IU-UMass game set for 3:30 p.m.

From IU Sports info:

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana football team will face Massachusetts on Sept. 8 at 3:30 p.m. ET. ESPN3 willtelevise the game, which will be played at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass.

This will be the first meeting between the two programs.

IU now has seven game times set. The Hoosiers will host Indiana State (Sept. 1), Ball State (Sept. 15) and Ohio State (Oct. 13) at 8 p.m. ET on BTN.

Indiana will welcome Michigan State for Homecoming on Oct. 6 and will travel to Illinois on Oct. 27. Both kickoffs are set for noon ET.

The Hoosiers Oct. 20 road contest at Navy will start at 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS Sports Network.


  1. IU must win this game!

    This reminds me of the time, many years ago, when IU played UConn the year before UConn became a DI team. I believe IU lost that game in Bloomington. I believe it was the first game Bill Lynch had to take over because Hep was sick (I could be way off on that).

  2. Actually, the game was at UConn in 2003. I believe that UConn had been D1 for two years. I believe the coach was DiNardo.

  3. JG you are right about the 2003 UConn game. But what PO was relating too was the home game against UConn in 2006 which IU lost 14-7.

  4. Sorry about that. I do agree that IU needs to win this game. I don’t predict a bowl game but I feel there are going to be some surprised fans this year.

  5. This should be an exciting game…the teams look to be quite evenly matched. I hope we prevail but away games are always challenging and UMass has a lot to prove. Go Hoosiers.

  6. Po and JG,

    I concur with “surprised” being the key word this Fall. I also keep in the back of my mind the words Coach Wilson used in face to face conversations during each of the recent Tailgate Tours “we have a lot of work to do”. I think he is optimistic about improvement but damn realistic about bowl bid possibilities. I personally believe even though the QB situation is somewhat fluid again this year it is fluid because of competition with much better talent(thanks to Coach Littrell)and I believe that fact alone adds 2 more wins. If the D and ST’s(in hopes of thanking Coach Fabris)can add 2 more, now that would be improvement. Can’t wait.

  7. Matter of opinion as to whether or not he should, but I can say with absolute certainty that if IU goes 4-8 Wilson will not be fired on the basis of performance.

  8. Dustin,

    ON the web site Eleven Warriors.com is a tremendous article written by Ramzy Nasallah titled B1GGIE and PAC Against the World, dated 6/5/2k12. It is mind expanding facts from an articulate author.


  9. JG,

    Near every FB HC IU has hired knew the situation and what had to change. I think Coach Wilson is the only 1 hired that has in less than 1 year figured out how to do it and has the AD’s support to get it down. He is a quick study and has the ability to adapt w/o his ego getting in the way.

    The video from Nicks is infectious.

  10. Aruss, your post #8 qualifies you as a candidate for the dumbest post of the month.

    If IU goes 1-11 again in 2012, Wlson will be back for 2013. That’s probably not going to happen, but even if it did, IU won’t fire the new coach after two years.

    Think it through, man.

  11. Aruss
    Friday, June 8, 2012 – 11:48 AM EDT

    Wilson needs 6 wins to keep his job.

    Yeah, in 2014, not this season.

  12. If IU goes 1-11 or 3-8 for the next couple of years, then no doubt he should be canned (my opinion, DD), but the dollars and sense (pun intended) of a buyout of his contract won’t allow it.

    Someone else had posted on an earlier thread to lament that we would not be playing Minn. soon. Not so, the Gophers are in Bloomington in 2013 and we go there in 2014. Good chance to compare IU’s decision to hire a guy from a big-time progran with no head coaching experience cf. Minn.’s decision to hire a very successful head coach with MAC-type experience.

  13. You know, Bill Lynch had head coaching experience. It was horrific but it was head coaching experience. As often as not, the guys that make the big program turn arounds are the big time assistants that are given the big chance (Alvarez for example).

    We took a guy that was a terrible MAC coach and expected miracles. Our bad, not his.

    Let’s wait and see. I like what I’m seeing. It’s different than what we’ve been being fed. There’s a no bull$hit attitude of toughness that’s been missing.

    Maybe this time.

  14. Great post Jay regg. Thanks!! What a great quote from coach Wilson!! And, not many are going to say what he said about 1-11. Sometimes it begins with that attitude. Thanks again.

  15. davis; you need to think it through. IU was near the bottom of the barrel when Wilson took over the football team. He had to flush a bunch of players from the old culture. He has to recruit a bunch of players that are bigger, faster, and stronger. Then he has to coach those new players up while allowing their bodies to mature. This takes time. It takes years.

    Look how long it took Crean to turn IU’s decimated BB program around, and IU is a BB “mecca.”

    Wilson got a 7 year contract. IU is not going to fire him for a 3-8 season after the second or third year, as long as their are signs of improvement. They won’t do it because it would set the program back and because they won’t want to pay the buyout, which I believe would be a couple million bucks.

  16. Barring a series of one win seasons Wilson is bulletproof for at least 5 years.

    As he should be.

    When people are hired to fix a gawdawful mess caused by their predecessor you’d better be prepared to be patient.

  17. I’m just hoping for a .500 season in the next 2 or 3 years and then I expect us to start winning bowl games.

  18. Reggie; it is unlikely that IU football will win five or six games in the 2012 season. I’d be very happy if they did, but I think three or four games in more likely.

    We have to be careful about our expectations for a couple more years. I’d be happy if IU won three games this year and played the Big Ten schedule real tough, avoiding blow-outs and being competitive in those games. If they win four games, that’s a bonus. If they win five, that would be huge! But three wins and competitive losses to Big Ten teams this year will fill me a lot of hope for 2013.

    It’s a long term process. This year, Indiana is still going to be young, a bit undersized, and very inexperienced. I think they have better athletic talent, but that talent must be allowed to mature, both physically and mentally. And remember, these new rules that limit the amount of practice time for college teams make it harder, and a longer process for a coaching staff to turn a program around.

  19. I didn’t say this year. I said that in the 2013-2014 season I would like to see them reach .500.

  20. Reggie, my mistake. I should have read your post more carefully. I thought you meant for the next two or three years. My apologies.

    Jay Gregg, nothing wrong with being optimistic. And five wins is possible. Not likely, but possible. All depends on that new defense and staying healthy.

  21. Five wins would be a real coup! While that may not be in the cards, my hope is for 3 wins and some close conference games in which our opponents come to realize that they’re in a game and not in practice. I think we have the talent to make this happen provided we don’t get bitten by the injury bug as in the past. One of our challenges continues to be depth…if our starters get injured prior to conference schedule, this season will be another repeat.

  22. After cyphering last years season I think for this year decent QB play from game 1 adds 2 wins, defense and ST’s should add 1 or 2 and coaching could earn another W for IU.

  23. I hope Nate Sudfeld starts. He was a 4 star recruit. If we have a good QB that can pass we will do alright this year.

  24. Personally, I think the best way to handle the ‘record’ issue is to not even think about ‘the record’. If we win two games and hang tough with through the entire season (within 7-10 points of the Ohio States…etc) I’ll be a happy camper. If we win five and look like we did at times last year- especially on defense- I’ll question the progress.

