Patterson, Ferrell among five Indiana Seniors in double figures in 104-97 win over juniors

SEYMOUR — Michigan signee Glenn Robinson III led the Indiana Senior All-Stars with 21 points and Michigan State signee Gary Harris had 19 in the Seniors’ 104-97 win over the Indiana Junior All-Stars in the first of two Senior-Junior All-Star games on Monday at Seymour High School. Indiana signees Ron Patterson and Yogi Ferrell added 14 points and 11 points respectively. Junior commitment Devin Davis posted 14 points and a game-high 13 rebounds in the loss.

Ferrell struggled to take care of the ball at times, committing six turnovers while registering just one assist, but he also grabbed seven rebounds and hit five of 11 shots. Patterson had the strongest outing of IU’s 2012 signess, hitting six of nine field goals and two of four 3-point shots. He also grabbed four rebounds, had three assists and two steals.

Michigan commitment Zak Irvin led the juniors with 20 points. Collin Hartman had five points on 2-for-5 shooting.


  1. I live in Seymour so I came out to watch the boys play. I loved how hard Patterson played! It seemed like he is a high energy guy. Davis looked great for the junior squad but it seemed like Hartman isn’t quite the player Davis is. This is the only time I’ve seen each of them play so I don’t want to pass judgement on their skill. I know it probably goes without saying but Gary Harris is a freaking beast! It was great to get to see some of the future Hoosier players!

  2. I am not sold yet on Hartman… He seems a little slow for high major competition, but that being said, I’m not sure an all-star format is the place that his skill set is going to be shown off.

  3. Another Michigan signee, Mitch McGary(originally from Chesterton), a beast in the middle, is also an Indiana kid. Glenn Robinson, Mitch McGary, and Zak Irvin(2013) all going to the Wolverines.

    MSU grabbed one of the best from Indiana’s 2011 class in Brandon Dawson. Add Gary Harris to to the list nabbed from the state of Indiana.

    What the hell is going on? Is there too much Reggie at IU for these guys? Without Cody’s commitment, it seems fair to say we’d be heading up sh*t creek without a paddle.

    Maybe Geoff is on to something…Dorky Christians are filling out the edges our roster while much the cream of Indiana’s crop is not inspired by the Bloomington religious compound and setting their sights on more liberal institutions to the north.

    We are reaping the benefits some dominoes(primarily Ron Patterson and Yogi) that fell with Cody, but seeing stories all these Michigan and MSU commits from the Hoosier state stealing the show in direct competition with Crean’s Children of the Indiana Christian Corn, should we wonder if the holier-than-thou cleansing routine is becoming repulsive to moderate, free-thinking, top basketball stars a state of Indiana that has outgrown the backwardness its longtime conservative image?

    Outside the closed-in walls of Crean’s village of narrow faith and single doctrines a correct way to live, has the rest of Indiana become one giant Ashville, North Carolina? Are many these more rebellious thinking bright young lads that play a mean game of hoops seeking coaches that don’t make them feel closed-in and closed-off from the world?

    Did Tom Crean underestimate the diverse, open-minded, contemporary people of Indiana? Does Woodstock grow from the cornfields outside New Castle just as much those that once flocked like hippies in flight to lay goose eggs in Ashville?

  4. Classic Harvard, but every one of the commits you listed with the possible exception of Irvin was pre-“we’re back”…. It will be a much clearer picture exactly where we stand from this off-season forward.

    I think that the strength of 2014 class with Indiana natives is proof enough for now that we havent turned off the youth.

    I think we’re just fine… Half will come to IU and half will go everywhere else. That’s the beauty of Indiana HS hoops – we don’t have to get every single top recruit to flourish.

  5. Harvard, you repeatedly denounce Crean and his spiritual life, yet your belittling of him and his belief system make it seem like you, not the coach, who is the narrow-minded, prejudicial one. You may think conservatism and backwardness are synonymous, and you’re not the only one, but backwardness is largely defined by an intolerance of those who think or act differently than you do, which is exactly what you’re doing. The truly liberal of mind tolerates all beliefs.

    That said, Indiana produces more high-level recruits than any one school can sign. Thus we can never sign all of them. It’s always been this way–some top instate talent goes elsewhere (Scott Skiles anyone??), some goes to IU. The difference with Crean over Davis and to some degree Sampson (Gordon being the obvious feather in Cellvin’s hat) is that Crean actually gets a significant number of instate players. I see no reason to complain.

  6. You are a complete nut. I don’t think anything you are saying is happening. Gary Harris and Glen Robinson are sons of PU grads, and from what I can tell, we didn’t recruit Zak Irvin or Mitch McGary too hard. Indiana has a lot of talent, and they can’t all go to IU. Get a grip.

