Indiana’s Smith, Purdue’s Charles draw suspensions for actions in brawl

Indiana’s Casey Smith and Purdue’s Eric Charles were both served with one-game suspensions for their roles in a benches-clearing brawl at this weekend’s Big Ten Tournament. The brawl started when Charles slid hard into Indiana’s Michael Basil. The release from the conference office follows.

Park Ridge, Ill. – The Big Ten Conference office announced that it will impose a one-game suspension on baseball student-athletes Eric Charles of Purdue and Casey Smith of Indiana for violating the Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement. Charles will be suspended for Purdue’s opening NCAA Championship game on Friday, June 1, while Smith will be suspended for Indiana’s first game of the 2013 season.

The Big Ten determined that the actions of Charles and Smith during an altercation in the ninth inning of the Big Ten Baseball Tournament championship game on Saturday, May 26, violated Big Ten Conference Agreement 10.01.1.A.1 – “Striking or attempting to strike or otherwise physically abusing an official, opposing coach, spectator or athlete.” The conference office also publicly reprimanded Charles and Smith for their actions.

The Big Ten Conference considers this matter concluded and will have no further comment.


  1. Almost looked as if Purdues 3B coach struck one of our players during the video.

  2. OK sorry, but Charles should have received the greater of the two suspensions. There was just no excuse for that type of move on his part and Casey is lucky he didn’t suffer a serious injury. You don’t do what he did unless you want to hurt somebody – he didn’t even attempt a slide. Totally premeditated.

    Casey should not have retaliated, but I probably would have done the same thing in the heat of the moment. One game is fine.

  3. Yeah, it’s too bad Purdue doesn’t show much sportsmanship. I think they still have a grudge from us beating them two times in Men’s basketball!

  4. HoosierVA, it wasnt smith that Charles cheap-shot. I don’t know how Smith got it. Yeah it was total b.s. cheap-shot, no other reason but to hurt the iu boy, Basil. I was irate watching the play unfold. It did look like Purdue’s 3rd base coach(head coach) throwing a punch. It was Charles, being restrained by PU coach, throwing a punch that connected on (looked like) Justin Cureton. Charles deserves no less than 5 games, but he is all-conference. We know stars have a different set of rules, especially us Pacers fans

  5. smith got it because hes saw a purdue player punch an IU player and retaliated with a punch of his own…

  6. HoosierVA – Casey was not the guy who was slid into. That was Basil and he was not suspended. Casey wasn’t even playing.

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