    The best guideline (for me) in regards to Coach KW and staff, is how we play, the evidence of an attitudinal change by the players and the gradual ‘taking of ownership’ of the program by the fans.

    A huge difference, I think, is the presence and role of the Athletic Director, Mr. Glass. He knows his tenure will be marked by its success, he seems to have found the revenue stream needed to finance it and is willing to spend it. He is a professional (it seems) in marketing sports and seems to understand the role of the ‘command planners’. Like our services, not every great battlefield general is a good ‘executive’ in the Pentagon (Schwarzkopf)and some really talented Pentagon planner executives bosses go out on the battlefield and get people killed with lousy field command.

    The synthesis has to take place with Glass developing his vision of IU athletics, and Wilson translating it to the football program and implementing it into a field result. We (in the Scoop) should be like the Congress…talk a lot (whether we know anything or not), debate it loudly, provide the funding, stay out of the way, wear a nice suit and gloriously claim ‘we did it’ when and if it happens. And, if it doesn’t happen point at everybody else.

  25. Reggie…whether Sudfeld is the second coming of John Unitas or not, I hope that Roberson has a great season. He’s shown he has the leadership and the skills to compete with anyone else including Sudfeld. But, I see no reason to wish him into the bench.

    I also hope that the fact that we may have three quality QB’s (a heck of a lot of progress at IU) rather than one marginal field leader at best is something we have to get used to.

  26. Don’t have an opinion on Sudfeld yet, I have not seen him play. But unless he’s very mobile, he’s probably not going to be named IU’s starter. I don’t think IU’s O-line is ready to produce a great running attack yet, or protect a pocket QB real well, so IU’s QB is going to need to be mobile and quick.

    Roberson’s experience in the system and his mobility will probably give him the edge over his competitors in 2012. I think it’s his job to lose.

  27. Podunker- maybe I was a little harsh. 1-11 in 2013 would make firing deserved, but we concur that the economics of it make firing KW in the next five years highly unlikely. Tsao is right to point our that a crummy record in the next couple of years should not be the only criterion. Chet pointed out that fifteen years ago, Va. Tech. wasn’t even on the map- and fifteen years is a long time in college head coach years- but “attitudinal change,” direction of the program, etc. have to show up in the win column someday.

  28. I’ll pay very little attention to the record the next couple of years but the scores of each game will be consequential. Economics is in 4th or 5th place under the criteria heading for changing coaches. A strong foundation for FB needs built for IU and AD Glass has given Coach Wilson nearly all the support needed to build it. The method he has chosen here at IU is simple, start over, for obvious reasons. As I stated above the positives for improvement this season will be a full season of better QBing, “D” and ST’s play and the coaching staffs ability to develop personnel, motivate, scheme and game adjustments. This year will be quite a ride.

  29. Realistically, the Indiana State game will be tough because it is the first game with essentially a new IU team coached by a semi-new staff. Reality is anything can happen with that one. Mass really should be a win for us. Ball State could go either way, but I’d like to think we can pull that one out, though it will likely be close. The balance of the schedule is not favorable and it is difficult to see any wins beyond Ball State. A lot will depend on how well we practice in August. If this team comes together as we all hope, 3 wins is possible with a 4th upset “plausible.” If we can stay close in some or all of the conference match ups, we will be on our way!

  30. With a lot of young players on a team, especially under a new coaching staff, I always worry about the early season loss to an inferior team. Call it nerves or over-confidence or looking ahead, but it can bite a young team and cost them a win. IU can not afford a hick-up this year if Wilson wants to build momentum for his program. IU must beat U-Mass, Indiana State and Ball State, and then try to steal one from a Big Ten opponent.

    Four wins would represent huge progress for Wilson and his team. Three good wins against teams they’re supposed to beat would enhance the program.

    I read today that Michigan already has 21 players verbally committed to their 2013 class. IU has one. Just think how much harder it is for IU’s coaching staff to recruit compared to a Michigan! That’s one example of why Wilson got a seven year contract and why it takes so much time for an IU to turn a program around. IU’s coaches must work a lot harder to get the talent they need to compete.

    I have said for years that IU needs to spend more money expanding it’s scouting and recruiting so that it has access to the entire country. There are a lot of good players, in all regions of the country, that get passed over by the Region’s powerhouse programs, especially in populous states like California and Florida. A lot of those players would love to play for a Big Ten school as compared to a team that is part of a lessor conference. Would IU not take the O-line playing for San Diego State or University of Central Florida? You bet we would.

    Yes, IU should recruit in-state players first and foremost, but it must also be capable of signing good players from other areas of the country. I was very pleased that IU’s new Offensive Coordinator snagged a couple promising QB’s from other areas of the country. If IU wants to model it’s recruiting off another successful program, Boise State, from 10 – 12 years ago would be a good program to emulate.

  31. Po, You have hit on a point even more important than the $ needed for recruiting, that being coaches regional relationships and contacts. Coaches like SL and Fabris, Mallory, Ekeler, Frey, Hagen, Johns. I’ll be very observant over the next 4-5 years for who has the strongest recruiting acumen. $ of course will mean a bunch for their scouting.

  32. A huge difference should be Coach KW’s (and staff) previous history based first on strong regional (Miami (O), Northwestern) and then national programs (Oklahoma, Arizona, etc).

    The previous staff did a good enough job, but basically within Indiana since that was their background. Lynch and his assistants had good but limited contacts within the state.

    Indiana simply does not put out enough Big 10 quality football players and then has to split a limited number of top level prospects with three major Div. 1 teams (two Big 10 and a top Independent) and a mid-major (Ball State). Simple math.

    Coach Wilson has the correct perspective. Indiana is still the basic recruiting ground, but the staffs contacts with major and successful national programs in states other than Indiana are equally important to future recruitment. And yes, there are a lot of good, top level prospects who are maybe an inch shy than the elite ones recruited by everyone. Identifying them is one key, and with good teaching and coaching bringing them to ‘elite’ status should make the Hoosiers a very competitive program. I would guess this is part of AD Glass’ longer range thinking.

  33. HC; it appears that IU’s coaches are good recruiters. Obviously they bring relationships from different areas of the country based on their previous positions. But if IU returns to the parochial recruiting philosophy embraced by Lynch, those relationships will wither and die. That’s why IU must invest to scout and recruit the entire country, so that these coaches can maintain those relationships and continue to mine talent like IU’s new freshman QB from California.

  34. When interviewed Coach Wilson would have indicated how much budget he would require for recruiting if he took the job. No way they go backwards.

  35. “The numbers always tell the story.”

    Why invest to expand football recruiting? Consider the following.

