BCS approves four-team college football playoff

The presidential oversight committee of the Bowl Championship Series voted to approve the conference commissioners’ proposal of a four-team playoff.

The press conference is still going on in Washington, D.C., but here’s a bare bones story from Yahoo! Sports. I’ll put something up when there’s something with more depth written later.

UPDATE: The full story from Heather Dinich (IDS alum) of ESPN.com.


  1. Nothing is really finalized. I have two questions.

    1. What will be the status of the Big East?
    2. Where does this leave ND?

    I believe the answer to both questions is, IN TROUBLE!

  2. Championship game goes to the highest bidder. Looks like the NCAA/BCS found another way to make a bunch of money.

  3. Wrong, Jeremy, and that’s the amazing part. This is not an NCAA playoff, it is a BCS playoff- the NCAA is actually leaving money on the table by leaving the championship in the hands of a private “non-profit” institution. The NCAA sets the rules for determining the champ in every other sport from basketball to beanbag, but not in major program football.

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