Recruiting news: Two visits and a decision

A few recruiting tidbits culled from Twitter this early afternoon. and are both reporting that Semi Ojeleye, a highly regarded 6-foot-6, 215-pound swingman from Ottawa, Kan., the No. 37 player in the Class of 2013, is on an unofficial visit to Indiana.

In addition, Chandler White, a 6-foot-2 shooting guard from Fort Wayne Carroll in the Class of 2015, said on his Twitter account that he is taking his third unofficial visit to Indiana.

Finally, Monte Morris, the point guard from Flint (Mich) Beecher in the Class of 2013, said on his Twitter account that he will be making his college announcement at his high school at 5 p.m. today. Morris was receiving significant Indiana interest, but no scholarship offer from the Hoosiers was ever reported.

UPDATE: Some YouTube highlight video from Semi Ojeleye



  1. Another ’13 wing?


    However, I read about the Heat winning it all and the guy said they don’t have a “standard” line up and have a bunch of wings to attack….which is Crean’s style.

    Maybe if we had 7 wings who rotate between 3 spots attacking non-stop, it will work.

  2. If you get the right wings-like LeBron and Wade- you are going to be a pretty good team, i.e. World Champs! I am not sure that truly great players who are not “only centers” or “only point guards” have “positions”. They do everything and win!

  3. He seems like a CTC type of player. He really attacks the basket and has a good handle for a wing. Looks almost like a combo guard the way he plays.

  4. Agreed, BeatPurdue. We had lots of wings last year and it worked pretty darn well. Forget positions, I want players. Obviously you can’t start 5 point guards or centers, so there’s a limit to what I’m saying, but nonetheless, it seems clear to me that Crean and his staff look for players more than positions.

    Dustin, how do you pronounce this player’s name? However it’s pronounced,he looks good. He can take it to the basket and dunk over the smaller guys in this footage, but what impresses me is his mid-range jumper. He hit several in these clips. If this is consistent with his overall pattern of play, I think he’ll be really good wherever he goes (hopefully IU).

  5. If we’re going to add another player to the 2013 class, and it appears we are, I really hope its BeeJay Anya. Would be interesting to see IU with a dominant big man in the B1G.
    That said, I would in no way be upset if we ended up with Ojeyele or Lee. Hard to argue against those two. Either way IU is bringing in stacked classes for the foreseeable future!

  6. Eric, I honestly have no idea.
    As far is positions are concerned, I think most would agree that you don’t have to have the prototype for every spot and it helps to have multi-positional guys (which usually means wings), but you just have to make sure you’re covered with at least two point guards and two guys who can play center on your roster at all times. For 2013 IU is in OK but not spectacular shape in those departments. At center, they have Zeller, Jurkin and Fischer though there is the good possibility that Zeller makes the NBA leap before hand because of his academic advancement. I am slightly surprised they haven’t gone all in on a point guard with Hulls set to graduate, but they do have Remy Abell to back up Ferrell.

  7. Dustin. In response to what you said about not going all in on a pg, I read an interview recently with Stanford Robinson and he said that Crean told him to concentrate on developing his pg skills. Maybe Crean thinks that between him and Remy they’ll find a reliable backup for Yogi. Also, in regards to the comments about small lineups, Crean has had a history at Marquette of going with 4 guards and a big. And once Hanner gets in the weight room, he could guard most teams 5 in emergency situations.

  8. You’re right there. Both Robinson and Abell are combo guys and he told Patterson the same thing. And obviously, IU got by with Jones and Abell as backup points this year, so there’s not that much of a difference. But I really got the impression last summer that would be a priority because there were a number of guys they were watching closely. Other than watching the players who were already committed, IU coaches were almost exclusively following point guards at the Adidas Invitational, but yet I’m not sure they offered any of them.

  9. Eric.. His name is prounced Oh-jah-LAY. I have seen semi play in most of his games in middle school and high school. Please keep in mind everyone, that the highlights are just that highlights. Semi is a great talent with a lot of upside, but those clips are definitely not 100% reality. He struggles with defenders that can pressure him and must understand at the next level that team oriented basketball is winning basketball. The talent pool in Kansas is considerably weaker than what most of you expect from high school basketball players in Indiana, so he mostly out talents weaker teams. With all that said, he is a great athlete, extremely smart and a tiresome worker. He wil go the extra mile to learn the offense and is sharp enough to do it quickly. You can’t go wrong with kids like that and oh still are extremely talented!

    One last thing. Most pundits hopefully are evaluating semi on his AAU play because playing 4A basketball in Kansas is similar to low 2A basketball in Indiana. No offense to the old 2A players out there! :-). He is ranked 20s-30s in most rankings for 2013 and I believe that is generous.

  10. Is it possible we will need to fill 6 spots in 2013?
    Hulls, Watford, Elston, Zeller, Oladipo, and Sheehey.
    If so CTC better keep the offers coming.

  11. Kansas, thanks. I tried to hint at the level of competition when I said he was too good for the smaller players in the clips. But, I’m still impressed with his jump shot. Between that, his athletic ability and the traits Kansas points out (hard-working and smart), I like him. Certainly the IU coaches can work with that and help him become a very productive player.

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