    State Population FBS FB Programs Ratio

    California 37,254,000 7 5,322,000 to 1
    Texas 25,145,500 12 2,095,458 to 1
    New York 19,378,100 3 6,459,367 to 1
    Florida 18,801,300 7 2,685,900 to 1
    Pennsylvania 12,702,400 3 4,234,133 to 1
    Ohio 11,536,500 8 1,442,063 to 1
    Wisconsin 5,687,000 1 5,687,000 to 1
    Indiana 6,484,000 4 1,621,000 to 1

    If you wanted to find football talent, which states would you spend time recruiting?

  36. Hogwash!!

    When I listen to these extremely low expectations for snails-pace progress, I am reminded why the revitalization of IU football has predominantly failed throughout the decades. What did “win today” actually mean when Wlison came to town? Good for JPat for leaving this place.

    Do you think the improvement graph most of you are working on will fit the length of stay the new coach has in mind? The more his bank account grows the less he’ll care to meet his slogan to a the slow demands a Hoosier fan’s pathetic expectations.

    You want equal(in terms of the concern and $$$ pumped into each of the two major sports), but you treat football as if it’s an abandoned orphan child.

    Wilson was going to rock our world…How quickly all the hoopla turned into summertime lemonade and rocking the years away on the old front porch.

    I find it amazing all of you can live in such denial..The inherent blaze tone, the continual desire to hang onto the soundness of the hire, and the empty exuberance in calling out from the flatness your own versions of Pollyanna defeatism, only serves to prove what Fred Glass will never change; IU fans will forever put flowers on the grave known as Memorial.

    If Wilson reads into the hard truth exhibited by the contentment this Scoop retirement home, he must be feeling like a very wise man these days. What other fields across a battlefield could a general be given a medal of honor for waving the white flag when outnumbered any ensuing fight?

    When it comes to football at IU, there is no war. There are no Notre Dame horses galloping into destiny… There is only the pats on the butts of pious ponies in retreat for men given a lifetime of reasons a safe return to comfortable fortress built from fairy tales all excuses complete.

    If any our soldiers buy into this baby steps mentality, they will be slaughtered on the field in a crimson blood bath. This isn’t sport…This isn’t equality..This is salesmanship for sake of hearing a speech…This is sacrifice and impotency.

  37. Downing’s 5th is alive but not well. You started this morning stating that it was a slow day on the “Scoop”. That ploy didn’t work. So now you act like a total jerk, which you are. You are a jerk, not a half-ass one but 100%. Enjoy your fake integrity, you are a true fool.

  38. Made the most marvelous peach cobbler the other night…a buttery sugar cookie topping baked atop some fresh Georgia peaches I found at Trader Joe’s. It would be perfect for baking in a 1972 electric iron skillet. Would you like the recipe for a “winning cobbler” today?

    Everything always ‘peachy’ in the electric atmosphere of Memorial.

  39. Harvard, you’re starting to “tilt and windmills.”

    What are your expectations of IU football. Do you expect IU to go to a Bowl Game this year? Come on, give us a wins total for 2012.

    What upsets you more, Wilson’s ill-advised “Win today” slogan from last year, Wilson’s salary or those of us who are trying to be realistic in our expectations of IU football in 2012.

    And in case you forgot, going from a 1-11 season to a 2-10 season would represent 100% improvement. !00% improvement in one year is hardly “snail’s pace” improvement. Relative to last year’s record, winning four games in 2012 would be HUGE.

    As others have posted on this site, a lot of really accomplished football coaches started their head coaching career with anemic win totals during the first three years at their school. IT TAKES TIME!

  40. I would suggest a level of success reached by Coach Wilson that IU is proud of will make it almost impossible for anyone to hire him away.

  41. Yes, the deadbeats on here will be proud of a trip to the Twitter Bowl in five years…. and no mid-major powerhouse program will hire Wilson away from the ‘Lemonade Village of the Pigskin Damned’ with such a stellar achievement.

    Expectations? I expect any recruit with a smidgen of talent(talent representative even the lower echelon teams of Big 10) reading the dismal expectations a typical slice the peachy and passionate football fans on Scoop would look at Bloomington as a horrible waste their potential. Nobody wants to play in an atmosphere such lowly hopes.

    I also suspect expectations do little good in terms of motivating a team. To think yourself as anything but an equal lining up against a 380 pound OSU lineman is a recipe for even more bloodshed a normal bully’s bathroom beating expected from giant thug relentlessly pounding on a pipsqueak for 60 minutes. Which games during the season should Wilson give his “I don’t expect to win this one today” speech to his team before they take the field.

    Why do Hoosier fans want to protect their coaches with acceptance mediocre results? Why? If you promise winning, then you should deliver something better than 50%.I guess words mean nothing and salaries are not contingent upon promises when one is talking IU football and lemonade. ..”Grandpa, this thing’s never gonna start…”

  42. When did Wilson ever promise to win? He did not. In fact, last year I remember him responding to a question by saying, “I don’t know if this team will win one game this year, but…..” No way a new coach can come into a program and say, ‘hey folks, we’re going to have three or four losing seasons in a row, but then we’re going to start winning as many as six games a year.’ No, instead they sell hope and present a vision and provide a glimpse of how they’re going to build the program. At the same time, only a fool would come in to a program like IU and promise to have a winning season right out of the gate. No one would believe a coach even if he was stupid enough to provide such assurances.

    And an opportunity to play at IU is relative. If you’re in California, would you rather play for IU or UC-Davis? I think most serious HS or JC players would prefer to play for a Big Ten team, in spite of the Midwest winters.

    As for Wilson’s salary, he’s not going to become independently wealthy after coaching IU for two or three years. He won’t be on welfare, but don’t think for a minute that he’s going to satisfied or set after a couple of years at his current package. No, instead, I suspect his ambition, like most of his peers, is to be successful at IU to the point where he gets a big increase in salary and a guaranteed extension from IU, or he becomes a top candidate for programs that begin salary negotiations at $3 million per year, with four years guaranteed.

  43. Harvard, I am the most ridiculously upbeat person in the world but, dude, you’re depressing.

    This is like buying a new car and assuming it’s gonna crash and burn at the next stop sign.

    Here’s what we have. A tremendously successful OC from Oklahoma. A bunch of studly sounding JUCOs. Aggressive recruiting. A ‘tough guy’ philosophy (as opposed to, ‘no contact during the season’).

    Let’s give it a go. No circular firing squads. This guy might just do what Barry Alvarez did to a program that was just as dismal.

  44. I think we will win one game this season and the improvement by Podumpster’s standard of excellence will be: 0%.

  45. h. empty glass; Wow, what a special post. Thanks for contributing. Look forward to seeing you at Memorial Stadium this fall.

  46. Podumpster: you can count on it. All the way to the end of every loss.

    Note to Podumpster’s lone scientific neuron: if we lose all games next season the improvement will be -100%. It’s called rebuilding. But that sets the foundation for a truly special 2013-14 season: one, just one win then (the mythical “Win Two” Day) and the improvement from the previous season is infinity per cent. Wow, Nellie! And who could ever ask more of a third year coach? (Rhetorical, I don’t expect an answer so don’t bother to answer.) Answer: nobody. Mission accomplished, Gunner green with envy, Tsao writes a 30,000 words paragraph describing the ambience at the Memorial Stadium (later on it turns out it was just Chet The Aviator).

