Goodbyes are in order

In case you all haven’t heard already, I will no longer be with the H-T starting a week from today. I had no intentions of leaving after just one year, especially with how exciting next year promises to be, but came calling and sold me on covering the Milwaukee Brewers, Bucks, and Marquette basketball for Fox Sports Wisconsin. Covering pro sports has always been the dream, and to reach that dream before my 24th birthday is a pretty huge blessing. I hope you regulars to the Scoop understand.

Coming out of college, I’d be lying if I said I knew much about IU basketball. But the tradition surrounding Bloomington and surrounding Assembly Hall is something that even surprised and impressed me in my one season here (and we’re talking about a guy who grew up in the shadow of the Big House in Ann Arbor). I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Indiana basketball fans are more intense than Michigan football fans, and although I’ve gotten some flack from some of those IU diehards in my time here, I appreciate how inspired you guys are by the Indiana basketball program. It makes our job as writers all the more interesting.

I know the Indiana basketball media will be remiss without it’s only fauxhawked member. (It was pointed out to me this afternoon via Twitter that Tom Crean has never had a losing season with a fauxhawk in the media — a fact I’m slightly proud of). But the IU media is full of classy guys who work really hard, and I think you guys will be just fine without me. Dustin, especially, is one of the best around at his craft of beat writing, and having seen firsthand how hard he works, hopefully you never lose sight of how valuable he is to this here blog.

Anyway, in my stead, the H-T has promoted Jeremy Price, who has done a lot of high school work and IU women’s basketball up until this point. So take this moment to follow him on Twitter, @jpprice. Jeremy will do a great job, and I know the H-T won’t miss a beat when I head for Milwaukee.

So thanks for everything, guys, and if you’re ever in Milwaukee or in need of my opinion for any reason (say, hair advice?), don’t hesitate to email me at

Until then, I know all of you were wondering…


  1. I am stunned and saddened. Sounds like a fabulous opportunity at such a young age…. though I still say the real reason you’re leaving has more to do with weeks upon weeks of continual placing the name your alma mater below the Hoosiers in next year’s Big 10 Power Rankings.

    All joking aside, gonna miss your positive vibe…I think I’ll even miss the hair. Good luck to you Ryan. You’re a class act.

  2. Almost forgot…On the bright side, with writing stories on the Bucks, you’ll still get to cover an Indiana basketball legend.

    High school and college

    In 1982 Skiles led Plymouth High School to the Indiana State Championship. Plymouth, with no starter taller than 6’2″ and no reserve taller than 6’6″, was considered to be the weakest of the final four teams in the tournament that year even though they were ranked #4 in the state with a record of 26-1 entering the state finals. Amazingly, they won the state title with a 75-74 double overtime victory over favored Gary Roosevelt. In that game Skiles scored 39 points (to follow-up his 30 point performance against Indianapolis Cathedral that morning) to lead the Pilgrims past the Roosevelt Panthers. His long 22-foot (6.7 m) field goal, that was well beyond where the current three-point line is (no three-point shot existed in 1982) as time expired sent the game into overtime. With a student body of 900, Plymouth is the smallest school to win the championship since Milan in 1954. Skiles scored 25 of his 39 points in the championship game after the third quarter of play. During the 1982 season Skiles led the state in scoring, averaging 30.2 points per game. He set several records during high school, including most points in a home game (53) and most points in an away game (56). He left Plymouth as the school’s all-time career scoring leader (1,788 points), a record that would stand until 2005 (Kyle Benge-1,979 points). Skiles had his number 22 jersey retired at Plymouth High School in 1992.(courtesy: Wikipedia)

  3. You’ll also, no doubt, be regaled by stories of the Bucks’ glory days under the on court guidance of one of the greatest Hoosiers ever, the “Big O”.

    Best of luck in your future. Stay away from the beer.

  4. That’s right, Chet…The “Big O” from Crispus Attucks…Probably the most compete player to ever play the game. There’s really no escaping Indiana hoops.

    Crean from Michigan to Wisconsin to Indiana..Kartje from Michigan to Indiana to Wisconsin…

    Has this completed the circle of life?

