1. Dustin what do you think about Etherington going off scholarship next year (and paying his own way) and taking a redshirt? Then he comes back the year after on scholarship again — getting 4 years of scholarship money. Seems like a sort of fair scenario assuming his parents can afford to pay his in-state tuition this year and then he gets to get a graduate degree paid for in his 5th year. Probably a good overall educational value.

  2. Can’t say I’ll miss the fauxhawk as I never thought anything about it one way or the other. But I will miss Ryan. Seems like a good kid and I enjoyed his stories. Glad you’re sticking with us Dustin. Thanks, guys! Interesting choices the scholly situation presents. Still think it will get worked out in the next couple months and everyone stays. Hope so any way.

  3. Im not sure how these coach/player/family discussions go when dealing with scholarships… so I’m wondering if it would be out of bounds to approach Zeller about giving up his scholarship? He clearly will be millionaire in the future, has a brother who’ll be one this summer, and another brother who is probably making good money as property of the Spurs. As far as I can tell his parents are doing ok – probably not rich – but certainly comfortable. I’m wondering if Cody or the Zellers would take offense to that or if they would have the perspective that they are a very fortunate family with an abundant future and a kid like Austin (who is also a great friend) won’t be quite as fortunate…


  4. Geoff, Beard, I’d say both of those possibilities have logical benefits. I’d say Beard’s suggestion is more likely to happen, but at the end of the day, you’re asking these parents — who unlike the rest of parents, haven’t been budgeting to pay for college because they presumed they wouldn’t have to — for literally thousands of dollars. I’m not a big fan of speculating on family bank accounts there, so I’m not sure who’s capable of pulling that off and who isn’t.

  5. Depending upon AE educational goals that could work out just find. If he’s in a 5 year program or planning on graduate school taking a fifth year on scholly could be pretty sweet.

  6. Funny how the “fairness” philosophy has even crept into who gets scholarships and who can afford to pay their own. Cody Zeller will bring lots of bucks to IU and to say he will make millions in the future so make him pay his way is ludicrous. What if he paid and them God forbid broke his leg and never played pro? Would he get paid back? How about we stop over signing.

  7. Instead of Cody giving up his scholarship, can we just ask Romney to give up 10% his offshore holdings and pay a fair tax on them? Upon completion, then we go after making Brett Finkelmeir, now in Dental School, to pay us back for his first two years he received a free tuition ride and use those funds to give Crean a bit of McDonald’s drive-thru extra spending money.

    You guys don’t need to worry. Remy will be forced out. Yogi, VO, Watford, and Jordy..We have plenty of guys to bring the ball up court. College is now the NBA. There is no loyalty. You’re just a ranking, a number, and a indentured servant in a uniform with a very large insurance policy paid for by an NBA executive.

  8. I was about to make the same point Chet. Also, I’m not saying it would be “fair” to ask that of Cody, I’m just wondering how it would be received. Obviously Cody and Austin are very close friends. One is going to the NBA and the other isn’t. Not that Tyler would do it, but he could buy a new Benz and pay for Cody’s college tuition in cash with his first paycheck. I am assuming that Cody will be a benefactor of the basketball program in a few years anyway, donating back at least what was paid out in scholarship money. So how about just fast-forward the process a couple years?

    Over-signing is a common, and often necessary, procedure… It’s not like they went all crazy and offered themselves into a situation they would struggle to get out of. They are over-signed by 1 and will figure it out without hurting the program. Whichever kid is affected will have a promising future whether it be at IU or somewhere else.

  9. I think that Cody is the last guy that should be asked to give up his scholarship… however he is probably the only player on the team capable of getting a full academic ride at IU. Based on his credentials coming in and his freshman year grades, this seems possible.

    Although again, it would be very odd for a player of Cody’s caliber to sacrifice an athletic scholarship.

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