  47. Harvard (alias h. empty brain, various other aka’s)- I’ve read you for a while and with the greatest of care, mostly really wanting to believe you were a good guy. But, your rage, insults, and pathetic insults have finally become so frequent, disperse and generalized that it’s obvious you are more interested in establishing your disdain and showing your contempt for everyone here who, like me, merely wants to share a healthy and legitimate attachment to the Hoosiers.

    Actually, you have written way more in this thread (while continually changing your handle) alone than anyone else, including me. Comically, in another similar thread (the one regarding the over-extension of basketball scholarships) as of earlier today you had made 26 of the 75 posts, or between 260-300 lines for an estimate of about 2800-3200 words; five times more than anyone else (review the numbers if you wish).

    Your focus, for the most part, has been to show your contempt, hostility and disdain for most other posters; sad, because you gratuitously throw insults around to the very people who have tried to encourage you and, generally, have been willing to take both your thoughts and writing seriously.

    Your reaction to perceived disagreement with your position, or when shown resistance to your abusive name calling, you’ve resorted to your trump card, infantile threats to leave the blog. We, in turn, encouraged you to stay (even though we knew that your purpose was to ‘test’ us,…). Normally you were back within minutes.

    There is a limit. My suspicion it that is exactly what you are seeking. Almost as if you seek confirmation of what you repeatedly state you think of yourself. There is a limit; do me (and I suspect many others here) a favor, …test us again.

  48. Tsao-

    I believe the only person I did any name-calling at was Podunker..This occurred pm the scholarship thread after he referred to me as going into a “manic” state. If I was manic depressive, I don’t think that’s very kind. I responded back calling him pious, prissy, and a Pollyanna..and then used a silly anagram that can be formed from his blogging name.

    Before this response to you, I had three posts on this thread(I’m pretty sure Dustin could back that up)..I used no aliases on this thread…Sometimes I use the “Lord of the…” handle when I want to post some doctored photos that attempt to combine comic relief with slapstick..Sometimes there’s a bit of obvious satire in the editorial perspectives encompassed in the image. They are another form of expressing a different point of view(not necessarily the one I may hold as closest my idea of a truth).

    I know I’m far from the standard you hold to the mirror your own image. I wish I had the desire to be more like you Tsao, but I don’t. I must live with who I am…Sorry that’s not enough for you. I think most(including Dustin)that I have had disagreements with on Scoop realize I have no vicious intent. My words are often far stronger than the course of my heart.

    Maybe I am manic…Maybe I’m born to be sad. Maybe I’m just completely mad. I have good days..Probably more bad days. I tried for many years to live up to all that honor stuff and it bit me pretty hard and showed me no mercy. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m leery of people that live to sell themselves as better human beings than those their talking down to.

    I haven’t walked in your shoes..nor have you walked in mine.

    You guys are so much smarter than me….In reading all the “this is my life” stories from most the regulars on Scoop, my life doesn’t measure up to all the twists, turns, travels, and achievements all of you. I don’t think I’m anything near a good dad. My biggest asset I truly can’t think of. I just can’t understand why you find me so threatening.

  49. Harvard, why so serious? Chill out!

    You can call me any childish names you want. You can convert Podunker to any silly anagram you choose. If that makes participating on this site more fun for you, have at it. I must say that when I read your post calling me “pious, prissy and polyanna,” I laughed out loud. The was one of the highlights of many, many strings and the first time anyone has ever referred to me in such terms. It made my day.

    Sorry you took such offense to one of my posts. While you feel free to use sarcasm and and satire and what you consider other forms of humor, often directed at other posters on this site, and have demonstrated no hesitation is slinging derogatory and insulting comments about IU’s athletes, it appears that you are very sensitive when another poster returns the favor. In other words, you dish it out, but you can’t take it. You should do some introspection about that. But now that I’m aware of your sensitivity, I will make a better effort to refrain from posting any comments that might upset or offend you (sincerely).

    And for the record, #1) I did not refer to you directly, #2) I did not refer to you going into a manic state, and #3) I did not make a reference to “manic-depressive,” as in the disorder. Perhaps you should do a little research on “manic episodes” before you over-react and/or jump to conclusions. But regardless, if that post offended you, or if you felt that the comment was unkind, you have my sincere apology. Obviously, someone suffering from manic-depressive disorder is nothing to joke about. Since I did not seriously think you had that condition, it never crossed my mind that my sarcasm would offend. But honestly, you should go back and read the six consecutive posts you made on that string to understand how you left yourself open to such a jab. It was too easy, therefore I should have known better and refrained. Please forgive my momentary lapse in discipline.

    One last comment. As I have opined before, when you attack others on sites like this, or when you post comments that give people the impression your comments are intended at their expense, you leave yourself open to being attacked in return, usually with much greater severity. It’s like the little boy that keeps jabbing another boy until he gets punched in the face, and then complains, “why did you hit me, I was only kidding around.” I find it interesting that even though I did not consider my “manic episode” comment to be an attack, you perceived it that way. Think about that. It should tell you something.

    Have a good weekend (sincerely).

  50. And for the record, #1) I did not refer to you directly, #2) I did not refer to you going into a manic state, and #3) I did not make a reference to “manic-depressive,”

    That’s pretty weak. That’s very weak.

    1) You responded immediately after a post I had made to Dustin(not you). You had not been engaged in the discussion for over 20 entries. Dustin and I were actually having a good back-and-forth. It didn’t involve you.

    2)You used the “manic episode” comment(much in the style of another poster that frequents here)because you didn’t like the suggestions I was making, nor the ethical perspectives proposed concerning many the hires, decisions, and recruiting moves, the tactics our basketball coach. Instead of refuting my positions, you desired to trivialize it all by suggesting they were the words of a manic. Again, you should take yourself less seriously by being honest about the motivation behind your cute remark.

    3) Look in the mirror. Chill out. You’re not Gandhi. Tsao is Gandhi.

    You’re a pompous, prissy, pious, pimply, Pollyanna, propaganda machine poised to pounce on any poster that steps on the poor, poor, penny loafers of coach Wilson or coach Crean whenever any poster proposes any possible suggestion their pinched saintly toes are not positively perfect. That’s what you are, Podunker. You’re not an IU fan..You’re not JPat. You’re a pompom in a pretty skirt with a predetermined pointless purpose.

  51. Everyone ought to relax. I thought the anagrams were funny. Please anagramize my name, Harvard.

  52. Here’s some to get Harvard started:

    10. aids v (most advanced stage)
    9. sad iv (but don’t inhale)
    8. dais v (fifth dais)
    7. vadis (“[you’re] going”, in latin)
    6. divas (what this blog has in excess)
    5. avid s (careful how you read the lone consonant)

  53. – Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean tweeted an strong endorsement for Kevin Wilson on Sunday morning. Crean wrote, “I love the fact that Coach Kevin Wilson and his incredible staff are going so hard to keep the best in Indiana at home. That model will work.”

