Recruiting dispatches from a guy we know in Virginia

You may remember Greg Rosenstein. Short kid from the IDS, made some ScoopTalk cameos. Anyway, he’s a Virginia native and resident and he’s covering the NBPA Top 100 camp this week in Charlottesville for our good friends at Inside the Hall. He’s breaking some stuff out there, so we’re going to link to it.

First off, Rosenstein writes that Semi Ojeleye, a small forward in the Class of 2014 from Ottawa, Kan., considers IU one of his favorites and is looking to set up an unofficial visit.

Also, Rosenstein spoke to Jaquan Lyle, a highly recruited point guard from Evansville and once a top Indiana target who now says the Hoosiers haven’t spoken to him much lately.


  1. Right now IU is at 14 players on schollies for 2013-2014(15 if Creek returns). Zeller going pro cuts it to 13, 14 with Creek,— how in the heck can we seriously be recruiting Anya,Lee,

  2. No one shed a tear when Williams and Story were kicked to the curb so let’s not pretend like we care now about how we hit our scholarship limit.

  3. Football Recruiting Dispatch just prior to season- Should There Be Interest

    Found the following in ESPN’s College Football Blog- The football recruiting budgets for the Big Ten:

    Illinois- 2010: $537,773
    2011: $545,363
    Indiana- 2010: $272,625
    2011: $270,134
    Iowa- 2010: $207,117
    2011: $307,226
    Michigan-2010: $489,412
    2011: $577,663
    Michigan State- 2010: $390,289
    2011: $383,448
    Minnesota-2010: $615,063
    2011: $348,609
    Nebraska- 2010: $344,471
    2011: $478,554
    Ohio State- 2010: $297,342
    2011: $320,938
    Purdue- 2010: $528,095
    2011: $428,805
    Wisconsin- 2010: $230,227
    2011: $204,181

    The balance is not surprising. Ohio State is helped by the fact that it can find all its needs within state borders; Purdue seems to be taking their nation wide (they are making a big push in Florida); Indiana will probably increase this year given that its coaches have also gone nation wide. The costs seem to reflect the availability of prospects in state high school programs. Nationally, the SEC seems to spend an average of $1 million.

    These figures do not reflect under the table payments, MiamiU. style hourly hires to local ‘escorts’, car rentals for star quarterbacks or tatoo parlor fees. It does not cover legal consultation fees.

  4. What was going on with Mineesota that year? It was Brewster’s last year as coach though.

  5. Dustin used my posts to write this article. Glad I could help. It would be nice if we could land Semi Ojeleye. Marcus Lee isn’t doing anything at the NBPA Top 100 camp this week.

    RT @jdemling: Biggest disappointment for me so far at NBA Camp has been Marcus Lee. Hasn’t done much at all in two days. about an hour ago

  6. Reggie, Marcus Lee has sat out a lot with a hip injury.

    This may be unrelated, but I need a place to present this (obvious) revelation. Beejay Anya is a very talented player. Luke Fischer is also very talented. Arguably, since Luke runs the court better, he is a better fit for our team. So, I’d like to say, this would be a quite solid class that I’d be more than happy with:
    Robinson (best performance of top 100 camp so far BTW)

    I’ll say it again, as I’ve gotten gradually more aggressive with this idea: having Collin Hartman committed is a negative, and I really think that those saying he fits a necessary role and we’re lucky to have him seem to be lying to themselves. Competititon for spots on our team is stiff lately. And Hartman will not play. He’s a great guy, just doesn’t fit in our future.

  7. Just a couple of years ago Sheehey and Vic received criticisms for their HS and AAU performances not being worthy enough for an IU scholarship. Tell me now what those critics say. I trust Coach Crean’s evaluation skill implicitly.

  8. HC, I remember. Wasn’t 4 Guards the loudest critic? Today is no different. The names have changed but there is no shortage of experts, basketball, football, whatever.

  9. There’s one difference there, and a flaw with Etherington making this jump that Will and Vic made.
    Will and Vic were always phenomenal athletes, they just needed to develop skill; this is the other way around. Hartman is skilled, but unathletic, and thus low on potential. This is the difference between Devin Davis and Collin Hartman; Davis is strong, fast, and athletic, he’s a guy with a lot of potential, so no one is anxious about his having a scholarship. And quite honestly, if Crean knew what position IU would be in this year, and knew that Hartman’s game wouldn’t progress as he probably expected, do you really think he still would have offered? I’m just asking.

  10. 4tards was Steve Alford’s mom. Crean could have brought world peace on his way to curing cancer and 4t would still have been whining. IU’s success on the court is the worst thing he could imagine.

  11. I crossed paths with Dustin last night at Nick’s. He was headed to a bachelor’s party and I couldn’t help but notice that several smokin’ hot babes came in the door soon after.

    Now, I’m not absolutely certain they were following Dustin…just sayin’.

  12. Athleticism is something you can’t really develop. Hartman has not progressed much at all in that area. Those are the risks you take when you offer a player early. I think pretty soon we will only see offers to top 50 players their junior years and up. It would be nice if we could take Ojeleye. If we are over signed by one for the 2013 class CTC will hopefully ask Hartman to decommit. I’m not being too hard on Hartman, I’m just saying you can’t teach athleticism.

  13. Reggie, that’s exactly what I’m saying. That’s the difference between unheralded guys like Vic and Will and unheralded guys like Hartman. You just can’t teach speed and athleticism like that. You can fix a jumper, that’s mechanical. But you can’t work hard enough to be a world class athlete. You can become more explosive, to be sure, but you can’t develop into what he’d need to in my mind to be effective.

