Patterson releases statement

Ron Patterson has released a statement on his departure from Indiana. It follows.

“It is with disappointment that I won’t be part of the Indiana men’s basketball program. While it was an opportunity I didn’t fulfill, I am looking forward to learning from this and moving forward to another program. Having spoken with my parents, we are not entirely sure if I will enroll into a prep school or not for this year, but I am eligible to participate for the 2012-2013 season.

I’d like to thank Coach Crean and the coaching staff for their time and help this summer, especially Coach Buckley during this process, as well as the Indiana academic staff. I also truly want to thank the Indiana fan base. They have been visible since my commitment, and that type of support has been very appreciated.

Thank you.

Ron Patterson


  1. I’m extremely impressed with how this kid and his family have handled this situation: with class and dignity. Best wishes to Ron and his family.

  2. Another problem with this type of recruiting from coach. Offering guys who aren’t eligible, then they commit before kids that are qualified,creating us being oversigned, then we send the ineligibe one packing. Heck of a way to do business. Now we are all happy that the oversign crisis is over until next season. I suppose this is what the other coaches were alluding to when they percieve Coach as one that bends the rules all the time.

  3. Debbie, if you read Dustin’s story from yesterday, it mentions that Patterson qualified on grades and entrance exam (SAT) scores, but was not admitted by Indiana University. So to say Crean offered someone who wasn’t eligible isn’t actually correct. By NCAA standards, he is eligible; IU standards were what disqualified him. That’s why he specifically mentions that he is eligible to play this year, at a school where he can gain admission.

    As I said yesterday, I’m disappointed in this development, but if you’re going to cheer for a school that not only has, but also adheres to, academic standards for admissions of all students including athletes, sometimes this will happen.

    A few weeks ago, a 4-star defensive tackle who had signed with Florida and arrived on campus, was then denied admission by the University of Florida. He quickly signed with Tennessee. It’s the same situation. Differing academic standards can work against the more exclusive institution, as it did for Florida and now IU.

  4. Good Luck Ronnie !

    He can always come back if he can make it academically in the future years


  5. Debbie do you ever think through a topic before you turn your lips loose? Near every post you make on here is off the wall. Try using facts instead of mud.

  6. Debbie is one of three things…

    1. The passive-aggressive wife of Tom Crean, disguising herself on this blog to vent her insider information that the rest of us simply don’t have access to.

    2. A clairvoyant

    3. I don’t want to actually type it… It’s just not positive and puts down her IQ.

    On a different note, for someone who most likely doesn’t have a publicist, that was a remarkably well crafted statement. It noted his disappointment, took responsibility for the situation, claified that he still can play this year if he chooses, thanked the coaches, and more importantly the IU fans. All in a very concise 2 paragraphs – something Tsao and I have yet to figure out.

    Trey should get together with whoever is responsible for that statement…

  7. Guys, Debbie’s entitled to her opinion so please let her make it. I think Coach has done a great job, but dont care for oversigns either. But sure-there’s a lot of moving parts when it comes to a student athlete on scholarship actually being University eligible-after already having met NCAA standards. Tough break for Ron-he was close, apparently to meeting IU standards.

    I really think Ron’s a great prospect with great upside-and am hoping he and his Family decide on Prep school and is back in the mix for the 2013 Class, though with Anya etc. it’s tough. Mentioned elsewhere there’s still programs with Open rides-UW Huskies and Coach Romar have THREE, just having a talented Wing/SF leave their program-Mark McLaughlin. Hopefully, RP can get back into the picture after locking down academics after a year competing for a good prep school. Would love to see Buss at Indiana at some point. Seems like a great young man.
    Aloha friends.

  8. Craig, there is a distinct difference between opinion and accusation. Debbie offered an accusation against Coach Crean that is unfounded. She is entitled to an opinion on oversigns and many fans share that view. But oversigning is not an illegal activity. Neither is offering a kid who may be academically ineligible by NCAA standards. It may be unintelligent but not illegal.

  9. As the saying goes, Debbie is entitled to her own opinion but not her own facts. Pretty much every post she has put up starts off with a significant falsehood and builds off that.

    How about a fresh start?

  10. So, Jim, you claim that the “council of faculty advisors” is a sham and does only what CTC tells them. Of course, such an action might well cost them their careers if discovered as once an academic loses their reputation they are unemployable.

    …and you know they would risk career for this how?

  11. I think Debbie is a man. Most women I know are too smart to make the comments “Debbie” makes on this site. And since most contributors on this site are men, posing as a women would allow you to write silly, unfounded and stupid posts with less blow back.

  12. You’re exactly right Chet. This was an academic action taken w/o participation, input or influence from anyone in the AD. What is rather amusing is the collateral result of their action determined the scholarship dilemma for Coach Crean. Jim rest assured you most likely are correct in thinking that it does take place. Just not at IU.

  13. I don’t have the slightest idea who makes up the Faculty Advisory Council, but my mother and step-father are both PHD’s that teach in the Kelley School (actually my mother just retired). My step-father has as much integrity as anyone I’ve ever met, and I’ve always admired him. Both parents spent decades getting their degrees and building their reputations. They both have expressed how little they cared which students are athletes in their classes, regardless of what schools they were teaching at. If IU hires other professors/faculty under the same rigorous criteria they hired my parents under I find it very hard to believe that any of them could be swayed by a coach, much less risk their careers and hard built reputations on unscrupulous eligibility decisions.

    Actually I find any accusation to that effect towards IU as delusional.

  14. hey, podunker is misogynistic! who woulda guessed? although i guess he has a point about women being silly and stupid.

  15. One thing that never ceases to amaze – those that do not have a clue think they know everything.

  16. “misogynistic”, new one on me, learn something everyday. I’ve heard about misandrist females.

  17. coachv, interestingly enough, your post #18 makes my point. Most women are too smart to write comments like yours.

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