IU’s Farrell wins bronze with France’s 4×200 Freestyle Relay

Former Indiana swimmer Margaux Farrell claimed a bronze medal as part of France’s 4×200 meter freestyle relay team. She swam the second leg in the preliminary round and helped the squad qualify for the finals where it finished third behind the United States and Australia. Her medal continues Indiana’s streak of having at least one current or former athlete medal every year since 1932.


  1. After the end of the Women’s 4 x 200 relay, I watched the Australian swimmers(bronze medal) come over to hug and congratulate the U.S. team for their winning of the gold. I was astonished how much bigger the young women of the American team were compared to the Aussies. The U.S. gals were significantly broader in the upper bodies and shoulders and they all appeared to be almost a head-size taller than the Australian counterpart they were sharing a ‘thank you’ hug.

    I never heard any announcer mention the obvious size advantage in the girls on the victorious U.S. relay team. I couldn’t help but think of Olympic days from decades past when the women on East Germany’s team were dwarfing everyone else in the pool…I always thought it seemed such an unfair advantage. I’m sure their were plenty of accusations whirling about that growth hormones were contributing to their dominant physiques.

    Anyway, those Aussie gals didn’t finish but a body length behind from the final touch at the wall..…Given the size disparity; it’s pretty amazing they were that close.

    Alicia Coutts 5-9 152
    Kylie Palmer 5-8 150
    Melanie Schlanger 5-9 143
    Bronte Barratt 5-7 130

    United States
    Allison Schmitt 6-1 163
    Shannon Vreeland 6-2 174
    Dana Vollmer 6-0 150
    Missy Franklin 6-1 165

  2. oops.

    …I’m sure there were plenty of accusations whirling about

  3. My wife was a pretty good swimmer (Tennessee) and she’s not exactly petite (though she wears something like a size 4 or 6, I don’t know, I’d never buy her clothes). She’s got a few years on these girls but she’s about 5’11’ with muscular, broad shoulders and muscular, long arms. She also has a ridiculous inseam (36″). They are a generation younger but I think success is not only a result of lots of hard work but also the body type you’re born with. It’s hard for me to imagine some 5’4″ girl with a 26 inch inseam offering my wife much of a challenge in the pool not matter how hard she tried.

    I think we have a larger gene pool to work with and three generations of athletes marrying athletes has just resulted in some impressive specimens. My kids could toss me like a javelin.

  4. I do love Aussie women. They just have ‘a look’ about them that I can’t put my finger on, but it’s just different. I was lucky enough to date an exchange student from New South Wales in the 12th grade and she was awesome.

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