Hoosier Hysteria set for Oct. 20…or at least that’s what the Marching Hundred says

Hat tip to Inside the Hall’s Alex Bozich for apparently catching this, but Indiana’s Marching Hundred released a fall performance schedule on its website, which is relevant because it suggests that Hoosier Hysteria will be on Oct. 20. (Scroll down a bit to find the schedule). Basketball teams can legally begin practice on Friday, Oct. 12, but that also coincides with Indiana’s fall break. Oct. 20 is the same day as the Indiana football team’s game at Navy, but the date also coincides with power forward prospect Marcus Lee’s official visit.

An IU spokesman would not confirm or deny that the date had been set.


  1. Dustin…this has become an issue of interest to me. Could you ask the spokesperson why the refused to confirm or deny the date reported? Or, would they be willing to say ‘maybe’, s in they are considering that date but haven’t totally decided.

    I feel for you friend, but in Chicago we eat spokespersons for appetizers. Be sure you tell them that spokespersons here were the kids who got the C- in the core content classes.

  2. He did tell me that, but that part of the conversation began with “off the record …” The best way to put it without breaking that confidence is to say that he wasn’t authorized to confirm that at this point, but I’m getting no indication that there’s anything other than basic procedural matters separating this from being official. And it’s sort of a trivial issue, and as much as I need to be tougher with media relations guys, this was not an issue I saw the need to go to battle over.

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