    He added, “They are going to be a force to be reckoned with moving forward. They have the staff to teach, inspire, energize and correlate talent.”

  54. Oh Harvard; I write a post in which I make a sincere apology and you respond with more juvenile name calling and insults. That tells me everything I need to know.

    In all honesty Harvard, I have not been reading the vast majority of your posts for a long time. I don’t agree or disagree with your opinions/comments about Wilson or Crean or anything else because I don’t know what they are. I was not aware that my “manic episode” comment was “much in the style of another poster that frequents here,” because I don’t read the majority of your posts or your exchanges with other posters. I stopped paying attention to your posts a long time ago because I found them self indulgent and boring, often about anything and everything other than IU sports. I’m sure your comments are entertaining to some, but I focus on news and opinions about IU sports. I’m sure you have valid opinions on IU sports, but it takes too much time to wade through your other comments to determine what those are. I could say more, but I don’t want these comments to be interpreted as insults.

    My undisciplined moment (mistake) was based simply on the fact that I saw six consecutive posts, written by a notoriously prodigious participant that to me “speaks a lot but says very little,” that did not appear, based on my quick glance of the six posts, to have anything to do with the string’s subject matter. Nothing more, nothing less. And honestly, if I had known then what I know now, I would not have made the comment. So again, with total sincerity, I apologize for offending you or hurting your feelings with that unkind “manic episode” comment. It will not happen again.

  55. Thanks, h. empty glass, especically for the Latin! My major at IU was classical languages. Let’s hope that at the end of the season we can say “venimus, vidimus, vinximus.”

  56. I don’t mean this to be snarky at all but why does a person major in classical languages? Is your family wealthy?

  57. Chet- I can’t speak for “a person,” but I was a classics major because 1) I thought it would be really cool to read the thoughts of historic figures such as Caesar, Cicero, etc. (not to mention the New Testament) in their original words (turned out I was right!), and 2) I knew that if I were not interested in the subject matter I would never stick out four years of college.

    I will not respond directly to your other question because it is impolite to discuss money in social settings, but I do ask you in turn what wealth has to do with education. If you meant to imply that my course of study was without regard to my prosects for future monetary gain, you implied correctly. There is a difference between “education” and “training.” The former can facilitate the latter, but rarely vice versa (if you will indulge me in a little more Latin).

    Classical languages were the only subjects taught at IU for the first several years of its existence. IU has one of the top ranked classics departments to this day. No snark taken, Chet- my parents asked me the same thing. I am forever grateful that they encouraged me in my studies and did not try to divert me to something “useful.”

  58. davis,
    Good for you. Seriously, it’s both a luxury and a risk to take on a non-career oriented field of study simply because you love it. My first degree was useless but I ended up in the military and, for AOCS and flight school, they really didn’t care about your field of study, just that you were capable of earning a college degree. Indeed, I saw people with aeronautics degrees wash out.

    I picked up a couple more degrees along the way but they were both specific to a career field. That’s good, too.

  59. Yeah, I confess to picking up a couple of career-type degrees along the way, too. People who really dig stuff like accounting or engineering are blessed ’cause their interests can pay off in actual money. Undergrads who slug out four years of drudgery for a “useful” degree can be admired for their tenacity and maturity, but life can throw curveballs. My charming wife took a Masters in economics (a subeject she hated), was launched in a good career and then ran into me. Eleven years and three children later she wishes she had stuck with Scandanavian languges. God willing and the finances allowing, she’ll go back and get that degree.

  60. Davis- great statements and impressive. Agree with you completely. The last thing my grandfather said to me (as we were moving to the United States) was that “he wanted me to be a man of culture”, (exactly along the lines of your definition). The day doesn’t pass that I don’t remember my grandfather saying that to me.

    Very impressive!

  61. Does anyone else want to kick the living crap out of those teenagers that viciously taunted and harassed the older woman working as a school bus monitor? I knew a lot of bad kids long ago when I was in high school, but these little sh*ts are at the bottom of a barrel unimaginable. Who and the hell raises kids like this? Pathetic. And to think we unfairly slandered those young men that played for Sampson as thugs. These little pansies of privilege from outside Rochester, New York, are the real thugs-to-be of the world. They’ll probably score high on their SAT tests, get three degrees, and bully their parents into paying for 10 years of college before they move back home.

    And people crawl up Bob Knight’s ass for being a little tough in order to instill some character? Oh, how I just gave myself a few seconds of joyful fantasy imagining how different the viewing of the bus tape if that old lady was actually ‘The General’ in his Mrs. Doubtfire costume..

  62. HfH, I hand it to you for framing that behavior so aptly. I do not want to sound above it all but mothers engaged in earning a living for whatever reason leaves damn little time for mothering and there are few women who can do both successfully. In the morning pay attention to how many women are putting on their makeup while driving to work. Talk about a harried life. My wife is employed also, but was not when our sons were in school. We were fortunate I was able to do well enough financially for that to happen and in turn lucky for the boys to have Mom at home for them working the important job. I honestly believe many of our cultural, social and economic conditions would be improved if Mothers could stay home and raise their children. Not all women just the Mothers. But we are way to far down the road for that to be.

    I would pay a large sum of money to view RMK performing as an agitated school bus monitor.

  63. Before I had any idea my kids would end up being large people they were very small little kids. I never wanted them to live in fear so the whole family got seriously involved in martial arts. Traveling the country for competitions, seriously. We’d go to every available class and had a dojo in the basement. We’re all pretty OCD.

    Eventually, school sports became our focus but we all became 3rd degree black belts in TKD along the way. Our family joke was that the kids never said ‘my Dad can beat up your Dad’, it would have been more like ‘my Mom can beat up your Dad.’

    We never advertised it, though. They were nice kids and wouldn’t get in a fight in a million years if they could walk away.

    My oldest was a glasses wearing bookish sort with the too big backpack up until high school when he discovered the weight room. During his 7th grade year a bigger, older student started picking on a little kid on the bus. My son, as usual, was reading a book at the time. He looked up and suggested the bully was being a jerk and he should leave the other kid alone and went back to his book.

    The bully changed his focus to Eric, who did not respond until the book was knocked from his hands. Without leaving his seat he did what was necessary to leave the bully in fetal position on the floor crying. He picked up his book and went back to reading.

    When the bus driver came back he said that my son had attacked him. The bus driver said she didn’t believe him and she didn’t know who started what but she wasn’t going to report anyone.

    The bus remained peaceful the rest of the year.

    My neighbor, bus driver told me that story, with a huge grin on her face. She said she caught every bit of it in the big mirror. Eric never mentioned it.

    We moved to a different neighborhood but I see her from time to time at the grocery and she always asks about him.

  64. HC, we were SO lucky. When my kids were little I was a paramedic. Twenty four hours on, forty eight off. My wife was an ICU nurse. She cut back to working a 12 hour shift every third day, averaging 32 hours a week, so it was nearly full time.

    Our schedules we staggered. I worked a shift, the next day we were off together, then she worked a shift. Lots of family time together and no need for day care.

    Very lucky indeed.

