Patterson decides to attend Brewster Academy

Ron Patterson, the Broad Ripple guard who was denied admission to Indiana for the fall semester after a difficult summer session, announced on his Twitter account late Monday night that he will attend Brewster Academy in Wolfeboro, N.H. for the 2012-13 school year and then enter college in the Class of 2013.

Chris Hawkins, Patterson’s AAU coach, confirmed Patterson’s decision.

“I think he just sat down with his family and they felt like that was just the best otion for him to just get each component, his game and the academic side of it ready,” Hawkins said. “The plan is for him to take advantage of everything they can do for him up there. Once he sets foot on another campus, he’ll be ready to go.”

Considering the way Patterson’s time at Indiana ended, it would appear unlikely that he would return to the Hoosiers in 2013. The Hoosiers are at the moment overbooked for the Class of 2013 and are still after several players in the class, but space could open up if players transfer or declare early for the NBA draft. Hawkins said he had not discussed the idea with Patterson and did not rule out the possibility.

Patterson had the option of going straight to another four-year school and several immediately inquired about his services, including Illinois, Ohio State, Purdue, Louisville and Xavier among others. However, Patterson decided that after his summer struggles, he could use another year of preparation

Hawkins said immediately after Patterson’s departure from Indiana that Brewster Academy would be his destination if he decided on prep school. Brewster won the National Prep School championship in 2012 with a 33-1 record. Coach Jason Smith worked with Patterson at this year’s Derby Classic in Louisville, which helped in the decision process.

“They do some things as far as just working on his game,” Hawkins said.  “Working on his shot, just the little tweaks that he needs. Plus the way they play, pressure defense up and down the floor. It’s just a good fit all the way around for him. Coach Smith’s a great guy. It’s a great thing for him.”

Patterson, a four-star guard known for his exceptional length and defense, was the second member of Indiana’s vaunted Class of 2012 to commit. He graduated from Broad Ripple as the school’s all-time leading scorer.


  1. Congrats to RP. This is a great life decision to set him up beyond hoops. He’ll definitely be a Hoosier next year…mark my words.

  2. It’s an indication that he has his priorities pointed in the right direction. If he had committed to another school immediately, it would have been an indication that his only priority was basketball and that his academic performance would have been an afterthought. This allows him to maintain all his basketball options for the future while allowing him to improve his academic performance for better balance. Very good choice.

  3. Geoff, I think you are going to agree he is a treat to watch. At least that is how I felt seeing him each of the 4 times in person.

  4. Wish him the best! IU is already 1 over for next year, so doubtful he will attend IU. If Zeller goes pro, we will be at 13. Anya or any of the others will be oversign’s.

  5. If Victor improves this year at the same rate he did last year – specifically his outside shot, he’s gone to the NBA.

    I also think Hanner will display enough freakish ability that his upside alone will have the NBA scouts talk him into leaving early.

  6. I still don’t think Vic needs to improve his shot to get drafted…

    Because of the fairly strict no-hand-checking rules in the NBA, guards that can go by people are as important as ever, but even more important and rare these days are perimeter defenders that can keep people in front of them, and I think Dipo can be a top notch defender at the next level. Every team needs a guy to put on Kobe, and Wade, and Gordon, and other elite isolation wings.

    I actually think staying for his senior year hurts his draft stock because his skill set and value is based on athleticism. If I were an NBA exec I would want the extra year in his athletic prime, and then have our coaches work with him on his corner 3 and ball-handling when there are no time restrictions on workouts.

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