1. Maybe, but I’ll bet you’re right that it will be a one and done with crazy athletic ability. There’s just no way of knowing this soon.

  2. Will Zeller have his degree by next May? Not that it would prevent him from going pro if he’s guaranteed of being a lottery pick, but I believe his older brothers all graduated before going to the NBA.

    IF IU wins it all next season, Cody would be crazy not to go to the NBA. But if IU does not win the title, it will be interesting to see a) where he would go in the draft and b) if he would stay a third year in trying to bring the Championship to IU and elevate his draft status.

  3. Zeller is apparently on pace to graduate in 2 1/2 years, which would mean December of 2013. But that means he would only be 15 credits away from graduation if he left after next season and he’d probably be able to complete his degree in a summer or two without much inconvenience.

  4. Though Scoop basketball news trickles in very slowly these days from Dustin, I’m pleased to inform that Indiana high school students are passionately continuing with classroom experiments in a tireless attempt to scientific explain Tom Pritchard’s free throw touch.

  5. And to think I was cut from my high school team because I could not make two handed free throws. One handed I could do and two hand under hand I could do and was really good one handed. But had to be two handed.

  6. I was disappointed Pritchard didn’t sneak into the second round of the draft. I heard his draft stock had been rising in recent weeks. Oh well. Maybe he’ll go to the D-League or Turkey. They seem to have a lot of big white guys in Turkey that attract NBA attention.

  7. Geoff, your correctness is surpassed only by your wisdom.

    I wondered if anybody would notice that comment, snuck in as it was several days after the post it’s attached to.

    Although I do wonder about some of these Turkish guys that get drafted. Look like big klutzes to me.

  8. I’m confident Pritch will find the right fit for his skill set.

    Any truth to the rumor that construction on a new Assembly Hall begins in the spring 2014?

  9. That was unkind. Maybe an accurate representation, but still unkind. And you know the affect that such posts can have on the target of such a jest.

  10. It could be considered just as unkind to position a kid as the #1 draft pick for 2013. It could be setting the kid up for failure by placing unneeded expectations on his shoulders. Also, Goodman may be purposefully attempting to sabotage the Hoosiers by influencing his thought process and exaggerating his abilities. There are more important things than money. Many of these sportswriters have agendas. Some would love nothing more than to halt the resurgence of Indiana by aiming boastful comments at an impressionable youngster. Many would love nothing more to stop Indiana’s return to an elite stage in college basketball. They understand Crean will never be Calipari. They understand how important Cody Zeller is for Indiana during the next two years…We are at the cusp our most legitimate shot in three decades the hanging of a sixth championship banner in Assembly. Guys like Pritch helped put down the mortar and brick that foundation. It’s far more a disservice to Pritch’s gritty effort shown every time he took the court for any Hoosier to think of anything but completing the construction of what was only four years ago a decimated house.

    Sports in general is one big machine of selfishness. NBA draft experts, rankings sites, coaches, and (most)journalists could give a sh*t about these young men. It’s nothing more than a meat market that only cares about the TV ratings and the hype necessary in maintaining their own grossly inflated salaries.

    Prtichard is one of the lucky few that will have a lifetime of good memories his four years of normal college life. He can cherish his love for Indiana and his moments he made unselfish contributions to make his teammates proud. He can be proud of being the humble and ungloating backbone our character. He held his head high when most would have quit. And how should those more gifted now in candy-stripes emerging in a greater limelight honor the cruel jeers Pritch’s unnoticed years? By jumping to the NBA? Yes, Goodman cares about college basketball and kids like Pritchard, Jones, Hulls, Elston, Danny Moore, and Matt Roth.
    It is truly a “mock draft”….It mocks the honor ignored those Hoosiers that deserve to be cheering from their living rooms as we watch Indiana bring home the ultimate glory for all the soldiers died in the trenches our embarssing losses that never found these true men of Indiand daunted.

    And what of the push to get our less-than-spectacular athletes to graduate sooner than four years. Think about the motivation behind pushing kids with little hope a shot at the NBA into completing their degrees at a much faster pace the average student. Think about the motivation behind not honoring a kid’s eligibility by means of insinuation he’ll be just fine because he already holds two degrees. How do we know what’s in that young man’s head?

    Dustin- Please remove my cruel picture depicting Pritch as a bricklayer. It was unkind. Heaven forbid Tom Pritchard ever think Crean didn’t fully invest in improving his game because he wasn’t one of his own perfect picks out of the recruiting barrel. Heaven forbid deny our Hoosiers a chance to spank Kentucky next year because we must hold onto our Christian and righteous ideals. Yes, continue to protect every deed a high school coach, a college coach, our coach, a rankings site, a “respected” journalist that puts in national print a statement calling a kid the “worst defender in all of college basketball,” all NBA scouts, NBA executives, and every other member the greed machine as having only utmost concern the well-being every piece of meat their eyes fall upon. Crucify Harvard as the mean and uncaring photo-doctoring beast..Everyone else has their priorities so righteously attuned to perfection as they grow their entertainment slaves within the warm cuddly home of college and NBA sports .

  11. Final thoughts:

    Yes, Pritch is a bricklayer. And more than empty attempts his bricks should be in a stale old stat sheet. His bricks should stand ready for completion the ultimate task. Oladipo, Sheehey, Cody, and “The Movement” are the new crew arrived with timbers and rafters a final phases our house rebuilt. If they leave the Hoosier resurrection construction site merely for money an NBA executive building a soulless castle of greed, then they are the true mockery upon Pritch’s dusty old bricks.

    If their focus be corrupted and confused from what should be their desire the biggest prize in college basketball, then, in many respects, they become more despicable than Kelvin Sampson and those labeled Hoosier degenerates. Better to cheat the NCAA than cheat the honor an unspoiled heart, a teammate, all those humble and proud as a bricklayer soon forgotten.

    Better to cheat the NCAA than the happiness of decent Indiana fans that have stood by the Hoosiers through thick and thin since the witch hunt and act of arson the NCAA’s torching of Bloomington as burning example a vindictive punishment far exceeding a minor recruiting crime.

    No matter where any distorted view the decided blames shall fall, those with honor like Pritch, amidst the flames, stood tall. The empty Twitter sermons and preaching of “decimation” and “cheats” now means nothing unless all efforts and selfless nails be driven toward completing from the ashes a rooftop built of fight for a sixth banner for all those that stayed true while the walls the old house burned around them.

  12. For those stuffy hypocrites that pretend to be so preachy and righteous, next time I’ll throw paper airplanes instead of darts.

  13. HforH; fyi, I did not read posts #16 and #17, and I suspect no one else will either. I could be wrong, but I suspect that you were, once again, talking to yourself.

  14. Some skim..some read…some make-believe they humble the sun while it bleed from heaven its devoted light a chance to make a shadow in only their likeness. I don’t care what you read. Far more importantly, I could care less what you think. You’re just an arrogant shadow of something you wish could judge more.

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