  65. Chester(ha), We all from time to time get on here and elsewhere and wail about the government, corporations or Wall Street and etc. but my most intense disappointment is the deterioration of the organization of our families. You and I and others have proved there is a model that works. But dedication to the family organization is not hitting the lottery or fairy dust daydreaming, it takes WORK.

  66. HC, we can place the blame wherever and on whomever but it’s nearly impossible for a family to survive on a single income anymore. Just to feed, clothe and shelter your family. When I said I was lucky I meant it. Not many people will have 2 parents that both have jobs that they can schedule the way we did.

    It’s not about excessive consumption, either. My gosh, the amount of money I had to provide for school just to get the same things that were provided to me as a child was staggering.

    The world is always changing. I hope we can get back to a place where parents can spend more time with their kids.

  67. I saw the bus monitor interviewed by Anderson Cooper and she said one of those little snots carries this permanent cheap, cocky, grin on his face. According to her account, this frozen smart-ass look of disrespect never leaves his face. She felt he’ll never change.

    That’s the face I always pictured on the instigator that had his poor little arm grabbed by Knight..I have zero tolerance for morons that walk around with a disrespectful smirk on face and tone of mockery that is commonplace their tongue. I imagine the only thing Knight regrets that final episode that put added shame upon his name, instead of some introspection the type of rotten and spoiled garbage that increasingly infiltrates college campuses, is that he didn’t personally drag him into the nearest public bathroom sand and force him to eat urinal soap.

    We have some very decent young men that wear the uniform of Indiana Basketball. Sampson’s boys may have dipped into the temptations of illegal substances and blew off their schooling slightly more than the average genius that can still get passing grades while doing so, but I never saw bullies on or off the court.

    And I give credit to Tom Crean for looking for kids that respect the candy-stripes and the IU name the same. At the end of the day, that’s all Bobby Knight was really about. We villanize the man that simply believed(old-fashioned as it may seem)there are things more important than winning. We’re losing sight of that and we’re instilling reinforcing daily messages into our children; success and stepping on faces is more important than life’s simple graces.

  68. I understand where you’re coming from, Chet. Agree and disagree.

    It is very difficult on kids that don’t have at least one parent that can spend more time at home. But I also believe there are people that had no business having children. They don’t have any desire to be equal to anyone and it rubs off on their offspring from the day they pop out a uterus serving as the last nurturing vessel.

    You can have stay-at-home moms and dads and still have a loveless nest. Being a parent demands unselfishness. Respect for your child and making them feel loved builds the respect in return. It’s not always about time spent. We get up on our high-horses of morality, but birth control(I’ll leave it at birth control as to not make this too political) does a tremendous good keeping selfish desires to grab all the world by the horns away from what should be a blessing to raise a child and relish a chance to be a family. Can they coexist in a society that grows increasingly narcissistic and driven by a corporate model of image, success, and dominance trumps all?

    Children are never “mistakes.” Loveless homes born of people incapable showing love are mistakes. It’s really not a function of hours a day..It’s more a function of quality the hugs and kindness in the heart.

  69. And I commend you, Chet…It sounds like you take time(even time that could be spent with your own spouse and kids)to help some not as fortunate to have a nurturing home. Those are big acts of human decency and you’re probably the type of man that a very lucky person has counted their blessing and thanked a god of choice to encounter.

    It only takes one to change the course a kid that starves for love and validation their worth. It doesn’t always take a village. How fortunate any child to have that one teacher, or one coach, or that one camp counselor, or one speech therapist…or anyone that extends an unselfish helping hand simply because they believe in you.

    Society puts no value on that service.

    We spend hours upon hours talking about the up and down movement the stock market while never giving much consideration the irreplaceable value the “gains,” the unmeasurable monetary value, all combined individual acts of unselfish generosity, deficits someone’s time, spent on thankless shifts a day without pay, to help kids and others so in need a caring heart in a cold world they would otherwise have nowhere to turn.

    There are thousands of languages spoken this sphere we inhabit in space, but the language lost, evaporated from space between words all texts, drifted silently away in the simple pauses between the brilliance our utterances, is the language of kindness.

  70. Harvard, couldn’t agree more. I once delivered a baby in a crack house at 3am. Mom was there on business. Poor kid (it might have weighed 4 lbs). That kind of stuff drove me away from the job. I have said countless times what a crazy world it is where you have to prove competence to drive a car but anyone can have a child.

    I don’t know how much I’ve contributed. I often feel guilty about the comfort I live in when I know how so many children suffer. I mentioned my daughter is volunteering as a teacher and coach at an orphanage this summer in South Africa. While she says the kids are wonderful and loving seeing the malnutrition up close is simply heartbreaking. There are so many tragic stories.

    My biggest hope is that my kids will make a bigger impact on the world than I have.

  71. I’ve never done enough to justify preaching down to anyone.

    I can only hope some simple acts have granted me a bit of favor with the ultimate judge.

    The heavy gal with the kind smile working the McDonald’s drive-thru window seems to like me…Does that count for anything?

    Why hasn’t CNN used that song I posted on here a couple days ago as background music for the bus monitor story?..Seems fitting.

  72. Yes, it does. Also, it does make a difference if the McDonald’s gal likes you. While I’ve always envisioned myself as an introvert, I seem to strike up conversations with cashiers, tellers, you name it. Besides garnering a few smiles, I end up being treated well by most all those folks. Many times they will tell me a piece of information or the name of someone to help me with whatever conundrum I’m dealing with at the time.

    It doesn’t cost a penny to be nice to people.

  73. There is no doubt (in my mind) that the kids who harassed the monitor on the bus were the product of the feeling of entitlement we give our kids today and the complete failure of their parents to show them the real meaning of parental love.

    The most loving word in the English language is the word ‘no’. When it comes to our kids, we are all predisposed by our emotions towards them and would prefer to say ‘yes’- nearly always.

    However, it takes real love to protect ours from harm. Early in life, harm from danger in a simple issue like the electric plug, steps in the house, keeping things out of our mouths. Later?, from those things that damage our character, our moral vision, our future prospects in terms of material standing and social relations, etc.

    My old man moved us 6-7000 miles to ensure we had opportunity, provided for us, was uncompromising over our education. The one thing he never, ever denied us was…the back of his hand when we needed it. Took me a while to figure this out; there was sacrifice for him every time he said ‘no’, there was self-discipline in his part to do what he had to do to provide us with the discipline he knew we would need in life. He used to say- ‘It has to come from somewhere; you can discipline yourself, or I can provide it; but it has to come from somewhere,…you choose.” Eventually, I understood…and am saddened only by the idea I can not now put my arm around him now and say ‘thank you dad.’

    The tragedy of the bus monitor incident goes much further than the incident itself or the disrespect shown an older person (when was the last time you heard someone, ‘respect your elder or get the back of this’?- just not a part of our upbringing. Say that today and you would likely be ridiculed.

