Crean on IU-Kentucky: “We should all move on.”

STARLIGHT — Indiana coach Tom Crean was asked about Kentucky coach and close friend John Calipari’s comments at a press conference Tuesday in which he said he told Crean to “move on.” Crean said he agreed.

“If it’s a rivalry, it’s a two-way street,” Crean said. “The scheduling of a rivalry should be a two-way street. We definitely tried to do that. It didn’t work out that way. I saw where he said that he told me to move on. I remember us talking about that we should all move on. I also said to him, ‘Let it go. Pick your next fight. We’re not it any more.’ … It’s obviously not going to happen. I just don’t think he wants to come to Bloomington anymore. I don’t think that’s a secret. It is what it is, so they can do what they think is best for them and we’re gonna do what’s best for us.”

Crean said it’s unlikely that IU will start another home-and-home series with a marquee opponent because it’s getting late in the process, but he would like to have a major one next year.

Crean did say however that “something came up with television today that we’re going to look at,” meaning that there was a suggestion for some sort of made-for-television matchup. He did not elaborate further or say that Indiana would definitely agree to the suggestion.

Crean also said that he would be open to discussing a series with Louisville, though he said it would be highly unlikely that such a series could begin this year.Crean


  1. Maybe Crean and Calipari should move on –seriously . Destroying this rivalry due to arrogance seems absurd.Maybe CTC should consult Joyce Meyer for the wisdom to solve the impasse.

  2. Crean should move on with his relationship with the scum from KY. Friends don’t do friends this way. I still cannot believe Crean is friends with this guy. This guy epitomizes what is wrong in college basketball, yet our coach likes him. This coach mentioned Knight in his rant the other day but what he doesn’t realize is Knight hated KY and still does and would never be friends with the head coach. Heck even Mike Davis admitted he hated KY. Move on to other friends Coach. You don’t need this negativity in your life.

  3. real iu, have you been reading/listening to all the efforts by CTC/Glass to make this happen? NO arrogance on our part, we went 3/4 of the way. Get real or change your name, you are not a real IU fan.

  4. KY doesn’t want to play IU anymore since the team is back and is not going to be the easy W anymore.

    Good ridance! If KY has Calipari, how long til the sanction from the NCAA come.

  5. The game is bigger than where played. I.U. is the biggest loser and that will be clear in time how Crean/Glass mangle
    and muck up!

  6. Are some of you really at the point that you feel the need to judge Crean on who he’s friends with? Seriously?

    Look, I’ve never met Calipari, but I bet if I did I’d find him to be a very engaging and charismatic person. You dont become the best recruiter this sport has ever seen without the ability to sell yourself and your ideas. I guess what Im trying to say is that Calipari is probably very likeable. That being said, just because you like someone doesnt mean you agree with everything they say or do.

    I just find it extremely superficial and self serving to attack Crean based on any of his friendships, including Calipari.

  7. Most can see through the facade of likable guy. Jerry Sandusky was probably quite charismatic. You can be likable and still have a shred of moral fiber. And most can see through using the Bible to construct your own image. Of course, you can have deep faith in a god of your preference and have no need to spray paint it on your back everyday like a billboard at every street corner.

    We chose likable and shallow and unethical and pious and blindly egotistical and morally corrupt and discriminatory and hypocritical and intolerant everyday if it means our precious little sports team they coach can win more games than lose.

    If Calipari wants to hang around with a likable scumbag bigot, that’s his choice..All I care is we kick Wildcat a$$ when we finally have a team that can do so.

  8. You obviously missed the point. And I’d be willing to bet you’ve never met or dealt face to face with Calipari. Look, Im not defending Coach Cal, but I dont see what the big deal is that Coach Crean calls him his friend. None of us are privy to their relationship.

    Next time, try to stay on topic. It makes for a better post.

  9. I get the point perfectly. Though they may appear very charismatic, Calipari is a poor judge of character when it comes to friends. If I met his friend face-to-face, I could probably understand why.

  10. I guess I was wrong. You need to do a lot more than just stay on topic to make a good post.

  11. And here’s the main point…Yes, we should all move on.

    Doesn’t change the fact that it sure would have been nice to kick some likable Wildcat a$$ when we finally have a team that can do so.

    Not all is lost…Maybe we’ll still get a chance to do so in the NCAA tournament.

    Maybe in a hundred years the Huskies will get a rematch with Purdue..Losing to Kentucky in the NCAA tournament is still easier to swallow than losing to a decent man with a crappy team that’s never won an NCAA title. If you don’t get that chance, you can still be friends with Kentucky.

  12. I do like your clever name. I’m not of very good character, but if you met me, you might see otherwise. Take care, Jetro.

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