Some stuff that happened while I was gone…

As has been pointed out, there hasn’t been anything new on the Scoop in a while. See there was this seminar in St. Louis I had to go to and then there was some other stuff, and one way or the other, I haven’t been in front of a computer since Friday afternoon. Here were some things I missed or that other people wrote that you should know about.

Alex McCarthy of the Indiana Daily Student did this outstanding piece on the fifth anniversary of Terry Hoeppner’s death.

Matt Norlander explains why Indiana deserves to be the preseason No. 1 team in college basketball.

Stanford Robinson apparently had a really good week at NBA Top 100 camp, Jody Demling of the Louisville Courier-Journal wrote.

Trey Lyles was dominant in the FIBA Americas U18 championship, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall wrote.

Indiana track stars Andy Bayer and Kind Butler both put together qualifying times for the U.S. Olympic trials, Bayer in the 1,500 meters and Butler in the 400 meters.

Also, there were six players who were apparently listed on rosters for the Indy Pro-Am in Indianapolis. Those players will not in fact be playing in the Pro-Am according to a source.


  1. Thanks, Dustin. You do a great job and I don’t mean to complain about you, but isn’t there somebody else who could pick up the slack while you are away at a seminar?

  2. I can assure you, any complaining was meant in nothing but a facetious manner.

  3. Jeremy and Andy were on vacation as well, so we just kind of had no one manning the ship for a bit there. But if there’s a time to do that, it’s the middle of June. I had my laptop with me so if something major would have happened I could have gotten to work, but obviously, there wasn’t anything huge. The Hoeppner thing, I mean, I’m really kicking myself today because it never once crossed my mind until I saw Alex’s story, which is outstanding. I wasn’t here yet when he passed, so the date isn’t one that sticks in my mind, but it really should.

  4. But no, no problem taking criticism on that. I got a text from Korman this morning cracking on me, so it was obvious I have to get things cranked up again.

  5. What was the seminar in st. louis about? What else was happening in your life to take you away from the scoop? We need details instead of your cryptic post.

  6. OK there, nosy. The seminar in St. Louis was a sports journalism seminar run by a group that our editor in chief, Bob Zaltsberg is part of a leadership group for. And if you must know, Indiana’s favorite ginger Zach Osterman, the and Inside Indiana writer who you may know from his numerous ScoopTalk cameos, is getting married at the end of July. His bachelor party was Friday and Saturday. If you’d like further details on that … umm… no.

  7. So Harvard was right about the bachelor party!

    This is part of the article that the guys from wrote.

    “Beyond that, Crean again will have athletic freak and wild card Victor Oladipo; few teams have a change-of-pace player the likes of this junior guard. Senior Jordan Hulls returns as a veteran sharpshooter, and last year’s best sixth man in college basketball, Will Sheehey, is back as well.

    All of this presents a strong case for Indiana going into the season as No. 1, but what really separates the Hoosiers from Kentucky and Louisville is its incoming class, which is nearly as strong as UK’s. The big pickup is point guard Yogi Ferrell, who some believe is the second best point guard in the 2012 class. And providing Indiana with additional balance will be Hanner Mosquera-Perea at the four spot and four-star recruit Jeremy Hollowell at three. There’s even promise in 7-foot freshman center Peter Jurkin.

    So the team is positively stuffed with players. And that’s all we can grade on right now, yes? It has experience and has won big games. And the Hoosiers’ Sweet 16 loss to Kentucky last year? About as competitive and entertaining as a 102-90 finish could be.”

    Why do they call VO a wild card? I don’t get it.

    They didn’t even mention Ron Patterson! He could be one of the best on ball defenders in all of college basketball in a few years!

    Peter Jurkin is gonna need a lot of work but he’s better than I thought. Last time I saw him he looked a lot healthier and stronger.

  8. Wonderful stuff, Reggie..Did you know there was also a national article that hit the internet newsstands late last season that labeled Jordan Hulls as the worst defender in all of college basketball(written by a journalist likely not a big fan of Hoosier hoops)?

    I pretty much interpret an article calling a guy the “best 6th man in college basketball”(written by a journalist likely a fan of Hoosier hoops) with much the same unimpressed eyes.

    Did you know that they insert dialogue into movies so it is scientifically targeted to the local population of a geographical area? Example: If you’re watching the movie in California, an actor may make a reference to LA…If your watching the same movie in Indiana, the tape will be altered; the same actor, during the same exact line in the script, will references a city in the Hoosier state(e.g. Indianapolis)..

    Journalists(sports and otherwise) are always manipulating their product and fashioning it with an intended bias dependent on the target. They feed you soundbites of what they believe you want to here(or stir you up by what you don’t want to here).