  7. ^Are you a devout Christian? North Carolina didn’t stop recruiting Shawn May because his daddy went to IU. We don’t recruit sons of guys that went to our rivals 25 years ago? That sounds very, very backward. Should we stop recruiting kids from Kentucky? Don’t we have a kid coming out of Fort Wayne that had a father that was a star for Kentucky years ago? Do we stop recruiting kids from Northwest Indiana because we think they’re all offspring of gang members the streets of Gary? I think you’re nuts and very stagnant…and not representative a new liberated Indiana.

  8. I know we can’t get every Indiana kid. But are we getting the best? Why didn’t some of these kids decommit once we landed Cody? I think Crean has gone overboard with the doctrines of faith. It has nothing to with my tolerance or intolerance and much more to do with how future recruits will not want to be closed-in by a man that will only recruit proper Christians his judgmental eye.

  9. Harvard,
    I don’t say this to dispute the possibility that something similar to what you’re saying could ever happen. There is, I think, a line Crean has to toe to make sure to show that — while he is a passionate Christian, — the players on his team aren’t REQUIRED to be Christian. I don’t know whether he’s crossed the line yet, but I think there would’ve been more of a reaction by now if he had.
    That being said, that is factually not the case of what happened here. The reason Indiana talent is going elsewhere is there is too much talent in Indiana for all of it to go to one place.
    When discussing the recruitment of Gary Harris, I don’t think you can ignore the fact that by the time he committed to Michigan State, Indiana was already overloaded with wings with Patterson and Hollowell already committed plus Oladipo, Sheehey, Etherington, Abell, etc. still in the fold. Michigan State represented a much easier path to immediate playing time on a still established power. MSU needed one thing to be a Big Ten contender for next year and it’s a scoring wing. Harris gets to step in and be that guy. My presumption was that IU could get Hollowell or Harris but not both, and when Hollowell decided he was ready to commit, it made no sense for them to tell him to wait on Harris.
    McGary and Robinson both came on late, Robinson especially. I’m not sure why IU didn’t go after McGary harder, but they were never really going after Robinson before he committed and he didn’t blow up until IU’s five-man class was already in the books. The Hoosiers also eased up on Irvin when they had already loaded up on wings.
    So point being, tweets about Joyce Meyer have nothing to do with the reason Zak Irvin is going to play at Michigan.

  10. Harvard = f-ing dumba$$

    We have a Top 5 class, most of them from Indiana, and he’s crying we’re not “getting the vest” players.


    And his non-stop “Crean is a disgusting Super Thumper” is beyond ridiculous.

  11. Well, when the Master and Commander of Scoop comes out his cabin(probably in their with Joyce), to punish the mutineer the foulness his suggestions, I guess it’s time to shut the hell up.

    Funny how you guys will die on the sword for Crean and then let Laffy call every Christian in the world a bigot. Do you have an answer for that one, Master Dustin?

  12. Wasn’t punishing you Harvard. I don’t even think your suspicion is entirely out of line or misplaced and I think it’s something that important to watch closely for the future. But I have followed the recruitment of these players closely, and I’m telling you that as of this moment, that is not the reason any of the players you mentioned is heading elsewhere.

  13. I dispute the contention that IU didn’t go hard after McGary. We recruited him very hard even before he blew up. He then went to prep school and reclassified to 2012. We didn’t have any room for him in 2012, but we would’ve taken him if he had reclssified to 2011 where we had an open scholly.

  14. Your first point is true. Indiana was after him before he reclassified, but I don’t believe they offered him at that point because they knew he had grade issues. (McGary admitted this at the time. However, the Hoosiers did not stick on him as long as they stuck on Gary Harris, for whom they also had no room. There was some miscommunication there at least. Believe the word coming out from IU for a long time was the Hoosiers were interested but McGary said that IU’s interest had waned.

  15. Must make room for Christians and friends of Cody. Bring on Jonny Marlin! Did anyone notice Jonny change his YouTube clip and removed the “IU commit” part? Crean must have let him know that secret was not supposed to get out.

    Unlike Eric Gordon, these guys couldn’t have got into Indiana even if they would have deommitted from MSU or Michigan. On the bright side, Purdue(once known to be the only primary backward institution in the state with its comb-over coach in JC Penny conservative threads and wife that wore more Mary Kay products on her face than Tammy Faye Bakker), also lost out on Robinson, McGary, Dawson, and Harris….and Irvin.

