the ‘next John Elway’ (I lived in Denver for the first one. You want him).

    Peyton could go to a team ‘a quarterback away’ from a Super Bowl.

    I hate (really, just hate) to see Peyton leave but 1) it’s all on Irsay, 2) it was the right move, 3) it gives Peyton his best chance for more Super Bowls, and 4) Indy gets, potentially, the best new QB in the league for the next 15 years.

    What’s not to love about any of this?

    Unless you’re Tim Tebow…

    …who sucks…

  57. re Manning…wasn’t this the same conversation as in Green Bay when Rodgers was drafted to replace….(what was his name?). I’m a big Bears fan and wish they had stayed with…(what was his name?).

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