Random topics from Kevin Wilson’s teleconference

Indiana is shaking up its football media availability a little bit this year. There’s now a Wednesday teleconference with Wilson. Today’s topics were pretty random. Nothing earth-shattering, a few interesting items.

— Wilson was asked a few times about Kenny Mullen (Fort Wayne reporters Lamond Pope and Pete DiPrimio were all over it) and continued to say that Mullen has been one of the biggest bright spots since spring practice. Mullen played mostly in nickel formations last year, but is listed as a starter at cornerback on this week’s depth chart. Wilson said redshirt junior Greg Heban has been taking more nickel duty to allow Mullen to play corner and that Mullen has become one of the team’s most consistent leaders.

“It’s just the body language when he was in front of our team as a leader,” Wilson said. “He has a knack for communicating with players. It doesn’t sound like he’s complaining or putting guys down. He’s not a guy that’s negative. That’s just in his DNA, it’s the way he’s been raised, it’s the way God blessed him.”

— Wilson expected to have a small recruiting class for 2013 because just six scholarship seniors are expected to graduate. However, Wilson said he does expect some attrition, including fourth-year juniors who opt to graduate, forego their fifth years of eligibility and move on. He said every scholarship player in the program is actually on track to graduate in four years. With all of that in mind, he said he expects a class that will be between 17 and 20 players.

Wilson already has nine players committed for the class and can not comment on those players because of NCAA rules. He said that with a number of young offensive linemen in the program already, he might not put much into this class in that regard, but said he might be able to use another offensive tackle or two. He said the offensive skill positions and defense would be a priority, and said he could also take a kicker.

— Wilson would not say for certain whether wide receiver Kofi Hughes, cornerback Lawrence Barnett or linebacker Forisse Hardin would serve their one-game suspensions on Saturday or at a date later in the year.

“If they play they play, if they don’t they don’t,” Wilson said. “I don’t know if there’s going to be an official announcement.”

Wilson said it was important for him to stick to his word and his standards, so the three would certainly serve their suspensions at some point, but that he also wouldn’t “cut off my nose to spite my face,” and that if something were to happen to leave the Hoosiers depleted in one of their areas, he might not choose to make it worse.

— Wilson was asked whether or not any of his players’ families would be affected by Hurricane Isaac. He said cornerback Michael Hunter is the only player from Louisiana. His family is relatively far inland and has not been affected yet, but could be eventually.


  1. Do you see any chance IU moves the game Saturday night DD? Rainfall estimates pretty much put the bullseye over SW Indiana on Saturday evening. I’m sure Glass doesn’t want Isaac raining on his attendance parade.

  2. Wilson said, “That’s just in his DNA, it’s the way he’s been raised, it’s the way God blessed him.” Does this mean HforH is now going to start going after Wilson too?

    17 to 20 recruits for the class of 2013 is much bigger than I thought it would be. If only six seniors are graduating, that means IU could lose between 11 and 14 to transfer or “early graduation. Not surprising given that the majority of the players getting most of the playing time will be underclassmen. The accelerated pace of IU’s football evolution continues.

  3. 4+4 guards, FB is played in all weather except lightning.
    Po, as I stated earlier good results may happen a season earlier than I had originally thought. The reason is now apparent.

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