    Another thing; Vic and Will came from prep schools. Vic played at DeMatha, and Will played with Fab Melo. So even though they may not have had the best performances in those settings, we knew they were used to high level practices and games.

  14. I do think there is a bit of a dilemma here as a fan… On one side I am a Crean supporter, who likes to trust in what his coach’s plan is (HC#9) I also agree exactly with what is said in post #11 – if Crean knew the position he would be in, and the type of kids he’d be able to attract nationally, when he offered to Hartman we might be talking about another story.

    The bottom line is, would you rather have Ojeleye (or insert other top-50 recruit) or Hartman? Who do you think Crean would rather have? My guess is that he’d rather have Ojeleye, but he’s more than willing to lie in the bed he made.

    Success can put you in some interesting situations, and unexpected success can put you in some unexpected situations. That’s where we are right now.

    I don’t think you’re less of a fan for taking either side of this coin.

  15. Tsao – whatever you do, do not go read the Vonleh article or comments at ITH… It would ruin your weekend.

  16. CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — Noah Vonleh (Haverhill, Ma.), the No. 1 power forward in the Class of 2014 according to, said he wants a program that develops players and helps them eventually get to the NBA.

    He sees that in Indiana.

    On the bright side for Tsao, Noah sounds like a nice Christian name as we prepare for the flood of NBA talent.

    …and upon their tiny town once brought saintly hoops, the stall game, glorious crisp-passing men in short shorts, flawless Brylcreem hairdos, the defensive crotch-staring stance….all discovered by their one god, thy Lord Bobby in Tartan, the inevitable seed had finally arrived at the pristine valley of virgin hoops…it crept out the cracks the limestone hills….Satan’s greed had cometh to destroy the game, burn the banners, and end all future weekends at Nick’s.

  17. Let’s change that first line..

    …and upon their tiny town once brought saintly squared-up jumpers

    This way the word ‘hoops’ is not repeated.

  18. Nice point David, Will and Vic did play at a higher level in high school than Collin Hartman. Also, Collin only averaged around 13 pg last year against pretty lousy competition in the IHSAA. CTC made a mistake, it’s not a huge deal it’s just one scholarship.

  19. I’m by no means a passionate follower of recruits, but after viewing a mix tape of some Hartman highlights on YouTube, this kid looks pretty damn skilled to me.

    Really nice looking jump shot..very smooth release and nice arc/follow-through. We could be looking at the next Steve Green. I wouldn’t call this kid a mistake. You just don’t know how kids are going to blossom. He has good size…solid looking frame(by no means a long twig), fluid movement, and one sweet looking stroke. I don’t see this kid as a flushed away scholarship.

  20. IU not contacting a recruit who acts like he wants to go to IU? I think IU takes a hard run at recruits and if they commit great, and if not they move on. Like JL said who wouldn’t want to play there. . .

  21. Harvard, yes he is very skilled and he has gotten a lot thicker. Maybe he could develop into a Harangody type? He can always become a more solid rebounder.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying Hartman is a flushed scholarship. A flushed scholarship would be a guy like Darryl Hicks. Hartman is still a 3 star guy, a 91 on ESPN on I think. Not wasted at all. My point is we’d be better served having an extra spot for Ojeleye or Lee or someone else.

    In conclusion: Hartman’s commitment, good. Solid player.
    Having an open spot for a higher caliber guy: great.

  22. 3* only, big deal, who would trade Larry Bird’s skills for God given talents, not me. In 4 years we will all know. I seriously doubt CH embarrasses any of us.

  23. Harvard, I watched Steve Green grow up playing at Silver Creek (actually he was a little older than me but I saw him play many times). One of the things that benefited him was a late growth spurt. He played guard as a sophomore, forward as a junior, and then filled the post as a senior. He had tremendous hands for a big man.

  24. Happy Father’s Day, Chet.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the Scoop dads(journalists and bloggers alike).

  25. So… Is Collin Hartman Larry Bird? I’m confused. No one is suggesting that, not even jokingly…

  26. Thanks guys. My little girl called me and told me she went down in a shark cage Saturday(she’s doing volunteer work in South Africa). Just what ‘ol Dad needed to hear.

    Last week it was bungee jumping. Heaven help me.

  27. Has The Hoosier Scoop called it quits? For a blog they do not have much to say. Nothing in 4 days.

  28. Consider this; we already have Fischer, a great running center. So I think a 6’9″ running PF in Marcus Lee would fit better. Fischer, Lee, Davis, Ojeleye, Robinson would be a great, well rounded class. Of course, I would be ECSTATIC if we signed Anya. I was just tossing it out there.

  29. Crean wants to recruit everybody. He has petitioned the NCAA for 26 scholarships and also to allow IU to field 2 separate teams- the Cream and the Crimson.Stay tuned. Joyce Meyer is acting as a consultant on the matter.

  30. Did the Scoop go out of business? I’ve been following it for years and can’t remember it ever going this long without any news or posts of any kind.

  31. Also, does the Scoop know that it was five years ago today that Terry Hoeppner died. What a huge development the loss of Hep was for IU’s football program and its entire athletic program. It would be nice to have something about that here. The IDS did a good job with its story about this.

  32. Thank you, John. I should have included that link to the IDS article so I appreciate you adding it.

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