Chad Martin goes to Cubs in 10th round

Indiana senior right-hander Chad Martin was taken in the 10th round by the Chicago Cubs in what IU coach Tracy Smith called a pleasant surprise. Martin struggled early in the season and was taken out of the starting rotation, but finished strong and ended the season with a 2-3 record with a 4.79 earned run average. The 6-foot-7, 230-pound right-hander played two years with the Hoosiers after transferring from Vincennes College.


  1. A proud Hoosier’s letter to Micah Johnson and Chad Martin:

    Great to hear of Chad Martin’s coming to the northside and to our beloved Cubs. It will be fun to sit in the cheaps and sing Indiana Our Indiana when the Cubbies take the field in the fourth game of the Series in 2015, wearing Cubbie Blue and a Hoosiers wrist band.

    Johnson, of course we are also kind of proud of you as a Hoosier. However, it is unfortunate (it really sucks!) that you are headed for the southside, 12 blocks away (more or less) from the stockyards.(The neighborhood across the highway to the east is known as Back of the Yards. You’ll know you are near and why they call it Back of the Yards when the breeze comes from the East(the lake).

    Do remember one thing Johnson. As a southsider you have a right to go only as far as approximately the cop shop on 11th and State (pretty close to where our beloved Chicago cops so lovingly ‘protected’ the right to free speech of the Occupy misery during the NATO meetings. While we tried to allow them to express themselves in the Yards- we tried to lose them in the stockyards-, but decided instead to grant the cows one last wish.

    If you head north towards our Temple in Wrigleyville and accidentally and no fault of our own make it to the river, understand when you come to the bridge- by City Council resolution- you are to turn your butt around in a U turn at the south shore and head back to your manure pasture on 31st. You’ll know when you are getting close to home…the stink rising from the dead cattle and rat meat floating on the south branch of the Chicago River is unmistakeable. (The green stuff you see floating is either a very old chicken or very new cheese).

    Welcome to Chicago

    Go Hoosiers, Go Cubs!!! ____the White Sox!

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