    I had the pleasure of coaching a group of kids for almost ten years- eighteen of them. We traveled (myself, sometimes one assistant and/or one parent) all over the US for competitions; from Washington, D.C., from Chicago, Florida, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, etc. Yearly, we would hold camps that lasted a week. Often we traveled 20 in a motor home and rented buses or by air; stayed in host homes and in some of the best hotels(in places like Washington D.C., Sarasota, Chicago, Durham, etc (You get great rates from the upscale business hotels because demand on ‘off-days’ is low’). Never a moment that embarrassed anyone involved. Not ever.

    But, discipline and manners were a part of their lives, as much as a part of their training and skills. They were respected as kids and members of the team, but there were clear expectations to adhere to. They were expected to take their caps off the second they walked inside a building; their shirts could not hang out their pants, their hats had to be placed on forward (if you can’t expect a kid to put his hat on correctly or to show manners, how can you expect them to carry out a game plan?) Yes, have fun and laugh but in civil low tones, never make other people uncomfortable in a restaurant…

    Fundamental to a child, whether your own or someone on the team;…the combination of love, respect for him/her and discipline. The combination and mix of the words yes and no.

    I really think the one thing we loved and attracted us to Bob Knight and the constant we continue to love about him beyond his incredible basketball mind, is that he taught all of us about ways to live a better life with standards, self-expectations and clear values.

    And, ironically, this may also be the reason some are so confused and conflicted about their feelings for Knight today;- as right as he was, we could never reconcile his lack of discipline on some issue relating to his own and it confuses us. Still, for most of us the important lesson remains, even today!

    Had those kids abusing the monitor been on a bus of children of IU fans, I have no doubt he would have barred them from coming to IU games.

    What is important about the bus-behavior incident with the monitor is; do the parents realize the extent to which they have failed those children and not loved them enough to hold them really accountable for their self-indulgent behavior borne of an attitude of entitlement?

  74. Snot came out of my nose from laughing so hard when TT slobbered all over Bobby when he was talking about “respecting others.”

    No one I can think of treated others like dog feces more than his Messiah Knight.

    If you licked his toes….SURE….he treated YOU nice.

    But if you didn’t think he walked on water, you got his FULL FURY.

    Knight-worshippers crack me up.

  75. Great post Tsao.

    Kids in high school are getting out of control. During the 1st semester I had a fellow freshman come up and stab me with a needle inside of a pen. He was upset that his ex thought I was cute and I talked to her. After he stabbed me, I grabbed his pen and put him in an arm bar. His buddy came up behind me and tried to choke me. Both of them ended up being thrown on the ground and I got a one day out of school suspension for defending myself! The 2 kids that attacked me got a 1 day suspension too!

    Kids are becoming very disrespectful towards adults. It’s not really their faults though. It’s their parents fault because they don’t discipline them!

  76. I suppose Knight was a victim his own hypocrisy…

    Can any of us really claim we’ve never been guilty of momentous disrespect to someone? If any our lives were under such constant microscope, would we never be exposed the faults of days we went overboard and failed to constrain our emotions?

    We’re making the man sound like he was Jerry Sandusky. We’re making our administrators sound like they were turning their back on terrible abuse for the sake of winning.. Is that how important winning used to be for Indiana Basketball? Then everyone except Laffy is guilty of the hypocrisy. I’m guilty as charged. When we treat people as if flawlessness is the norm, we make them even bigger gods. I never saw Knight as flawless. I saw Indiana choosing a selfish pursuit(yours truly included)of winning basketball games over any form of true objective eye.

    Sure sounds like it’s pretty damn important today too…I guess nobody has tapes of throat-grabbing..Then again, there’s a lot of crap being stuffed down our throats that I have trouble swallowing.

    We’ll gladly turn our back again(this time in the face of bullying belief systems)for the sake one of those precious banners again.

  77. Here’s the thing, I have yet to read a single thing CTC has tweeted with a religious connotation as I don’t follow Twitter. I don’t know where else one might read any of it. Except what has been repeated here I haven’t heard a single word about his religion and I read a good bit about IU basketball.

    The point being, I don’t think you can claim something is being crammed down your throat if you have to go out of your way to hear it. It’s kind of like going to church and then complaining about all the religious talk.

    You chose to subscribe to a Twitter feed that has personal beliefs on it. Lose his Twitter feed and then it won’t be ‘stuffed down’ your throat anymore.

  78. Keep it on your private Facebook page on for purposes invites to friends. His Twitter link is put on every major IU sports website. It’s on this website. Do you see it there tucked directly under the link that is titled “Indiana Hoosiers official site?” That in itself makes it appear you’re one click away from retrieving important information from the coach concerning what? One link away from 700 Bible quotes?

    He has also recently reformatted his Twitter homepage and made visual changes to make it look even more endorsed by Indiana University. It has barely anything to do with Indiana or basketball. If there is some note about a player or progress the program, it’s not without being boxed inside a holier-than-though ribbon and bow of Bible quotes from Joyce Meyer or himself.

    I have no problem with you believing Knight was a selfish man that disrespected Indiana. I pretty much thought the same while we were lofting banners to the rafters. I think it’s equally disrespectful to Indiana to give any impression our public institution may share in his narrow viewpoints plastered on top images of the Indiana University logo with Assembly Hall in the background as if it shares in any capacity whatsoever with the sole singular religious conviction a Christian extremist.

    I think it speaks to character when you use the name of Indiana to sell your personal beliefs(political or religious). He chooses to put the Indiana logo on his Twitter page. He makes the choice by association in a very public format. These are not words written in a private journal or dinner table conversation with his family. This is using faith in a way that turns my stomach just as much the isolated incidents a man thinking himself so powerful to put his temper on display. It’s really about power, Chet. Give it time. You’ll begin to see more public displays outside that highly hidden Twitter link..You know, the one placed on every website covering Hoosier sports. Very secretive stuff.

    If he’s not cheating on the number of phone calls made to recruits, standing up to his creepy friend at UK, and winning lots of basketball games, intolerance is a lot easier to swallow.

  79. Maybe so. I’m obviously not a religion guy, so if it becomes abundant for public consumption it will not go over well with me.

    As for now, it never crosses my eyeballs.

    It’s hard for me to be critical of something I never see.

  80. I would wait about five years…By that time the blood of Christ will be dripping out the dotted part of the ‘i’ in the words – Tom Crean @ Twitter. You might have to wipe it off your computer screen as it bleeds through that slit in cyberspace from a flashing cursor.

    Another two years elapsed, if you get within two inches the Twitter link with the pointing arrow thingamajig from your mouse, you’ll be sucked into heaven without any worry your soul evaluated…Just approaching the link will be good enough for the Lord…You’re saved. When you get to the gates you’ll be greeted by Art Linkletter wearing candy-stripe warm-ups.

  81. HfH, You’ve been throwing a wider loop lately. Have you changed your medication or the dosage?

  82. 1. I don’t think Crean demanded that these sites pick up his Twitter feed.