  5. Hey first off good luck to you. thanks for all that you did this year. Yes it was exciting Coach Crean and the Hoosiers showed College basketball we are back. I wish you well and I know you will do well up there. Well good luck to you. You know bloomington is always your home..Go HOO HOO HOOSIERS!!!!

  6. HUGE congratulations!!! Don’t get swallowed up and spit out by the media giant. Hopefully we’ll see you on First Take or some Fox version in a couple years debating some blowhard about how Brandon Jennngs IS an elite PG and the Kohl’s need to give him a max contract…

    Best of luck man!

  7. Whoa! Nice gig, Ryan! You were very classy and patient with us during your stint here. Best of luck to ya!

    Look forward to reading your story about Ryan Braun’s post-steroid numbers plummeting!

  8. Ryan, so you’re going to become a cheese-head. Hope you like sausage and beer and long, cold winters. Oh the sacrifices we make chasing the brass ring…..

    Seriously, congrats on a great step forward in your career.

    Go Bears, Go Cubs, and Go Bulls.

  9. You’ll be missed. But those of us without hair anymore will not miss our jealousy of your fauxhawk.

    Good luck with your writing and most importantly your drinking of The Beast in Milwaukee.

  10. Big time congrats to you, Ryan! Since you have to remain objective and can’t cheer for Marquette, you’ll need a team to privately cheer for and what team could be better than a team heading for #1, Indiana? See how nicely that worked out? Thanks for the work you’ve done here; we’ll miss you. All the best to you; you’re gonna do great in your new position.

  11. Congratulations, Ryan! That is exciting indeed and I am sure you will do great there. Our loss is Milwaukee’s gain. Thanks for the past year. It was a blast, wasn’t it?

  12. I wonder if there’ll be a weekly Central Division Power Rankings with the Pistons always slightly higher than they should be….

  13. Congrats and so long, Ryan. You’ve done a good job!

    I certainly hope Jeremy Price raises his game with this new assignment. I follow the IU women’s basketball team and have not been impressed at all with his coverage of the team over the past couple of years or so. His articles have been too basic and frankly boring. That include insufficient recruiting coverage that lags well behind what fans already know about the team’s recruiting.

    My friends who have followed the women’s team for many years and are somewhat insiders from working at IU say Mr. Price seems to be an IU PR guy, always parroting the IU company line and never reporting anything until after IU has announced it. But maybe that’s what the H-T wanted with its women’s basketball coverage and he will be different and more active and interesting in this new role with such a highly anticipated season ahead. I hope so.

  14. Wear your hair as you damn well please but immediately purchase a Cheesehead hat.
    Enjoy the many varieties of brats and sausages.
    Enjoy the libations of beer, brandy and of course the different variations of snowshoes(brandy and schnapps).
    Make sure you take your Winter clothes from Michigan.
    Before you arrive acquire the password to the Safe House.
    Also right off the bat let them know your IQ about Milwaukee BB history. The Bucks drafted the last collegiate center from an undefeated NC team, Kent Benson of IU.
    Makes me wish I was starting all over again. Give em hell.

  15. Great for you!
    Looks like the Bucks and Bulls are going to have a few years competing at a high level. It will be fun to experience. MU basketball needs to hit the chicago talent…..

    Enjoy a nice pork shank dinner at Maders!

    Enjoy the summer.

  16. Congrats sir. You are entering a market at the right time, the Brewers are a good game in that town. Marquette will be fun as well.

    My wife and I go up there a few times a year for Brewers and Bucks games when they play the Bulls. Summerfest is also a must for us. We’ll drop you a line.

    AJ Bombers for Burgers, Lakefront and New Glarus for libations.

    Best Regards,

  17. Best of luck Ryan. I have enjoyed watching you grow over the past several months. Can’t say I will miss the fauxhawk… and yes I still have all of my hair! Eat a brat, some fried curds and drink a Leinie for me when you reach the land of cheese.

  18. I have a candidate for the women’s coverage: Justin Albers. Give the kid from the IDS a shot at the big leagues.

    If not, how about someone from the Scoop whose writing we all admire and who strives to know more about IU athletics than just the “cash cow” sports? Tsao?

