Curt Miller talks shop

I got a chance to interview new Indiana University women’s basketball coach Curt Miller today. The wide-ranging interview will be broken into multiple stories over the coming days and weeks in The Herald-Times. But here’s a few notes worth highlighting:

  • Miller said the Hoosiers have done a good job scrambling to the finish line in 2012 recruiting (signing two, picking up a walk-on and getting two transfers) and playing catch up in 2013 (four commits). But he said, “Without question, I think the biggest impact in recruiting is going to be in the younger classes, where we may be behind a little bit, but there is time to make up ground.”
  • On recruiting both skill and athleticism: “We can’t recruit a team that’s greatly skilled and lacks athleticism top to bottom. But on the contrary, we can’t have 15 great athletes that can’t play the game and don’t have the skillset necessary to compete. There’s got to be a balance when you put your roster together.”
  • On the current roster: “There’s more here than I thought.”
  • On point guard play and recruitment: “How (the point guards) adapt and how they fit into the pick-and-roll game will be a big piece of this. We continue to explore point play as we move forward not only with the team we have now but in future recruiting.”
  • He said one of the keys to improving attendance is to make the team “touchable,” which means after games the team will not leave the floor, allowing family, friends, children, autograph-seekers, etc. the chance to mingle with them, win or lose. Also, drawing more students might require more creative marketing and giveaways, i.e. — free stuff.
  • On scheduling, Miller wants more home non-conference games, even if it means spending more on guarantee money for the visitors, money that’s used up on travel when the team goes on the road anyway. He would be interested in having that home slate include hosting a tournament with a lead sponsor. And, yes, he would be willing to play Bowling Green in the future, too.
  • Kaila Hulls’ appeal for immediate eligibility is in the hands of the NCAA, and a response isn’t expected until late August or early September.


  1. Thank you, Jeremy. Indiana women’s basketball has a long road to success. Good luck to coach Miller.

  2. Agree, Jay, that it looks to be a long road. Gotta think Coach Miller is the guy to get ‘er done, though. Might not take as long as we think, either. Things are looking up.

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