Legette-Jack reportedly heading to Buffalo

Former Indiana women’s basketball Felisha Legette-Jack is expected to be hired as the new coach at the University of Buffalo, sources told WGRZ, a television station in Buffalo.

Legette-Jack was fired at Indiana earlier this year after a 6-24 finish. She totaled an 87-113 record in six years at Indiana.


  1. Does she get to keep her severance from IU? My guess is she does. Not a bad deal at all if that’s so.

  2. Legette-Jack will still get the difference between her new salary and the salary she was due from IU, which off the top of my head was about $265,000 this year. So if she gets $125,000 at Buffalo, IU will still owe her $140,000 for this year. May not sound great, but should cut in half what Indiana is on the hook for.

  3. What a treat for their athletic department up there! She’s a nut. Good luck to her co-workers.

  4. I was not implying any criticism or objections, and sorry if it came off that way. A contract is a contract. Just wanted to know if she gets to keep all the severance IU owed her upon her termination or if the payments stop once she got a new job, which obviously she just did.

    A lot of contracts with severance or buyout clauses state that the former employee will continue to be paid for a certain number of months or until the former employee finds new, full-time employment. Some contracts provide for lump sum payouts regardless of whether the employee gets a new job or not. I was just curious if this was going to be a financial windfall for Legette-Jack or if the new job truncates IU’s financial obligation. I think Jeremy Price answered my question.

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