Indiana basketball one of seven IU teams with perfect single-year APR score for 2010-11

The Indiana men’s basketball teams was one of seven teams at IU to boast a perfect single year score on the Academic Progress Report for 2010-11, released Wednesday. That gets the Hoosiers further out of the APR woods with a four-year score of 952. IU coach Tom Crean posted single-year scores of 975, 1000 and 1000 in his first three years and likely posted something similar in the 2011-12 campaign. the Hoosiers are still carrying the 811 from Kelvin Sampson’s final year as coach, but that comes off the books next year.

Football posted a four-year score of 964 and baseball earned public recognition for its four-year score of 992. Women’s swimming and men’s golf posted perfect four-year scores of 1000. Six other teams posted perfect 1000 single-year scores for 2010-11. They were men’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s swimming and diving, women’s swimming and diving, women’s tennis and women’s water polo. Men’s golf, women’s tennis, men’s track and field, and women’s track and field all have the top four-year marks in the Big Ten.

Indiana’s release, including links to the APR site, follows.

Indiana Athletics Exceeds NCAA APR Standards

With seven teams earning a perfect 1,000 APR for the 2010-11 academic year, Indiana University’s 24 sports comfortably exceed NCAA required standards according to the NCAA’s most recent multi-year Academic Progress Rate report .

The seven programs to earn a perfect score for 2010-11 were men’s basketball, men’s cross country, men’s golf, men’s swimming and diving, women’s swimming and diving, women’s tennis and women’s water polo. Men’s golf, women’s tennis, men’s track and field and women’s track and field (tied) all have the top multiyear mark among their peers in the Big Ten conference.

“I want to congratulate our student-athletes, coaches and staff for embracing this high priority for our department,” said IU Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass.  “These are successes of which all of Hoosier Nation should be proud of.”

Last week, the NCAA also recognized the IU baseball, men’s golf, and women’s tennis programs with an APR Public Recognition Award which is given to high-performing teams who rank among the top ten percent in the country in their particular sport.

The Academic Progress Rate is a real-time measure of eligibility and retention of student-athletes competing on every Division I sports team.

Noting The APR
• The most recent APR scores are based on a multi-year rate that averages scores from the 2007-08, 2008-09, 2009-10 and 2010-11 academic years.

• Under the revised penalty structure, the Division I Board of Directors has set a cut score of 900 (out of 1,000) as a threshold for teams to meet or face possible sanctions. That cut score will increase to 930 in a few years.  An APR of 930 projects a 50 percent Graduation Success Rate (GSR).

• The goal of the NCAA’s academic performance program is improvement, not punishment. Not only does the program ensure accountability for student-athletes, teams and institutions, but also it provides fairness by considering individual circumstances per team and school.

• This year marks the eighth year of APR data for most teams. The APR is a multi-year rate based on the most recent four years of data.

IU Athletics                                 Multiyear APR
Baseball                                        992
Field Hockey                                994
Football                                        964
Men’s Basketball                         952     (Has improved from 866 under Tom Crean.  Last 3 years were 975, 1,000 and 1,000)
Men’s Cross Country                   993
Men’s Golf                                   1,000
Men’s Soccer                                989
Men’s Swimming                         974
Men’s Tennis                                953
Men’s Track                                 992  (Indoor and Outdoor)
Wrestling                                     970
Softball                                        979
Women’s Basketball                    981
Women’s Cross Country             987
Women’s Golf                             992
Rowing                                       983
Women’s Soccer                        995
Women’a. Swimming                997
Women’s Tennis                       1,000
Women’s Track                         991  (Indoor and Outdoor)
Water Polo                                 986

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Note: The main NCAA academic database <>  is the source for all APR data after 2 p.m.


  1. Congratulations to all the student-athletes who helped IU to such stellar performance. The notion of a student-athlete taking real classes in a real major at a real school isn’t an anachronism and certainly isn’t dead. You merely have to follow the right conference to encounter this ideal, alive and well. I’m proud of IU in this respect (and many others).

  2. Now that’s impressive. Too bad the NCAA does not punish those Universities that scoff at academic performance more harshly.

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