1. Regarding BTownBorn’s question on student tickets, duringGordon’s year at IU students who purchased the season ticket package did not receive 1-2 games. It’s not like they gave everyone tickets to all the games and turned people away at the door. If there are only 7,800 seats allocated to students and 8,500 student season tickets purchased, there are really only 2 options. Take away a couple games for everyone (so each student package would be 18 instead of 20 games) or only allow the first 7,800 sales and then cut it off. I think the athletic department would rather just cut the number of games. They certainly aren’t going to decrease the number of public tickets (who pay full price) to give every student every game.

  2. Dustin –

    Did not mean to imply IU BB would be approaching APR issues, but the days of 1000 years are likely over. You get 2 points for each player and if Zeller or anybody leaves before graduation that is only 1 of 2 possible points. If they have a GPA below 2.6 and leave it is 0 points.

    So, unless Creek is given medical or 1 of the freshman though on campus for summer school does not stay for the fall, we will not have a 1000 next year as a player will leave.

    So lets say next year, Cody and Victor go pro and have grades above 2.6 but not yet graduate, I think we would have an APR of 923. Here is the math:

    13 players are ok grade wise
    11 players were be staying or graduating
    that is 24 points out of 26 possible points or 92.3% or 923 APR

    Pretty sure this is how it is done

  3. Charles,
    Not quite. The standard for eligibility is lower than 2.6. I believe it’ about 2.0. You lose a point if you don’t meet that standard. You lose a point for transferring or leaving early for the NBA, but only if you’re below a 2.6. If you have a 3.0, or in Zeller’s case, probably a 4.0, you don’t lose one of those points for leaving before graduation.
    If I was wrong in this, Kentucky’s APR would be horrendous. It isn’t. Kentucky posted a 979 the year Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, Patterson and Orton all left for the NBA. Also, Capobianco and Muniru would have cost Indiana points. They didn’t. IU had perfect 1000s in both years, but they did lose guys.

  4. Good point Jay Gregg. Lots of things happening in the football world with an impact on Indiana as we approach the season. Definitely, the huge issue is the proposals for football playoffs, the Big Ten’s role,the relationship t the Rose Bowl, the view from AD Glass, Kevin Wilson’s view and take on it, etc… I’d also like to see more coverage of the team’s plans, their activities this summer and their view on the playoff etc.

    We are approaching a major restructuring of Div. 1 football and our league is a major player, not to mention what happens to the Rose Bowl, etc.

  5. Dustin…could we address some of these? They have become very debated issues with a major role and major impact for the Big Ten. It would be good to see these issues from an IU perspective and on their impact on IU’s sports program.

    Exactly how will the Big Ten function? A.D. Glass hopefully has a major role. Does he have preferences for outcomes? If there are payoffs, will the Big Ten have one or more representatives? Will playoffs take place to include all Big Ten stadiums?

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