CBS Sports’ Goodman ranks IU-UNC No. 2 non-conference game for 2012-13

Jeff Goodman of ranked the top 55 non-conference games scheduled so far for the 2012-13 season. Goodman ranked Indiana’s home game with North Carolina in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge No. 2 behind Louisville-Kentucky. Indiana’s game against Butler in the Crossroads Classic is ranked No. 20.

Goodman did not take potential matchups in exempt tournaments into account, only games that are definitively scheduled to happen. For that reason, Indiana’s potential game with UCLA in the Legends Classic was not considered.


  1. Let’s see. IU is going to play UNC in B-town. They’re going to play Butler. They may play UCLA. And we have not even gotten to the Big Ten regular season. Who needs Kentucky with that schedule?

    IU and The Movement are going to get a lot of exposure on National TV this season. If they play the way they are capable, they could run the table in non-conference play. Going to be much harder to get tickets for home games from now on in. Those people that were giving them away two years ago will be treasuring them from now on or selling them for quite a profit. Those students that were apathetic about attending BB games the last two years are going to be scrambling for every available ticket this year.

    Bloomington is going to be a great and exciting environment during the late fall and winter for years to come. Fun stuff!

  2. This speculation is fine for killing time in June, but I’d really like an update on the scholarship situation. I know, Dustin’s on the beat and probably just doesn’t have anything new, but the suspense is becoming unpleasant.

    Would it be feasible,and permissible under NCAA rules, to split the last scholarship between two players? The scenario I’m envisioning is if we’ve got two players whose families can afford half the cost of attendance for a year, could they each be on half scholarship? Would those players even go for that?

    I know in some sports that’s done, but not sure if it has any merit in this situation. Coach might look at me like I’m nuts for suggesting it. Just pondering.

  3. Although scholarships can be split in some NCAA sports, men’s basketball isn’t one of them.

  4. In defense of Dustin– It is obvious to me that Dustin is trying to cover and write three-four different stories per day, a column and participate in this blog while probably carrying out desk duties. This, at the same time he is trying to figure out comp time for all the travel and late hours that go into being a reporter…

    When Kartje left for his TV gig, the HT reduced the staff by one full-timer somewhere. They moved Price up from the bench, leaving the HT with one Sports Editor (PAt Beane- an obviously very good one), two experienced major sports reporter/analysts (Graham and Dopirak), moving up a solid ‘rookie’ (not a wise-a__ remark, just basing on relativity) with AAA experience moving up and- from my stand point- an unknown as to depth in the squad.

    So…our coverage of ‘prospective recruits’, barely post-puberty 14-year-old hot shots, treatment of some sports that are major to some of us while minor to the myopic may suffer, but that is the reality of the modern day small city daily (again, no offense meant at all- boy! we must have some sensitive folks). Not only are print-word journalism incomes (thus budgets) being reduced, but we’re now expecting them to contribute to an entirely new and separate medium- the internet on an hourly basis, – which demands you Twitter from the stall in the bathroom to keep the reader current and happy.

    To be honest (despite my occasional protestations to the contrary), I am astounded at the content of the HT sports page and especially at the quality of the writers, especially Graham and Dopirak. Both would be a luxury in a big market like Chicago, New York, etc. And, both do so in a very outstanding informative, literary way.

    (Not to even mention Bob Hammel’s decades of great American writing).

  5. I think Dustin does a great job.

    Would I like more recruiting info?


    But, as you said, he’s very busy.

  6. I like some news about recruiting, but tend to have disdain for too much “speculative puff,” such as a story that reports “so-and-so, from ESPN College Hoops Blog reports that an unnamed source told him that Tommy Tallest is considering joining Indiana University’s class of 2016. Tommy’s eighth-grade teacher was quoted as saying that Tommy really likes IU’s warm-up uniforms….” That kind of information is worthless.

    If IU makes an offer, it’s news. If a student athlete visits IU’s campus or attends a Tom Crean/IU BB camp, it’s news. When a recruit signs a letter of intent, it’s news. Otherwise, it’s usually speculative puff and a waste of time.

    Just my opinion.

  7. Eric,
    As has been noted, it’s impossible to split scholarships in basketball or football. Certain sports are head count sports,which are full scholarship or no scholarship. Some are equivalency sports which allow scholarship money to be spread throughout the roster. Men’s basketball and football are head count sports, and therefore the scholarships can not be split.
    This is my most recent update and to my knowledge there’s nothing new to report.

    Aruss’s criticism is fair and I do need to step up my game and dig on on some of the recent visits.

  8. Well defined Podunker. And for similar reasons, I’m not sure we should be following 8th and 9th graders (IMO)

  9. TsaoTsuG,
    The Herald-Times did not reduce our sports staff by one person when Ryan left. We hired a full-time sports reporter to cover high schools and do some of the night desk duties. Dustin, Andy, Jeremy and the entire sports staff under Pat’s leadership do a great job and get a lot of info into the paper and website every day — thanks for appreciating and respecting their work. Mayer

  10. Dustin,

    I wasn’t giving you a hard time. I know you’re wearing many hats. I come to the Scoop at least daily, which tells you how much I enjoy it. I usually don’t comment, but I’m reading. The oversign situation is just starting to give me anxiety. I don’t think Crean is at fault, given the uncertain roster situation he inherited, the possibility of players declaring/not declaring for the draft, and Creek’s maybe/maybe not status on coming back. Still, something’s got to give soon, and I hate to see someone squeezed, as I think we have all good players and solid students on the team.

    Thanks for clarifying the distinction between head count and equivalency sports. I didn’t know of this distinction.

    Again, just wanted to establish that I wasn’t criticizing you, just expressing my anxiety over the situation.

  11. I comment largely to second the compliments from Mr. TsaoTsuG to Mr. Dopirak and the other staffers. As they say “it ain’t easy” my friends, and they do an excellent job. Thanks, gentlemen!

    And, as long as I’ve “taken pen to paper,” I would also somewhat differ on the issue of the importance of the coverage of recruiting in today’s world just by saying that the whole thing becomes rather tedious and speculative at some point, at least to me. Breathless anticipation that some kid MAY sign seems to me a bit overblown although probably a huge boost to their egos.

    I survived just fine before this era when all most of us knew were those who actually signed.

  12. It’s hard to imagine that UK/UL could have that much fan interest outside Kaintuck. UK I can see but I’ve never met anyone in a different part of the country, that wasn’t an alumni, that was a Louisville fan. I have for IU, Kansas, Michigan, OSU, Duke, UCLA and many other schools but never for U of L.

  13. Even people in Kentucky don’t like Luhlville. This state is 99.0% UK, and 1.0% to split among the rest. Now that I live in Nashville, I see about as many UK stickers/license plates as I do UT stickers/plates. Yuck.

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