    2. No, I never notice the feed on the side of the sites.

    3. I never come across Crean’s religiosity outside of the conversations on this site.

    4. Part of my job is consulting on and providing social media management. Because of this I speak regularly with a couple of the “gurus” in the industry. They don’t even respect Twitter. It is for entertainment purposes almost entirely. It has very little value in the real world. 90% of it is individuals with some amount of celebrity trying to accumulate a little more celebrity – which make at least 90% of it worthless.

    5. The last place I would ever go for a piece of news is Twitter.

  83. Harvard,

    Nice work dude. Granbo: funny. The transmogrification of Tom Crean’s Twi++er account: funny. Why apologize? Thanks again for the belly laughs, dude. Much appreciated.

  84. That’s what I guessed, you were high or drunk Harvard.

    Tom Crean is an awesome person who has morals.

    We need more people in this world like him!

    Keep at it Coach Tom Crean!

  85. I knew you would understand, Reggie. Unfortunately, your forgiveness doesn’t change the fact that I was lying. I was not high…or drunk. You do forgive me? I have a problem with trusting men that sell Christ and use religion as propaganda rather than keeping faith personal and quietly in the heart.

    It’s not that I don’t want to believe. Keep in mind that I have not placed “charades” as a descriptor of your intent on Scoop. I would never do such a thing to someone of true conviction. I think the rest on here play that game. You are the real deal. You are pure. You are genuine. You are innocent of anything the despicable Harvard is capable of suggesting. Best not read my posts..skim them..throw salt on them..burn them thy sin and fear not its penetration your solemn convictions.

  86. 4. Part of my job is consulting on and providing social media management. Because of this I speak regularly with a couple of the “gurus” in the industry. They don’t even respect Twitter. It is for entertainment purposes almost entirely. It has very little value in the real world. 90% of it is individuals with some amount of celebrity trying to accumulate a little more celebrity – which make at least 90% of it worthless.

    Meaning they need to falsely elevate their celebrity because they’re not genuinely convinced there’s much truth their real popularity without their own concocted propaganda? Thus, using religion on your own Twitter page is a potential method to increase your appeal and increase your own shallow perceptions your low celebrity/professional status amongst peers and fans?

    Couldn’t agree more. And because it’s self-serving and completely useless, it degrades, serves as even more offensive, the beauty and intrinsic genuineness of things that should be off-limits to turning into propaganda(such as symbols of faith).

    Thanks for confirming my arguments.

  87. Reggie- Tom Crean as a person who has morals? How would one know? Morals/character are what one does when no one is watching. Sandusky was a model member of the community when everyone was watching. I’m not questioning Crean’s morals- having never met the man (much less had the opportunity to observe him in the face of temptation,) I’m not it a position to do that. But in our society, posting a lot of wins and avoiding NCAA sanctions puts one on the road to sainthood.

    Many (such as my sister) were willing to forgive Knight almost any transgression because “he’s got such a great graduation rate for his players.” Isn’t actually graduating student atheletes the minimum we should ask of coaches?

  88. Morals/character are what one does when no one is watching


    Another comment I couldn’t agree with more.

    I’m more Leary of those afraid to expose any their own faults. ..inordinate selling and anal stuffiness to mask one tiny pimple rather than be comfortable with the humanness in imperfection breathing out the skin.

    What on earth are you hiding..or hiding from?

    Then again, I never inhaled before I did my business all over that blue dress.

  89. I’m by no means perfect Harvard.

    I don’t want to get into these arguments about my faith again.

    Anyway, from what I have seen CTC is a good man with morals. I have meet him in person three times and I have seen him speak at a church in Greenwood that honors our heroes (firemen, policemen, military, etc….). I personally think he’s legit.

  90. Why on earth would a video of the final seconds of IU vs. VCU and the interview with Tom Crean immediately following be an “unlisted” video. I never even knew such a thing existed on YouTube….

    █ █ █ █ WARNING: This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it. █ █ █ █

    Highlights a basketball game and a few comments from a coach afterward? Huh? Unlisted? Puzzling why that would only be something only a few with the “unlisted” link (a link that went to a lot of efforts and backdoor searches on the internet to find)could watch? What’s so terrible about a clip and the concluding interview of that game? Weird.

    Anyway, here it is…Not sure if you’ll be able to view it or not. If my link doesn’t work, I’ll route you a different way. Good luck.

    FINAL WARNING: These are highly classified basketball highlights…You’ll get to relive the end of one hell of a fun basketball game..Pray that you’ll be able to watch it. Pray you get to the postgame interview section that starts around the 1:40 mark of the….(drum roll)… CLIP.

    After viewing the tape, you can contemplate…Where do Hoosiers get the resolve? Seth Davis? I think they get it from Reggie.

    Thank me later for letting you into the secret link club. I’m not really a member…I just sneaked in.

  91. oops.

    Puzzling why that would be something only a few with the “unlisted” link(a link that I went to a lot of efforts and backdoor searches on the internet to find)could watch.

    Was that not a fun ending to a Hoosier game? Didn’t it make you feel reinvigorated with the return of Hoosier hoops while the passion of March Madness flowed immediately back into your veins?

    I love finding clips that you get to hear the original announcers that called the game(along with the interviews). YouTube is becoming a crap hole of doctored clips…So many damn copyright issues that block most the good stuff…You’re lucky to find anything in its original unaltered form. Hope you enjoyed it. You’re welcome.

  92. If have to make one more comment before going to bed…Etherington!!!!! Priceless…The young unselfish Hoosier..a kid seeing no playing time holding back his teammates during the explosion of wild uncontainable excitement bursting out him after the Sheehey bucket.

    That’s what it’s all about, folks. You cut that kid from the roster and you cut the heart out of the game…You cut the heart out of those three banners that hang in Assembly…You cut the heart out of the decent young lads our great basketball state.

    Dustin was correct a few days ago when he said how much that young man was responsible for bringing us back…He never stopped campaigning.. and pushing.. and chatting it up…and texting…and tweeting(yes, Geoff..tweeting)…and Facebook messaging…and cheering…and driving his passion everyday to one destination his love for Indiana basketball.

    Now we should cut him and make room for better talent..Yup, cut him.

  93. Night, Reggie…

    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep,
    If I shall die discovered a fake,
    I pray the Lord my soul still take. Amen.

  94. Thanks, Harvard. I had nearly forgotten. I’d like to watch the last 5 minutes or so. As I recall I was preparing myself for the loss. They were such a tough matchup for us. Jordy’s worst nightmare.

    I don’t think we lose AE. Remember how loyal CTC was to VJIII? It drove us nuts. It would be a total reversal of his previous behavior.

    I’m pretty sure how this movie turns out.

  95. As for the Bible thumping, I think it goes with the territory. Maybe not so much the younger guys but that’s just part of the personality of so many old school coaches. I don’t click on the Twitter links so I never see it.

    Last night I was watching the tube and, during a break for our sponsors, Jimmy Swaggert comes on. Now, that’s offensive.

    I haven’t seen any overt hypocrisy from CTC. He seems very genuine and I’ve read scores of anecdotes about him taking time to show kindness to others. He has also brought Hoosier basketball back to the forefront without being a creep like Calapari.

    That’s good enough for me.

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