    Never mind. That would never work. Somehow I get the feeling that someone behind the scenes is controlling all the hiring decisions…

  19. HT,
    Albers would be a great candidate. Have a lot of respect for his work ethic. But he’s a junior and has another year of college left.
    And I’m pretty sure Tsao’s above our paygrade for this particular gig. And I’m not joking about that.

  20. Dustin-

    I don’t doubt it. I’m sure there are a lot of posters on here you could say that about.

    By the way (and I have no clue why I am thinking about this just now), last year I almost came up and introduced myself to you when I saw you at Yogi’s with a pack of Steeler fans (was it a Mark Bruener jersey you were wearing? Merril Hodge?). BUT…given that the Steelers were shutting out my Seahawks at that moment, and that I was decked out in my hometown colors, I decided I’d rather not place myself in the line of fire. Maybe next time.

  21. I feel like a slut. Ryan just came in here, teased me, and then he’s on his way like I’m nothing special. I hope he stays longer in Wisconsin. Anyway, can we hire someone who thinks “It’s Indiana” and not someone just looking to use us.

  22. I know it shouldn’t matter, but I think anyone who wears their hair the way he does, especially a “professional”, looks like a complete idiot.

    3rd grade boys? Go for it. Adults/people with “real” jobs?

    Grow up.

    I think they’re just trying to get attention and I don’t take them seriously. I stopped watching most of the after-game videos because I thought he looked like a joke.

    What’s next? Someone with “Palin rocks” shaved on the side of their head? Or a face full of jewelry with nose-rings and the rest of their face pierced?

  23. Ryan,

    Great news for you, man. Congrats on landing such a great gig and I wish you the best of luck. It was great having you around here.

    I know you’ll do great. Having to suffer through an Indiana Football season (especially last year) can tax even the hardest of men. You’ll go in there with alligator skin!


  24. Hey Laffy,

    How about not making this thread about you? Real grown-ups worry less about hair and more about not ripping on people as they are saying their good-byes with grace and gratitude.

  25. DD, now you’ve done it. Now he’s gonna go off about how he is the center of the uninverse and how everyone attacks him and blah, blah, blah…


  26. Bob Knight once said: “If rape is enjoyable, relax and enjoy it”. Thanks for the memories Ryan. You are a great writer.

  27. Ryan even though you were a UM guy I appreciated your work and your writing ability. it won’t be the same without you on the Q & A every Thursday. We keep losing guys from the Scoop. first Chris, then Hugh and now you. I guess we have really good guys working this beat and they are getting noticed.

    Well good luck in Milwaukee. Fox Sports is a good company and hope it goes well. Think of us at IU when we are in the top ten next year. Pretty sure we will be there even if that little weasel Seth Davis does not vote for us. 🙂

    Later…….OSD is gone

  28. Chet…I was thinking the same exact d(arn) thing… didn’t dare comment 2DD and held my breath hoping the moment would pass unnoticed …sort of like sliding into home,… feeling the glove touch (and the lump of the ball) …and hearing the umpire yell ….SSS-AFF-E-!!!!

    Nothing happened….nuthin!!! (shhhh)

  29. I knew that I’d be risking a flame war, but I just had to say it. I just felt that this was a positive thread to let Ryan know that we really valued his contributions and professionalism while working the IU beat. It has been such a great year, probably the most significant in IU’s modern history, and Ryan (and Dustin of course!) did a great job in covering it.

  30. DD–

    How did I “make this thread about me”?

    I was offering the guy some advice. I got LOTS of advice in my early years that helped me.

    And I didn’t say anything that most of the board wasn’t thinking anyway. You must be saying there aren’t many “real” grown-ups on here as MANY have said it looks dumb.

    I think Ryan is a great writer. I think he offered good insight.

    Just think he needs to lose the stupid haircut.

    Somehow, I don’t think he’s so thin-skinned over my advice as the rest of you are.

  31. Ryan, I don’t know if you fish and golf but about 1-1/2 hours north is Green Lake. I haven’t been for several years but it ‘s a pretty nice little town, deepest inland lake in Wisconsin. Not as commercial as Lake Geneva.

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