IU playing Coppin State on Dec. 1, Mt. St. Mary’s on Dec. 19

Indiana hasn’t released its full 2012-13 basketball schedule yet, but some of the matchups are slowly trickling out as other schools release theirs. Hat tip to Inside the Hall for catching this one. Indiana is scheduled to play Coppin State on Dec. 1. ITH has maintained a list of all of the games that have been announced by other schools. You can find that here.

Also (and a hat tip to H-T high school reporter and Maryland native Michael Miller for this one) the Hoosiers are also hosting Mount St. Mary’s on Dec. 19.


  1. The pre season schedule for a supposedly no.1 team is a joke. I don’t mind alot of home games and some patsies–but 9 walk overs is to much.Plus this year has no true road games.That doesn’t bode well for the B1G.

  2. Non-Conference schedule for Mount St. Mary’s looks pretty good.

    Uh Dustin, Mike Miller, is he the guy who always has his picture in the paper…?

  3. Real iu fan. There are what 10 – 11 non conference games? We’ve got NC, either UCLA or Georgetown, Butler, Georgia and Jacksonville (who at times have had a decent team). I would liked to see us play VCU, was that the team who almost had our number in the NCAA..? Who would be your choice(s)…?

    I think CTC is going to have so many options this yr that it will take a few games to iron out the who and when..?

  4. Ron, 13 non-conference games. And the Jacksonville Dolphins, really? They made the title game 42 years ago and haven’t made the tournament period since 1986. They will be just as bad as the other trash we have lined up. Real iu fan is definitely right about no roadies. Playing Evansville and NC State away from home was key last year. Pathetic to think that our first road game won’t be until January against a B1G team.

  5. I seem to recall seeing Coppin State in the NCAA Tournament from time to time. I’d bet our non-conference is as good or better than most Big Ten teams (although MSU always seems to have a brutal non-conference).

  6. Off Topic—ARUSS

    Thank you for posting info on Math Roth’s interview with Peeg’s concerning his relationship with IU. It cleared up a lot of “HOT” dense foggy air.

  7. As long as Crean is the coach he can schedule whoever, whenever and wherever he wants. It is fine with me.

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