    We used to wear plaid, dammit…. We used to wear plaid when other guys wore polyester! Now we’re as geeky and plastic as Stevens, a Trump comb-over, a windbreaker, and a trunk full of Mary Kay cosmetics piled on a corpse going to heaven. I used to think Steve Alford was stiff..Now we’re too stiff to play Kentucky? How does my tan look? Does it clash with my tartan plaid suit jacket? Let’s plan another ‘Bring Back Bobby Party’… Though Satan infected the man, made him throw a chair and kick a shin or two, we are Christians and we know how to forgive. Get on the phone, Fred..Call Bobby…How are the plans coming along for the 50ft. cross to be mounted to the roof of Assembly? Can we coincide the erection ceremony of the cross with the weekend of Bobby?

  16. oops.

    …comb-over coach in JC Penney conservative threads.

    Did D-Wade have great grades in high school? I guess we’re now even too ‘Goody Two-Shoes’ for Dwyane Wade. Best go crawl back into your cabin with Reggie and Joyce, Dustin. Crean is now living by an image(using Indiana to perpetuate that image)that was rather unnecessary to his belief systems while not having the podium Indiana provides him…Grades were not as important at a private university looking for a superstar for a trip to a Final Four? Is that what you’re saying?

  17. I’m not saying that at all. What I am saying is that Crean was aware that McGary was going to have a major uphill battle to qualify for school in 2011 (and he also wasn’t as big of a prospect by then) and I’m not sure if he ever offered a scholarship for him at that point because it didn’t look good and in the end, McGary had to reclassify. I’m not exactly sure how Wade’s grades and academic situation compared to McGary’s at the time. There’s a lot about the McGary recruitment I’m not certain about, actually. There always seemed to be a disconnect between how interested Indiana seemed to be and how interested McGary believed that the Hoosiers were.

  18. Had to make room for Cody’s friends, A-Hope kids we’re shoving Christianity down throats, and choir boy walk-ons. Why on earth would we even bother looking for basketball players from the northern regions our state? Isn’t that like as far as Quebec? Don’t you need a canoe and go by river to get into the remote areas of Michiana? I doubt a lot of coaches were ignoring the potential of McGary in 2011.

    There’s another point you missed. McGary and Robinson are good friends…I guess that recruiting friends stuff can bite you both ways. Sometimes you get an Austin Etherington and a Jonny Marlin …Sometimes you get one of the top-ranked centers notice you never cared to notice before.

  19. Sweet Sixteen? Check. Multiple wins over top teams? Check. Number one preseason ranking? Check. Top recruiting classes as far as the eye can see? Check.

    Harvard, seriously dude. If you take out every coach that wears his faith on his sleeve you’ll lose half the profession. You KNOW I don’t give a rat’s rear quarters about religion but that swings both ways. Don’t care if you have it, don’t care if you don’t. Nobody dislikes sanctimonious SOBs more than me but there a difference between displaying and preaching.

    When I was a kid my grandmother moved in with us. For fifteen years she never contributed to our meager existence and not once did she buy her grandchildren a gift but that contribution to Billy Graham was in the mail every month. I have zero use for those guys.

    It’s not a litmus test for players. If Cody sacrificed virgin sheep in a pentagon on his front porch he was still gonna get recruited. I’ll betcha Will doesn’t have John 3:16 tattooed anywhere on his body.

    I know CTC’s tweets bug you but I just think you’re seeing boogeymen that just aren’t there. There’s a difference between offering something up and cramming it down your throat. As long as he’s not recommending I go to his church I won’t take offense.

    Take a deep breath and let it go. Enjoy the game. He’s doing a pretty darn good job. Nobody is required to believe or convert, just cheer and appreciate.

    It’s all good.

    One last thing. All this crap about his tan and such. A lot of us have seen pics of CTC on his basketball team when he was a kid. It was a B&W pic but he was WAY darker than all the other white guys. I doubt he was going to tanning booths at 14. I’m pretty sure that’s just the color he is.

  20. He prayed for a tan and got one. Day after day, on his knees in the backyard looking up at the sun and praying…. It’s a miracle! Some boys just receive more miracles than others.

  21. Harvard…you’ve absolutely become what you hate…a dogmatic, bigoted, intolerant religious zealot; bowing and genuflexing each day at your altar and completely incapable of stating your thoughts without ridiculing anyone who professes theirs.

    Face it Harvard, my friend…’they’ have won.

  22. I’ll only mix in a few sets of genuflexing with my sit-ups on Thursdays if it makes you happy. I try to give my honest opinions, Tsao. Sorry if you perceive it as always ridicule.

