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Tom Crean accidentally posted what was either supposed to be a direct message or text message to his Twitter account on Friday afternoon. He immediately deleted it, but some people managed to retweet it and the website The Big Lead found it and posted it here.

Crean then apologized and clarified the accidental post with two separate posts (scroll down). The first said “Sorry. That was to a new recruit. Wish I could tell you who. Sent it by mistake. Don’t panic. Lol.” He followed it with “My wife and daughter are laughing at my lack of ability to use technology. Sorry purdue fans, it’s not what you want to think.”

I considered not publishing this, but then this got posted on


  1. Dustin – Time to put on your investigative reporter hat and earn a Pulitzer by looking into this. If it’s as innocent as he says, find the proof. If not, don’t let actions get so out of control to burn the program down again.

  2. Your first instinct was what any serious journalist would have done. Now, the without comment portion puzzles me. As it unfolded you had very, very little comment on the events at Penn State. I even tried asking some specific questions that were not beyond your conflict boundaries (i.e. Were any of the facts surrounding Sandusky the subject of rumor or comment? Was there any general speculation surrounding the football program’s coaches and staff that maty have precluded the events? Was there any speculation of an atmosphere that facilitated cover-ups prior to the Sandusky episode? All along I thought it funny that as you had access and knoweldge of the campus and its vibes, particularly those revolving around athletics, you would enlighten us HT readers…but it never happened. And, you never answered a private email saying precisely that (kept private at the time because it had not intention of embarrassing you with an issue that must affect you emotionally, just as Sampson’s lies affected me.

    Now, that the crisis is over and we know that the Penn State program was being used to seduce and use minors, we see that a likely mistaken but awkwardly worded Twitter post is placed where it can be interpreted by all, used for greater speculation by the usual suspecting suspects, particularly those only too willing to compare and contrast TC with TF (Tammy Faye)…

    I really do understand wanting to stay close to the ‘objectivity’ and balance line. But, I also think that once the individual has denied the ‘sexier’ interpretation it crosses the line of good taste to continue to feed a more sordid interpretation. Sometimes not commenting is the proper comment.

  3. Tsao,
    Two things. No. 1 I don’t cover Penn State. I haven’t for 10 years. Did anything I ever saw, experienced or heard about while I was there ever give me the impression that anything such as what’s transpired was possible? No. As this thing has gone down I’ve had no more access than anyone else. I still know some people over there, but they don’t have any more real information than you do. I could sit here and speculate and try to weave all the impressions I ever had of people over there into a narrative, but I don’t think it would serve a real purpose. When I was in school, I was frustrated by the lack of media access, but I generally presumed Penn State ran a clean program and there was evidence that supported that fact. There were some player disciplinary issues, but I was under no impression that I was surrounded by an immoral cesspool. But children were raped, so what do I know?
    No. 2, I never suggested the “more sordid” interpretation. I’m taking him completely at his word, actually. I don’t think he’s lying at all.

  4. This isn’t any sillier than Twitter itself, or the reality of a situation in which grown men are forced to use Twitter in pursuit of teenagers. ‘Pursuit’ in this context obviously means recruiting rather than anything else it might mean in other contexts, but semantically speaking, Brennon’s observation that this sounds like something you’d say while in the throes of a fit of sweet nothings aimed at your honey-bunny is dead-on. In a thoroughly circular argument, I’m thus led back to the inherent silliness of Twitter in general and specifically in this use. Good grief I’ve confused myself just talking about Twitter, so I can easily see how Tom Crean or just about anybody else could get wildly mixed up when immersed in the Twittosphere.

    Of course, Crean’s Tweet (I feel icky just using that moronic term) was probably preceded by something like ‘Hey coach, when are you coming to see me play?’ from the recruit, meaning it would make sense in context, but out of context it is, well, silly.

  5. It’s easy to prove it was to a recruit because you can only direct message someone who you are following and is following you. Crean has a handful of recruits he is following so DUSTIN SHOULD DO HIS JOB and reach out to the recruits and find out who it was. I don’t want this to turn into a Bobby Petrino/Rick Pitino thing.

  6. If that was to a recruit, that is totally creepy. Probably an honest mistake, but creepy word usage to a high school kid.

  7. That’s as close to a non story as I can imagine without conjuring up the Kardasians (or however it’s spelled). Is it my imagination or weren’t the Kardasians one of the alien species on one of the Star Trek spinoffs?

    I just looked back through some texts stored on my phone. Lots of scandals-in-waiting just sitting there.

  8. DD- Just the information you gave here is very compelling. Heck, I thought it was an exemplary, clean program insulated from the pressures of college football by the integrity of the very individuals who ended up the ‘bad guys’ of this tale. So, the very fact that you were there circa 2004 when the mess was in full bloom was of interest because now we could understand how deep that cancer was rooted.

    Secondly, your beat I assume is that of any reporter. You have a specific assignment and territory where you mine for stories but any story where you insight adds to understanding, even if it were a volcano in Samoa (which produces several football players yearly)is news worthy and therefore a story.

    The comment on ‘sordid’ was in anticipation of some of the great minds whose mind was taking them where we knew it was going (and not directed at you). Though I do feel to repeat it after it was denied, without further corroboration or added meaning to the wording was improper (IMO). It may have been a small question the first time, it was a non-story (as someone else pointed out) where it seemed to be headed by some. It took wind in its sails with its publishing after it was clarified by TC. If something were to be followed up, it deserved further research before joining the parade.

  9. Even though Chet has disposed of me I cannot agree more with his post #10. Hell I here more incriminating stories about my neighbors and I am sure maybe them about me. Some people just can’t help pushing a rope. BIG DEAL!

  10. Shame on the YAHOO *journo* who tried to make the Crean Tweet a *sexual* issue tweet. Of course, I expect no better from the “news” world, since today they’re all about entertainment and opining, rather than reporting. *sigh*

  11. I’m not worried. I just read the very hard to find report about this “tweet” on ESPN.Com, & it was presented as an awkward mistake, so, for get aboit it. As far as disecting it yada yada I couldn’t care less. I will say, a lot of people question Crean’ aggressive & recruiting style, & his tactics, I wonder as wel, but for ONCE, it’s nice for my team to be the onwe’s do everything(within the bounds) to win, instead of always being the holier than though morally righteousschool that does the right thing & suffers on the field/court for it.

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