    Other than this mysterious “guys at,” or this one particular sports journalist that wrote your quoted piece, who else determined Will Sheehey was the best 6th man in college basketball? Was there a vote amongst all the fans of college basketball? Did he use the opposite of a Seth Davis method and find a Big 10 coach that admires Tom Crean and Indiana?

    The only talk that really counts worth a hill of beans comes in the quiet form of what your team achieves on the basketball court. ‘Speculation’ sure has been the big word of late..As I said to Dustin last week, nearly all of sports talk is speculation. If not, we would just read detailed summations of games and scores in the paper…Maybe it comes with good writing, metaphors, historical references, and inventive adjectives to describe the action. I sorta miss those days of just picking up the paper and reading a nice story about a heated battle and the performances the heroes of the night. I get tired of all the rankings, the off-season hoopla, the guessing, the assessing, the endless meaningless talk and opinions…

    When your team wins a Big !0 or national championship, then maybe certain individuals deserve their individual honors, bright spotlight, and thick frosting of recognition on the cake for helping the team achieve a rare goal. Until that time, anyone on the planet can try to steal John Laskowski’s earned title of “Super-sub.”


  9. By everything you read on this blog you would swear Roth should be the best 6th man in all college basketball. must not have gotten that memo.

  10. Isn’t speculation all we have in the offseason?

    I have taken several journalism classes and I know exactly what your point is Harvard.

    Here is the entire article by Matt Norlander if you haven’t seen it already.

    The chart at the bottom comparing IU to UL and pUKe clearly doesn’t show many of our key contributors coming off the bench. I really can’t stand the national media.

  11. Not at all..

    Matt Roth simply deserves the eligibility he earned to be honored. I realize he’s doesn’t have the celebrity looks to go along with his clumsy game of hitting 30 ft. jumpers with better accuracy than most shoot from the women’s 3-pt line. Matt is just a quiet Christian kid that battled through a foot injury. He has another year to play. I’m sure, once he’s off the roster, it will be spun that he didn’t want that year.

    He went about his business from beyond the arc in unassuming fashion..Doesn’t smile to the pretty girls in the crowd or give those ‘Kodak moment’ facial expressions to the camera that say “LOOK WHAT I JUST DID!” after he puts up a couple points. You do realize a spectacular dunk is worth one less point than a made shot from beyond the 3-pt line? It’s sorta self-explanatory, but I’m just checking. Yup, Matt is just an uninspiring Hoosier being a Hoosier…No excessive excessive preaching…no crutches other than those that supported him when his foot was in a cast…no circus clown act attached to the 2nd best 3-pt shooter(.554) in all of college basketball last year. That’s not speculation. That’s a stat and a fact.

  12. “Not at all” was a reference to post #10(that was not intended for you, Reggie).

    Stick to your guns, Reggie. Don’t bend. You have good game and obvious heart for Hoosier hoops.

    Most media guys are alright..They’re in the business of selling. They sell words instead of sofas at furniture stores or futures in the stock market..At least the American public will never have to bail them out for their overblown egos and the recklessness most their relatively harmless, meaningless, freewheeling gibberish. It’s free to the ears no matter the damage to the brain.

  13. “Matt is just a quiet Christian kid…”

    Well, you’re right of course, but I’m a little taken aback that you went there.

  14. Thanks Harvard. I respect you a lot and you obviously know your stuff on this blog.

    It’s funny, the 6th best 3 point shooter in the nation (percentage wise) last year was Jordan Hulls. We had two of the best three point bombers in the nation!

    If anybody wants to see Trey Lyles play on his Canadian team here is the link

  15. Why wouldn’t I go there? It could be Reggie. It could be Roth. It could be Chet. Why is the internet not just as likely a place his presence would surface? Maybe the words were sent to me from a quiet stranger on a bus trying to make his way home.

    I hate it when you judge me, Chet. Your even and kind heart has a power over me that grabs at the last threads of dignity all but lost.

    Reggie- Thanks for your blogging sportsmanship. Sportsmanship in language is a lost element of discourse our collective deteriorating dignity.

  16. Actually we had 3 of the best… Elston also shot 55% from 3 on the season, not to mention Watford at 44%.

    When I was 15 I had taken “several” journalism classes too (errr not). I hadn’t even taken several math classes yet. Drop the charade Reggie.

  17. I guess Elston didn’t qualify for the Top 100 ESPN 3-pt field goal percentage list because he didn’t fulfill the requirement to average at least 2 attempts per game. Derek had 29 attempts over 34 games(just under one attempt per game). He did hit a blistering 16 of 29(.552 as Geoff stated).

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