    I don’t think being a fan means I have to refrain from saying what I feel. Do I go overboard? Sure. I don’t claim to set the standard for the best fan that ever cheered for candy-stripes. I liked Kelvin Sampson…That’s probably enough in itself to send me off to Siberia. I liked the way his players seemed to show a sincere love for the man when the rest of Indiana was turning on him. It had nothing to do with what was right. I know he screwed up and many his players screwed up. It was just something pure and genuine that I miss. There was a brotherhood. There was more I could hold onto as reassurance the existence of faith when watching those young men stand by their coach when it was all collapsing around him. Wish I could be more eloquent…I just feel we’re getting a bit lost in all the effort to sell our gleaming homogeneous perfection.

  23. Wow, you paired up the words ‘pure’, ‘genuine’, and ‘Kelvin Sampson’. That’s impressive.

    I once referred to a friend of mine here in town as an evangelical atheist. I found him to be just as obnoxious as the other kind. You’re better than that.

    I’m just not seeing what you are seeing. Do our post game pressers look like Xavier’s? Uh, no. Do I wish they did? Nope on that one, too. Do I expect one or more of those kids that got in that brawl to get in more trouble down the road? Probably.

    I wouldn’t buy a car with a strange sound coming from under the hood. I know it would be trouble later. I also wouldn’t recruit a kid who was proud of being ‘gangsta’ for the same reason.

  24. I’ll take a million Creans over Kelvins any day of the week.

    Kelvin’s players “loved” him because he didn’t make them go to class and didn’t care if they were a bunch of druggies.

    Do you have a poster of Calipari above your bed?

    And you don’t think there is a “brotherhood” among our players now?


  25. I doubt many of them did anything more than smoke a little pot. It’s o.k. for the son of IU’s president to get busted without being called a “druggie.”

    Many that pretend to be angels are the scum of the earth. Just because you get A’s in a classroom doesn’t mean you wouldn’t steal the shirt of another man’s back. Are you guys really that shallow? You really believe those that do nothing but sell their clean image are not capable of ghastly habits behind much thicker closed doors than 1an 8-year-old kid handed the keys to a candy store he’s never known?

    I also never saw anything approaching what Chet is lumping in with the Xavier comparison. I saw nothing but sportsmanship on the court from a Sampson player. Armon Bassett had his share of problems off the court, but he didn’t play basketball like a Devoa Dumes elbow-throwing thug wearing a “World Peace” jersey; nor did he whine and flop around like a punk of privilege to every unfair referee whistle and have his coach gush all over him when knocked down. Most these guys had seen enough in the ripped apart homes they grew up in to not get stirred into too big a ruckus over a safe college game of hoops. These guys went into survival mode when they were away from the safety net of Bloomington. When you’re finally in a safe world and you finally have a coach that is more of a father figure than anything you ever knew from childhood, I’m sure Bloomington began to look like one giant pinata needing one more hit to explode around you.

    Let’s not be complete hypocrites and pretend any of us would only be inclined to open on the Bible on weekends our days at college. 19 Fs! 19 crosses for 19 crucifixions! Rich and protected SOBs just find someone to write their papers and take their tests for them because they’re used to cheating and hiding. Much like it takes 25 years to discover a priest was raping children in the backroom of the church behind a stained glass portrait of Jesus… or a coach for a prestigious football program to be exposed for the raping of 10-year-old boys in the showers the team’s locker room. How we squirm to protect our almighty institutions when the real dirt is going on behind the golden gates of perfection….How easily we’ll label and exile a misguided runt for symbols our cleansing; a castaway, a nothing, we’ll mount on a cross to use as example so the others can continue in their orgies of cash, perversions, and corruption within the rules adapted for their ruling classes.

    It takes 25 days to burn at the stake a Sampson thug for taking a hit of a reefer. It took 25 months for the NCAA to make a 3-way calling an innocent recruiting necessity. It takes 25,000 tweets for Tom Crean to finally turn himself into Joyce Meyer wearing a chastity belt.

    Yes, blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth..

  26. correction:

    It takes 25,000 tweets a naturally tan Tom Crean to turn himself into Joyce Meyer wearing a chastity belt.

    Happy now, Chet?

  27. According to virtually everyone, it was more than a “little” pot.

    And there is NO disputing the kids didn’t go to class.

    Your defending all that, while painting Crean as worse than a child-molester, makes me vomit.

  28. HH. This was a really lame discussion, because you made 10 posts repeating yourself over and over. Make your points once, then make a good rejoinder, then take the rest of the day off. As far as I could tell only one post-by dustin 2123-provided any real information. Crean recruited early because he had to (Indiana had some problems getting good talent before Cody committed). It led to Davis, Hartman, Lyles and Blackmon. Three great and one very good HS basketball players. Not a bad record at all. Let’s wait and see how they all play in college before the knives are drawn.

  29. You’re right.

    Dustin is a smart cookie. Most importantly, he’s fair and open-minded.

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