1. Yeah I ordered it too. It was really cheap. I can wear it to my mini camp coming up next week and show it to David Beckham lol.

  2. 9. Frame originally at the end of last year’s famed “Win today!” TV ad. Deleted before the ad first aired.

  3. 8. IU Football is designing a new poster for this season to replace the less fortunate “Win Today!” from last year.

  4. 7. Apparently Harvard and a guy named h. empty glass frequently go on Scoop raids together.

  5. 3. Tom Crean’s professional suggestion on how Kevin Wilson can immediately improve the IU football program.

  6. Post #11 (#3 on Top 10 list) is silly. IU football has been playing cupcakes since time immemorial, and only gets worse the more cupcakes added. In fact, IU football is proof that the more cupcakes the play, the more losses you incur. Hoeppner (RIP) and Lynch actually did more to strengthen the tradition of losing to cupcakes than any other Big 10 coaches.

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